Chapter 191 The Four Hou Brothers

Chapter 191 – The Four Hou Brothers

Ye Zichen’s legs weakened.

The Great Sage quickly supported him.

At the same time, Ye Zichen said in disbelief, “Great Sage, stop kidding around with this sovereign! This joke isn’t funny at all!”

Ye Zichen looked towards the Great Sage with a look of anticipation. He was waiting for the Great Sage to laugh, then pat his shoulders and tell him that…

I, Old Sun, was messing with you!

“I, Old Sun, has to return to the Heavenly Court,” a hint of reluctance appeared on the Great Sage’s face. “Bro, I know you don't want to part with me, Old Sun, and I, Old Sun, doesn’t want to part with you, but I, Old Sun, really have to return!”

Ye Zichen looked at the Great Sage blankly.

He really was doubting his ears.

The Great Sage is leaving?

F*ck, it wasn’t earlier or later, he is leaving now…

“Great Sage, how about staying for a while longer… This sovereign still has plenty of delicious things that the Great Sage haven’t eaten yet!”

Great Sage Sun’s eyes brightened, then he shrugged bitterly, “Ai, let’s talk about that when we get a chance in the future. Actually, I, Old Sun, really don’t want to leave, but that geezer, Taibai Jinxing, found me, Old Sun, earlier, and told me, Old Sun, to hurry back since he had something important to discuss. I have no other choice…”

That damn geezer.

Why did everything have to be linked to that geezer?

“Bro, from the looks of things, did you get into some sort of trouble?” Great Sage scratched his face.

Ye Zichen let out a sigh, then lifted his arm, “Great Sage, look at my arm.”

“A tracking imprint. Bro, how did that happen?”

When Ye Zichen spilled everything, the Great Sage’s eyes were filled with anger as he bared his fangs, “He actually dared to hurt a bro of I, Old Sun…”

The Great Sage’s hand flashed with a gold light as he waved it across Ye Zichen’s arm…

A cool breeze swept past Ye Zichen’s arm. Not long after that, the Great Sage also put Ye Zichen’s arm down.

“I, Old Sun, helped you to erase the imprint.”

With that, the Great Sage yanked a few monkey hairs off him and blew on them.

Four yellow-haired monkeys instantly appeared in the room!


Four hairy monkeys bowed towards the Great Sage at the same time. Ye Zichen’s eyes immediately brightened when he saw this.

What happened in Journey to the West was real…

They really are created with a f*cking blow!

“Great Sage, this…”

“I, Old Sun, am truly unable to protect you here, bro. But I shall leave these four children here. Although that aren’t even as strong as a ten-thousandth of me, they are still experts of the Spiritual Body level,” The Great Sage glanced at the monkeys, who were standing by the side in a military stance without moving.

Spiritual Body.

Ye Zichen instantly released his troubled expression.

Isn’t Yu just at the Spiritual Body level? I don’t believe that he can defeat these four monkeys.

Ye Zichen patted the guys excitedly, and their eyes lit with green light caused the monkeys to feel rather uncomfortable, and resulted in them wanting to move backwards.

However, they didn’t dare to move due to the Great Sage’s authority.

“Can you turn them into someone from here?”

“That’s a piece of cake!” The Great Sage blew at the four monkeys, causing them to instantly turn into images of modern people.

“Not bad! Not bad!

Ye Zichen felt more satisfied the more he looked at it…

Spiritual Body.

Didn’t that Di Tian act cockily towards me? And that Yu…

With these four monkeys, they’ll be beaten up.

“What are their names?”

“Call them whatever you want. I, Old Sun, have to hurry. Otherwise, I won’t be in time for Bus No. 2 that is returning to the Heavenly Court.”

“See you!”

With that, the Great Sage leaped up and disappeared from the room.

When the Great Sage left, Ye Zichen licked his lips and touched the monkeys a few times.

“You guys are called Eldest Hou, Second Hou, Third Hou and Fourth Hou from now on! [1]

Ye Zichen listed them according to their heights, but the four monkeys didn’t seem to react.

It seems like they accepted it.

Ye Zichen walked around them a few times, then suddenly pursed his lips with a smile, “The Great Sage told you four to follow me. How is it, are you interested in just following me directly?”

Ye Zichen’s eyes lit up.

At the same time…

Within a suite of a certain deluxe hotel in Bingcheng.

Huo Da had wrapped a bandage around his nose. He wore a loose bathing robe, while his eyes were full of capillaries and darkness.

There was also a white haired elder with a moustache in the shape of a “八” character behind him, who was holding a walking stick.

“Yu, shouldn’t you give me a reasonable explanation?” Huo Da glared at Yu, who was standing without moving in the living room, and said angrily.


“Sorry your f*cking ass.”

Huo Da grabbed the ashtray on the table and chucked it. Yu allowed the ashtray to hit him on the head without dodging, causing a stream of crimson blood to flow down onto the ceramic tiled floor.

“I'm feeding you so that you will work for me. Didn’t you say that you’re a hidden expert? Didn’t you tell me that you are able to protect my safety!? Someone f*cking broke my nose! Is this what sort of expert you said you are!?” Huo Da roared angrily like a crazed beast, while Yu still looked down without replying. “I don't need someone of your level. What’s more, about your woman, take her away! I'm not going to feed useless people!”


Yu, who had been silently, instantly fell onto the floor, while his expressionless face also begun to reveal a hint of emotions, “Young Master Huo, please give me a chance! Give me a week’s time, I will definitely kill him! Please continue treating Lin’er!”

“Seven days, are you sure? Didn’t you tell me that you failed just now?”

“The other person has an expert too, but I still have a way to kill him!”

“Alright, then I’ll give you one more chance! F*ck off!”

Yu silently stood up from the floor and walked out of the room. At this moment, the butler, who has been standing behind Huo Da walked forward.

“Young Master, is there a need to continue treating that woman?”

“Treat your ass,” Huo Da’s expression darkened. “Tell the hospital to stop all treatments for the woman. However, they have to keep her alive for just seven days. Then, no matter if Yu succeeds or not, they have to kick that woman out of the hospital.”

“Understood! Then as for the third young mistress of the Xiao family, you…”

“Heh, that woman, Xiao Yumei, will be mine sooner or later!”

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen sat on the sofa with crossed legs and pointed at the four monkeys in the room, “Have you guys decided?”

“We will obey our king’s command and protect your safety,” The slightly thin man said.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and shook his head, “That’s not what I want!”

“Then you…”

“I want you guys to follow me, you have to refuse even if the Great Sage wants you guys to return in the future!”

“I fear that’s not possible!” It was still the thin man that replied. From the looks of it, he was the leader of the four of them.

“Don’t refuse so quickly,” Ye Zichen took out four bottles of coke from the fridge and put them onto the table with a smile. “Drink it, then decide!’

“About this…”

The monkeys were all a bit hesitant.

Ye Zichen spoke up once more, “If you guys choose to work for me, then I can teach you Lü Dongbin’s Immortal Heart of Pure Yang!”


The monkeys were clearly moved…

Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

That was a great secret scripture.

Ye Zichen revealed a satisfied smile from looking at their reactions.

Hehe, now that the monkeys are in my hands, the Great Sage doesn’t even need to think about getting them back.

  1. Their ‘surname’, Hou (侯), is pronounced the same as Monkey (猴).

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