Chapter 192 Dream!

Chapter 192 – Dream!

Coke paired with learning the Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

Ye Zichen refused to believe that it wasn’t enough to turn the monkeys to his side.

Ye Zichen gave them a night to consider his offer before running to the bedroom and opening the Treasure Chest on his phone.

The six Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan were still peacefully resting within.


Six fragments radiating with different colored lights appeared in Ye Zichen’s hand. The little ghost girl, Liu Qing, also floated out with a blink and looked at it curiously.

“What are those!?”

“It’s a treasure to revive you.”

With that, Ye Zichen rubbed his hands…

The system has detected that it is possible to fuse the Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan. Would you like to fuse them?



A dazzling light lit up in the room, illuminating the dark room until it was like the morning…




The three juggernauts of the three realms, the Jade Emperor, the Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heavens and Fuxi opened their eyes at the exact same time…

“Soul Pearl Yiyuan has appeared once more.”

Ye Zichen was nearly blinded by the sudden ray of light.

After a long time, the light in the room finally dimmed. Only then did Ye Zichen look up and see a green bead, that was levitating near the middle of his eyebrows, around the size of the glass balls that he would play with as he was younger.

“Such a normal bead.”

It looked quite good when it was still in fragments, but after they fused together, this bead became single-colored and did not look good at all.

“This… is Soul Pearl Yiyuan.”

Ye Zichen lifted his hand blankly. For some reason, Ye Zichen felt that this bead gave him a very familiar feeling.

It was as if it was originally his treasure.

This sort of divine artifact always have a spirit. For magical items that were of the same leve as the Soul Pearl Yiyuan, they would have chosen their owner from the moment they were created. Even if they were shattered then put together once again, they would still retain their past memories.

It would definitely not follow someone else easily.

However, it didn’t run after it was put together once again.

Instead, it continued to move intimately in front of Ye Zichen…

“Do you know me?”

Ye Zichen also felt the intimacy Soul Pearl Yiyuan felt towards him. After the bead heard his words, it instantly moved up and down a few times in a human fashion, as if it was nodding.

Just what is going on?

This bead actually said that it knows me.


At that moment, Soul Pearl Yiyuan suddenly flew to the door.


The door suddenly opened, and Third Fatty Jin fell in.



Third Fatty Jin smiled coyly. Just now, he had felt an intense fluctuation of Celestial Spiritual Energy, that was why he came over in an attempt to get some sort of information.

At this moment, Soul Pearl Yiyuan, which was floating in midair, crashed into the fatty’s body.

The fatty of nearly a hundred kilograms directly flew out and slammed on the wall of the room.

"Yiyuan!” Ye Zichen shouted.

Hearing Ye Zichen’s words, Soul Pearl Yiyuan circled the fatty’s body a few more times, then returned to Ye Zichen’s side.


The fatty, who was lying on the floor, gulped.

Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

This is a f*cking treasure that he saw in the textbooks while he was studying under Great Emperor Qingming.

This is the Yellow Emperor’s personal magical item, and it was impossible for it to accept a second master.

The fact that it was so intimate towards Ye Zichen meant one thing…


All off a sudden, the fatty started to shake intensely like he was affected by malaria, while his face became stark white…

Yellow Emperor!

One of the eight great sovereigns of the Three Realm’s Immortal Region.

A thousand years ago, he was the pioneer who chose to reincarnate for the Immortal Region in order to reach the level of an Immortal King.

At that moment, he finally understood…

That was why his master told him to follow Ye Zichen.

Master most likely knew about his original identity.


The fatty kneeled on the floor with both his legs and kowtowed towards Ye Zichen.

“Boss Ye, from now on, you are the only boss of I, Third Fatty Jin, from now on!”

With that, Third Fatty Jin walked out of the room with pursed lips.

The moment the door closed, the fatty’s stark white face instantly turned bright red…

Yellow Emperor!

My boss is actually the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor!

“What the hell. That was so random.”

Third Fatty Jin’s actions caused Ye Zichen to return to his senses from the familiar feeling that Soul Pearl Yiyuan gave him.

He used his hand to pick up Soul Pearl Yiyuan, while the bead jumped around in his hand.

“You are quite human like, but what can you do?”

Soul Pearl Yiyuan instantly spun around his palm a few times…

Ye Zichen was speechless.

He didn’t understand.

“Never mind, you don’t know how to speak, so communicating with you is pretty troublesome. How about this, look around to see where you can hide.”


Soul Pearl Yiyuan instantly jumped up from the palm of his hand and went in through the center of his brows.

“Ye Zichen…” Liu Qing exclaimed. She literally saw the bead go through the center of Ye Zichen’s brows.

Fragments of memories begun to surface in Ye Zichen’s mind…




A man, who wore a golden armor and stood in front of him, while yelling “Big Bro, retreat” at him.

That woman, who was so beautiful that others couldn’t look straight at her, with nine white tails that were flowing behind her and tears on flowing from her eyes that said to him with a smile “this wife will stay with husband” …

Suddenly, the scene changed.

The man blocking in front of him vanished, and the sobbing woman also disappeared.

What replaced it were endless beast soldiers…

A huge banner danced in the air with the wind.

The words “Nine Li”[1]!

As for him!

He stood alone on a pile of corpses. He held a blunt sword in his hand, while blood flowed from his entire body…

It was like he was laughing!

And crying!

“Ye Zichen… Ye Zichen… Ye Zichen…” Sharp screams sounded out by his ear.

Ye Zichen awoke.

Ye Zichen unknowingly opened his eyes. It was still that lonely night, while Liu Qing had a worried expression in front of him.

“I… What happened…”

Ye Zichen looked at his hands in confusion, the hands that were stained with blood…

The woman with nine tails, and the man in the armor…

Who are they!

“Ye Zichen!” Liu Qing shook his arm intensely, causing him to return to his senses.

Then Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows in annoyance, “Stop shouting, I’m here!”

“Seriously, you always make me worried…” A hint of a crying tone could be heard from Liu Qing’s voice.

Ye Zichen lifted his hand to rub her head, “What happened to me just now?”

“Who knows what happened?” Liu Qing bit her lips angrily. “That bead randomly flew into your head, then after that, you started crying and laughing. I don’t know what happened to you either.”

It might be the dream he had just now…


Ye Zichen suddenly opened his eyes wide as he looked at the pouting Liu Qing in shock.

“What did you say just now? Soul Pearl Yiyuan went into my head?”

“Yeah, it went into your head.”


Ye Zichen was instantly stunned. He grabbed his phone and dialed Huang Shengmei’s number.

“Prepare a skull opening surgery for me!”

  1. Nine Li (九黎) is the name of a tribal alliance in ancient China in legends. They were made up of nine tribes, which were made of up nine families/surnames. The leader of this tribe is Chiyou (蚩尤), who was mentioned in Chapter 78.

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