Chapter 198 Xie Bian’s Grandson

Chapter 198 – Xie Bian’s Grandson


Ye Zichen felt troubled.

Ye Zichen stared at the smiling young man in traditional Chinese clothing and felt cold sweat drip all over his body.

One physical and one spiritual soul.

“What did you say just now? You want one of my physical and one of my spiritual souls?”

Legends says that a person only had three physical and six spiritual souls…

This guy wanted one of his physical and one of his spiritual soul…

“Why do you want that from me for? Bro, let’s discuss it a bit more, can’t you ask for something else?”

“No,” the young man wearing traditional Chinese clothing continued to smile warmly. “The choice is in your hands. We, the Xie family, never do forced trades. If you want to take these two ghosts and these two Heavenly Court monkeys away, then leave one spiritual and one physical soul here… If you don’t want to, then the door is over there, please!”

Ye Zichen turned his head around and saw a white door suddenly appear inside the garden that was originally surrounded by metal fences.

The human realm laid outside the door…

With the appearance of this door, it seems like it was no longer the realm of the living.


Ye Zichen gulped, then looked towards Liu Qing and the little ghost.

“Ye Zichen, leave…” Liu Qing’s face was filled with determination and resolution. All of this was caused by her willfulness, so she knew that she should take the responsibility.

In her heart, she didn’t want Ye Zichen to take the risk for her either.

As for the little ghost…

“Boss Ye, save me!”

Meanwhile, the two monkeys didn’t speak at all!

They didn’t find it right for them to speak at all. As bodyguards, they actually allowed themselves to get captured…

It was embarrassing their great king too much!

Leave? To be honest, Ye Zichen really wanted to leave.

Although Ye Zichen didn’t know what losses he would suffer by just randomly leaving a spiritual and a physical soul here, it sounded rather creepy, so he was afraid.

The door was only a few meters behind him. As long as he turned around, he would be able to leave in less than two seconds!

But the damn sense of responsibility…

Made him unable to step away.

“There really is no discussion to it?” Ye Zichen asked in a testing tone.

The young man in traditional Chinese clothing shook his head, “No.”

“Then wait a moment, a spiritual and a physical soul is no small matter. Let me consider it a bit,” With that, Ye Zichen took out his phone.

The 4G signal on his phone had been replaced by a small wiggly line. Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at this, but didn’t think so much, and instead sent a bunch of messages to White Impermanence.

“Sis, I found Liu Qing.”

“But there’s a brat that’s not listening at all here. He’s determined for one of my spiritual and one of my physical souls. Are those important? If it’s not, then I’ll give it to him.”

White Impermanence, who was leading the other little ghosts in a search was instantly stunned when she saw the message.

Then she quickly replied.

“You can’t give it!”

“Why can’t I? It’s not okay even if I don’t. This brat is determined to get it from me. What am I supposed to do!?”

“Are you an idiot!? Can you just casually give that away!?”

White Impermanence cursed angrily, but then she replied once more.

“Tell me your location, I’ll come over to find you right now.”

“I’m in a garden, but this garden doesn’t seem like one from the mortal realm. I don’t know where this place is either…”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at the young man after sending the message, “Bro, where are we? I have a friend that’s coming over.”

“Friend?” The young man smiled wildly. “Number 439, Ergouzi Road[1], Peony Region, Three Lives Temple Lily County.”

Ye Zichen twitched his mouth…

What the hell is this place!

Ye Zichen looked at the young man’s meaningful smile, then sent the address over with a look of confusion.

White Impermanence, who was waiting outside for Ye Zichen’s message, was instantly stunned when she saw the reply.

“How did you end up in the Ghost Marshal, White Impermanence’s, home?”


Ye Zichen replied with a look of complete confusion.

Ghost Marshal?

White Impermanence!

“You’re at Xie Bian’s [2] home, that’s the Xie Household!”


Ye Zichen was rather stunned when he saw White Impermanence’s reply. He had definitely heard about Xie Bian before.

The Two Impermanence Lords.

