Chapter 197 One Spiritual and One Physical Soul

Chapter 197 – One Spiritual and One Physical Soul [1]

A gust of wind blew by.

Ye Zichen’s clothes fluttered in the air as he looked up at White Impermanence in confusion.

“You didn’t find her?”

“Mhmm, Sikong Spiritual Compass did not show any traces of the ghost girl by your side,” White Impermanence nodded. Then she pointed at the little ghosts who were on the side. “We can only use Plan B.

“Do they have any secret techniques to find ghosts?” Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up.

White Impermanence smiled wordlessly, “How is that possible? Even we ghost servants don’t know any, how could they know? I guessed that the spiritual compass wouldn’t be able to find her, so I got a bunch of helpers to come. The more ghosts, the more capable we are!”

“Then alright!”

Ye Zichen and White Impermanence separated from the other ghosts after describing Liu Qing’s appearance to them.

Finding a ghost was more troublesome than finding a person.

When one sought out a person, it was possible to use the powers of certain related departments, but finding ghosts…

It seems like I am using the power of related departments.

From the looks of it, these departments are always going to be our dearest friends!

“Boss Ye, I found something over there…” As Ye Zichen wandered around aimlessly, a bony little ghost floated down from the sky.

“Where… Take me over quickly!”

“In the garden, over there.”

Ye Zichen followed that little ghost to a garden nearby approximately ten minutes away, this garden was clearly not open to the public…

“How are we supposed to get in!?” Ye Zichen asked idiotically.

The little ghost also answered idiotically, “Fly in!”


He flew in!

“You two…”

Ye Zichen turned around and looked at Third Hou and Fourth Hou…


The two of them f*cking flew in too.

Ye Zichen went dumb.

Am I supposed to fly in as well?

Being ghosts and deities are great, they can fly whenever they want to.

They all have invisible wings!

Ye Zichen scratched his head with a look of envy, then looked at the height of the fence…

Climb over.

Fortunately, the property owner didn’t have an extremely strong sense of security, and didn’t put anything like an electric net on it, otherwise, Ye Zichen would really be unable to enter.


Ye Zichen landed safely.

He took a glance at the flowers in the garden. It seems like the owner of the garden was interested in lilac…

The entire garden was full of lilac!

However, the little ghost had disappeared, and Ye Zichen couldn’t find his two monkey bodyguards either.


At this moment, someone patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder.

“Not a ghost?”

A spooky voice sounded out, causing Ye Zichen to turned his head in confusion. He saw a young man with a pale face like a deceased person standing behind him.


Ye Zichen quickly brushed the brat’s hand off, then backed off a suitable distance.

“Are you human or a ghost!?”

“Are you human or a ghost?”

The young man opposite him also scratched his head in confusion.

“Do you think I’m a human or a ghost!?”

“Do you think I’m a human or a ghost?”

“Do you think I’m a human or a ghost!?”

“Do you think I’m a human or a ghost?”

“Am I talking to a mirror!?”

Ye Zichen was goddamn speechless, why did the brat keep on copying what he said with the same tone…

“Am I talking to a mirror?”

At this moment, the young man also tilted his head. At the same time, a call sounded out in the garden, “Bu Er, what are you doing? Did you catch the ghost?”

Then, a young man wearing traditional Chinese clothing walked out from a corner.

“I don’t know whether he’s a human or a ghost!” The young man with a stark white face tilted his head and pointed at Ye Zichen.

“Not sure?”

The young man in traditional Chinese clothes walked over with two cages in his hand. These two cages held a shrunken version of Liu Qing, and the little ghost that just entered.

There were also two white-robed men behind him who were controlling Third Hou and Fourth Hou.

“Ye Zichen!”

“Boss Ye.”

“Liu Qing! Monkey…” Ye Zichen exclaimed and looked at Liu Qing, who had a pitiful expression as she stayed in the cage as if she was a pet for someone; as well as Third and Fourth Hou, whose faces had struggling expressions…

He raised his hand and grabbed at the young man.

