Chapter 190 The Great Sage is leaving

Chapter 190 – The Great Sage is leaving

For a long while, Ye Zichen did not reply. He gradually realized that his life in the future would not be the same as normal people!

People are left without a choice when they are placed into a situation!

From the moment he entered the Heavenly Court’s circle, he was destined to walk this unordinary path.

“Look at your idiotic face. I really wonder why the Great Sage is brothers with someone like you,” Di Tian snickered when he saw Ye Zichen’s gradually stiffening face.

Not long later, he put out the cigarette in the ashtray and changed his posture, “Since this lord is in a good mood, then I’ll tell you more about this sort of situation. Do you know why people from our place can’t just act in the Modern World whenever we want?”

“To prevent panic!”

That was the meaning that Di Tian had delivered with his words.



Di Tian, who was on the sofa, suddenly laughed maniacally. He shook his head forcefully, then coiled his braid around his neck. At the same time, he stood up from the sofa with his hands in his pockets and walked in front of Ye Zichen with a tone that looked down on him, “Preventing panic? Don’t be childish, people like us don’t have the sort of feelings that worry about the world. How the heck does the world panicking have anything to do with us? It is survival of the fittest in our circles. We couldn’t wish for anything more than having the chance to rule the world. Telling me that panic…”

“Then you…”

“The reason we can’t carelessly act is because there are always self-righteous allies of justice that will judge us,” a look of disdain flashed across Di Tian’s eyes as he snorted. “In the place where you normal people live, there is an organization called the Surveillance Committee. They exist to restrain our existence… Actually, they are just a bunch of self-righteous geezers.”

“However, I can’t help but admit that the people who can enter the committee are all very strong. Or rather, they all come from the Three Realms, we locals can’t afford to offend them, so we naturally have to obey their rules.”

It wasn’t hard to tell from Di Tian’s tone that he looked down on the so-called Surveillance Committee.

However, Ye Zichen did feel lucky.

It was fortunate that such a committee was protecting them, otherwise, some sort of huge trouble might very well occur.

World peace was rather good!

Di Tian stretched lazily, then uncoiled his braid from around his neck with a shrug, “This lord is tired, so I’m going to sleep. But don’t be too relaxed, the other person will know where you are until the day you remove the imprint. As long as you even have the intention of moving along… Or rather, if that person is a fierce person and kills the normal person at your side…”

“Then hurry up and think of a way to remove this imprint for me,” Ye Zichen breathed heavily and grabbed Di Tian by his collar.

It was fine for him to get into danger, but he didn’t want to drag the people around him into it.

“I will get angry if you don’t let go,” Although Di Tian was kidding, there was a faint sinister feeling from his smile. “First of all, I told you already that I can’t get rid of it. The next is that why should I help you even if I could?”

Di Tian smiled playfully and squinted his eyes, “Don’t go thinking that we’re friends, alright? That mentality of yours is truly dangerous. I told Fatty to go and save you merely because I don’t want you to die in that person’s hands. Actually, I hope to tear you apart every single moment.”

Di Tian pushed Ye Zichen forcefully onto the floor, then walked towards the stairs while licking his lips, “Oh yeah, I will remind you in good faith. The people that you know are from that place aren’t the only ones around you who are from that place. There are also ones that you didn’t expect to be from that place. I wish you good luck. Bye!”

“Boss, are you alright?” Third Fatty Jin ran over and helped Ye Zichen up after Di Tian returned to his room. Then, Third Fatty Jin cursed towards the second floor. “F*ck, that grandson is too damn cocky, he actually dared to make a move against my boss. If I still had my celestial spiritual power, I would beat him until he calls for me daddy.”

“Can I trust you?” Ye Zichen revealed a self-mocking smile. Even know, he still wasn’t sure of who this fatty was.

The reason he lowered himself so much was probably mostly because he is currently a normal person.

If he had the ability, and it didn’t have to be at his peak, as long as he was stronger than me…

It is very hard to imagine that he would still appear in front of me like that.

Third Fatty Jin gulped and smiled coyly when he was met with Ye Zichen’s interrogative gaze, “Boss, just what are you saying? Esteemed Master asked me to follow you, so of course I will definitely stand on the same front with you and be loyal towards you.”

Ye Zichen swept across Third Fatty Jin with a suspicious gaze, laid back on the sofa to think.

Rogue Immortals!

Heavenly Court!


He had begun to come into contact with ones from all three factions.

Not only him, even the people around him seemed to have begun to come into contact with them.

For example, he didn’t believe that Xiao Yumei’s bone bracelet could appear from thin air… It might have been handed to her by a Rogue Immortal or someone like that.

But why did these people have to find me? He clearly just wanted to be a normal civilian peacefully and live his life while gaining a bit of benefits.

Ye Zichen lifted his right arm and sighed. Right now, only that arm came into direct contact with Yu. If there was no surprise, then the imprint should be on that arm.

I can only wait until the Great Sage returns.

The imprint caused Ye Zichen’s excitement from gathering all the fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan to decrease. At that very moment, his mind was in chaos…

So much so that he couldn’t think properly.

Several hours later, Third Fatty Jin returned to his room to sleep, as he was unable to endure the fatigue anymore. Ye Zichen looked at the blackening night sky blankly, then heard the clock’s tick for midnight.


A mosquito-like buzz suddenly rang out in the quiet room. Ye Zichen subconsciously reached out to hit the mosquito, but the mosquito turned into the Great Sage.

However, what surprised him was that the Great Sage was wearing the war armor that he would only wear in the Heavenly Court, and did not appear as the hulk from the Modern World.

Yet, he didn’t think very much into it. Ye Zichen lost all of his urge to sleep when he saw Great Sage Sun.

He must get rid of the imprint Yu left behind. He even made a decision for the worst case scenario, if the Great Sage doesn’t know a way to remove the imprint from a Rogue Immortal…

Then he will…

Discard that arm!

In comparison with his life and the safety of the others around him, he was willing to give up upon the divine arm that he had cultivated for twenty years.

“Great Sage…” Ye Zichen suddenly went over. Although he made the decision of what to do in the worst case scenario, he would only do it after asking the Great Sage.

“Bro, I, Old Sun, wanted to look for you!” The Great Sage’s laughing face suddenly turned serious.

Ye Zichen was also stunned by the change.

What happened!?

I’ve never seen Great Sage make an expression like this after knowing each other for so long.

Great Sage can’t be wanting to tell me some bad news as well, right!?

Ye Zichen had endured too much recently, he was truly afraid of him being unable to endure anymore!

Ye Zichen gulped, then asked in a testing manner, “Great Sage, what were you looking for me for?”

“I, Old Sun, am leaving!”

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