White Impermanence, Xie Bian.

Ye Zichen turned his head with a look of confusion and eyed the young man, who was standing calmly opposite him.

“Bro, what is your relationship to Xie Bian?”

“That’s my grandpa!”


Ye Zichen immediately smiled in a way that would cause people to feel comfortable. No wonder this brat was so fierce, no matter what, the monkeys were of the Spiritual Body level, but they couldn’t even move when under the control of the two bodyguards.

Fine, this a Ghost Marshal’s grandson.

Then wouldn’t those bodyguards be beyond amazing!?

Ye Zichen waved slightly towards the young man, then quickly replied on his phone.

“Then what? Liu Qing, my two monkeys and your little ghost is still in the hands of Xie Bian’s grandson…”

“Wait for me to come over!”

Ye Zichen smiled dryly and put his phone back into his pocket after seeing White Impermanence’s reply.

“Oh wow, you’re actually Great Marshal Xie, Xie Bian’s grandson, seriously… There was much offense just now, much offense!”

“Hmph,” The young man snickered, then snorted. “You went to look for someone, right? Is he going to be enough? If he isn’t, then hurry up and sign it. If you’re not signing it, then hurry up and screw off.”

Great Marshal Xie’s grandson doesn’t seem to have a good temper.

“Bro, listening to what you’re saying,” Ye Zichen raised his hand up to try and get close.

However, before Ye Zichen’s hand reached the young man, a folded fan appeared in the latter’s hand and flicked Ye Zichen’s wrist away, “Stay away from me, a mere mortal actually dares to touch this young master.”


Fine, I’ll endure it.

You are f*cking Xie Bian’s grandson, so I'll submit.

Ye Zichen nodded wryly and took a step back. At this moment, White Impermanence suddenly entered from the door to the garden.

“Third Young Master,” White Impermanence quickly walked over.

The young man in traditional Chinese clothing raised his eyebrows at her, then frowned, “Who are you!”

“It’s me, your Rou-jiejie.”

White Impermanence immediately took off her hat…


The photo White Impermanence sent me that day was real.

Gold hair and amber eyes. She had an exotic kind of beauty!

Ye Zichen had originally thought that it was a photo that White Impermanence had stole from the internet, he didn’t think that it really was her.

“Rou-jiejie,” The Xie family’s grandson was stunned for a moment after seeing White Impermanence, then revealed a joyous expression. “You haven’t come to play with me for a long time.”

“There’s no helping it, older sister was busy,” White Impermanence raised her hand and caressed the young man’s head a few times before they begun to chat intimately.

Ye Zichen was shocked as he watched from the sides.

This White Impermanence certainly had some contacts, no wonder she could become a White Impermanence intern. So she knows the Xie family.

Could it be some sort of dirty deals…

Zeze, I can’t have those sort of thoughts!

Why am I so impure!?

”Leilei, that person is good friends with older sister,” White Impermanence finally brought up Ye Zichen after chatting for a while. “Can you consider letting his friends go?”

“About this…” Xie Lei frowned, then twitched his mouth. “That’s against the rules, we, the Xie family, have always…”

“Older sister knows the Xie family’s rules,” White Impermanence caressed Xie Lei’s hair and smiled. “but he’s a mortal, one spiritual and one physical soul is way too important for him. There are plenty of fun things in the mortal realm, you can get him to trade those with you.”

“He can send toys from the mortal realm to the Underworld?” Xie Lei was stunned for a brief moment.

“Of course he can, this person is really amazing. He can WeChat we people from the Underworld and send us red packets.”

With that, Xie Lei’s eyes lit up.

He quickly walked over to Ye Zichen and stared at the latter.

“Hey, add me on WeChat.”

  1. Ergouzi (二狗子) is a name that people in the countryside would give to their children (because they believe that children with terrible sounding names would survive and grow up easier). It is a terrible sounding name that can mean something along the lines of “retarded dog”.
  2. Xie Bian (谢必安) is the White Impermanence from Chinese mythology.

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