“What are you doing, you can’t do anything to Young Master Xie!” The young man with a stark white face suddenly reached out his hand and grabbed Ye Zichen’s wrist…


Ye Zichen instantly took a deep breath.

So icy!

That sort of coldness nearly froze his blood, causing him to subconsciously want to retract his hand.

“Huh? He’s a living person.”

The young man quickly retracted his hand and took a few steps back timidly, “Go away living person, I don’t like living people!”

Don’t like living people.

Was this child a dead person? But why did he have a solid body….

“Bu Er, get behind me,” the young man in traditional Chinese clothing called to the other young man behind him, then handed the cages to him. After that, he took a few steps forward with a frown, “Which… family are you from? Do you not know that this is a place belonging to us, the Xie family? You actually dared to trespass, do you want to break the rules?”

“Xie family? I don’t care what family you belong to! I just want to know why did you put the two of them into cages. Also, those two are my friends, why did you detain them!” Ye Zichen frowned at the young man in traditional Chinese clothing who stood in front of him.

That young man laughed softly and shrugged, “That’s my interest. Whenever I meet ghosts that can’t find their home, I like to rear them, then hand them over to the Underworld after I get sick of them… As for the other two, people of the Heavenly Court who got lost. I don’t welcome them!”

“You…” Ye Zichen clenched his fist tightly, this young man clearly treated them as playthings.

No matter what, ghosts should have ghost rights, too.

This young man immediately imprisoned them from the start, then just spoke casually as if that justified everything he had done…

Also, this brat said that the monkeys were people of the Heavenly Court. Ye Zichen didn’t like that!

“Let my friends go, then we’ll pretend like nothing happened,” Ye Zichen immediately became furious. He really couldn’t accept this kind of people.

The young man in traditional Chinese clothing scratched his face with a smile after hearing that, “Can I interpret your tone as you threatening me?”


Six white-robed men with blurry faces suddenly appeared. They walked out of the shadows of the garden.

Ye Zichen swept his gaze over them…

These people were all like that Bu Er, they all lacked the aura of a living being.

But they had a physical body!

What’s more, Ye Zichen felt a hint of danger coming from their bodies!

More importantly, they had a lot of people, and he was all alone…

“Hehe, this chivalrous hero, I didn’t have any intention of threatening you! Say, just what do you mean by calling such a huge group of people over? You seem so unfriendly!”

When faced with this kind of this situation, to be honest, Ye Zichen…

Felt a bit diffident.

This was especially true because he didn’t know why did Soul Pearl Yiyuan still had not appeared. Without it protecting him…

He was afraid!

“My friends broke into your back garden by mistake. Let me apologize to you in their place. Please be merciful then let us go.”

The young man fell into deep thought after hearing Ye Zichen’s words…

After a long while, he glared at Ye Zichen with his innocent eyes, “Why should I?”

Then, he pointed at the two apes in Bu Er’s hands, “If you want to take them away, sure. Let’s exchange!”

Ye Zichen didn’t reply.

“We, the Xie family, have always been just. These two children ran into my back garden, and since they got caught, they are now my products. If you want to take them back, sure… Equivalent exchange!”

“What do you want!?”

The young man in traditional Chinese clothing in front of him was definitely not a normal person. Ye Zichen did not believe that the other person would exchange them for earthly goods.

“It’s simple.”


The young man snapped his fingers. Then very quickly, a black table appeared in front of Ye Zichen…

Brush, ink, paper and inkstone were all placed on the table.

A white-robed man stood beside the table, holding a black box in his hands.

At the same time, the young man also spoke up once more, and lifted his right thumb and index finger.

“I want your one of your physical and one of your spiritual souls!”

  1. The Spiritual Souls (魂) and Physical Souls (魄) are what makes up a person’s complete soul in Chinese mythology. Traditionally speaking, we speak of the Three Spiritual and Seven Physical Souls, but there are also sayings that people have Three Spiritual and Six Physical Souls.

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