Chapter 194 Is your surname Gu?

Chapter 194 – Is your surname Gu?

“Mr. Ye.”

The moment Ye Zichen walked out of the clubhouse doors, he saw Lin Hanben and Lin Lin standing at the entrance looking both nervous and guilty.

“Why did you guys come here?”

The person that called him just now was Lin Ru. She had told him that Old Man Lin was nearly done for.

That was why he frantically ran out. He didn’t expect this father and son pair to seek him out as well.

“I have no time for you guys.”

In face of a life and death situation, Ye Zichen decided to put his personal grudges aside.

Old Man Lin is innocent. Since I can save him, I have to save him!

“Mr. Ye.”

Lin Hanben quickly walked up to Ye Zichen, there wasn’t any trace of his arrogance from before anymore.

Lin Hanben lowered his head deeply, while his face was full of wrinkles.

“Please be merciful and save the life of our family’s old man,” With that, he shouted at Lin Lin. “Unfilial son, come over here and apologize to Mr. Ye!”

“Young Master Ye…”

“Alright, stop your bullshitting here, just go ahead and bring me over to Old Man Lin!” Ye Zichen had no time to waste with this father and son pair.

Hearing that, Lin Hanben immediately opened the car door, “Mr. Ye, please!”

When Ye Zichen sat in Lin Hanben’s van, he took out his phone and brought up the chat with King Qinguang and King Chujiang.

Back when he left from Old Man Su’s place before, he already forgot to ask about Old Man Lin’s lifespan.

“Mr. Ye…”

“Don’t bother me.”

Lin Hanben walked to say more, but he was mercilessly interrupted by Ye Zichen.

Since he felt that Ye Zichen’s tone was terrible, he didn’t dare to say too much, and merely sat opposite Ye Zichen obediently.


At that moment, his phone rang.

The person that replied was King Qinguang.

“I wonder what business does master have?”

“Help me find out the lifespan of a mortal…” The moment he sent the message, Ye Zichen looked up at Lin Hanben. “What’s your family’s old man called?”

“Lin-Lin Yongkang!”

“Alright, shut up.”

With that, Ye Zichen replied to the WeChat.

“Lin Yongkang, someone from the capital, currently living in Bingcheng!”

“Wait a moment…”

From the looks of it, King Qinguang went to search up Old Man Lin’s lifespan. Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then closed his eyes to rest.

“Brother Ye!”

“Ye Zichen!”

When they arrived at the Lin household, pretty much all of the Lin family members waited for them at the gate.

Ye Zichen passed through the crowd like a star and arrived in Old Man Lin’s room.

A dying elder laid on the bed. His eyebrows were relaxed, but the torture of his sickness had caused his entire face to turn beyond pale.

What’s more, there was a faint stench from the old man’s body, which continuously sweated at the armpits.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, and looked at Lin Hanben with squinted eyes using this chance…


At that moment, Lin Hanben didn’t even dare to breathe.

“Never mind, I get angry whenever I see you, same with your darling son… Go out and leave here to me!”

When everyone left the room, Ye Zichen stood in front of Old Man Lin and knitted his eyebrows.

The five failures appeared on him. [1]

When this sort of situation occurs, it means that their time was up. No one would be able to save him.

Even if Ye Zichen does have Old Lord Taishang’s special medical journal, he was unable to save someone whose time was up at all…

The only choice he had was the Underworld.


At this moment, the phone in his pocket rang.

“Master, I found out about the person you asked me to check. He still have 15 minutes left to live.”

Fifteen minutes.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

“Help me add five years of lifespan for him.”

Adding lifespan once again…

King Qinguang didn’t reply for quite a while when he saw the message. He was still feeling worried about the time when he added fifty years of lifespan for Yang Yushi the previous time…

Just how long has it been? And he wants to add lifespan once again!

If the Heavenly Court finds out…

What’s more, this was against the natural order of things!


“I know what you’re worried about,” It wasn’t really a good method to always get the Underworld to add lifespan, but he really had no other choice. “Help me one more time, I’ll remember this favor.”

“Then-Then I’ll make an exception for the master!”

Not long later, King Qinguang sent another message over.

“The lifespan has been added.”

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh when he saw the news.

It seems like I owe him a favor.

After the lifespan was added, Lin Yongkang’s breathing stabilized and the sweat under his armpits begun to slowly disappear along with the stench from his body.

Judging from the situation with Yang Yushi, Old Man Lin should soon awaken without any surprises.

However, five or six minutes passed, but Ye Zichen still did not see any signs of him awakening.

Lifespan was indeed added.

But this…

Ye Zichen frowned, so he reached his hand out towards Old Man Lin’s wrist…

The instant he grabbed onto the dry wrist, he immediately frowned.

The meridians in Old Man Lin’s body were in complete chaos, they were all entwined with one another…

It was clear that that was the reason why Old Man Lin had not awakened.

That was it!

The qi from Ye Zichen’s fingers gradually entered Old Man Lin’s meridians. It was fine for the meridians to be messed up in other areas, but Ye Zichen had to clean up the meridians around Old Man Lin’s heart first…

“Cough, cough…”

After an hour passed, Ye Zichen’s forehead had become covered with sweat. At that moment, Old Man Lin, who was lying on the bed, also started to cough intensely, while his blurry eyes begun to open.

“Old Man Lin.”

Ye Zichen used his hand to wipe away the sweat on his forehead, while Old Man Lin smiled weakly.

“You yanked this old man back from the gates of the afterlife?”

“Yes,” Ye Zichen nodded and looked at the old man, who was lying on the bed, “Old Man Lin, I just checked your body, your situation is terrible… If you want to be treated, then I have to shatter and reconstruct all the meridians in your body…”

“Oh?” Old Man Lin’s blurry eyes flashed. “You can cure me?”


“Then I’ll be troubling little friend!”

“But it will hurt a bit…”

The pain of shattering all the meridians in their body was not something that a normal person endure. He must inform the old man of that beforehand.

“No worries, I’ve suffered far too much pain in these years,” Old Man Lin smiled weakly.

“Then… Sorry,” Ye Zichen held Old Man Lin’s arm, while he continuously sent the qi from his hand crashing against Old Man Lin’s meridians.

“Young man, you’re very much like an old friend of mine…” At that moment, Old Man Lin suddenly spoke up.

“Is that so?”

Ye Zichen admired Old Man Lin rather much. He had already shattered all of the latter’s meridians, but the old man’s face didn’t show anything at all.

“Yes, very much so!”

Old Man Lin smiled. At the same time, Ye Zichen also controlled his qi to quickly reconstruct Old Man Lin’s meridians, and also took out a healing pill from the Heavenly Court, which he placed in the old man’s mouth.

The old man was clearly stunned when the pill entered his mouth…

Not long later, he sat up from the bed. As he felt the long-awaited strength, he squinted his eyes.

“I wonder if little friend’s surname is Gu…”

Original Chapter Teaser:

  1. A Buddhist term that describes the 5 signs of someone that is about to die. It refers to the wilting and color loss of hair or things on the head (such as flowers); the person being sick of the place they’re staying or their lives; their clothes being extremely dirty; their body stinking up; and their armpits continuously sweating.

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