Chapter 189 By the rules

Chapter 189 – By the rules

Ye Zichen managed to return home with Third Fatty Jin’s protection. Yet, right after entering the door, he directly fell bonelessly onto the floor.

He would be bragging if he said that he wasn’t in terrible shape.

Anyone would be scared when they nearly lost their lives.

“Boss, let me help you over to the couch to sit for a while.”

“No need, I’ll stay here for a bit,” Ye Zichen panted heavily while laying on the ground.

At this moment, a cold laughter sounded out from the room, “With this level of bravery, I really wonder how you managed to fight your way over to me by yourself.”

The one who spoke was Di Tian. Ever since their negotiation, Ye Zichen got the Great Sage to turn the brat back from a Transformer.

Di Tian chucked his console controller to the side, while unspeakable mockery and playfulness remained in his eyes.

Ye Zichen didn’t have any much to say about this either.

He did act cowardly.


Ye Zichen looked up at Di Tian. If it wasn’t for Di Tian telling Third Fatty Jin to come and get him, he might already be dead.

“Don’t think too much into it. I just don’t want you to die too early.”

Di Tian’s face was filled with a dark smile. Ye Zichen merely ignored his hostility, and since his legs had regained some strength, he crawled up and sat on the sofa opposite Di Tian.

“Why isn’t the Great Sage here?”

“The Great Sage hasn’t been back since yesterday night.”

Third Fatty JIn took out a drink from the fridge and handed it to Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen thanked him after receiving the drink, then furiously took a few gulps before wiping his own mouth and putting the drink onto the tea table with a frown, “Di Tian, how did you know that I would get into danger!?”

“Do you think we’re normal people? Those of us from that place all know some special techniques,” Di Tian rolled his eyes. “It’s the fate of all things, understand?”

Ye Zichen was completely confused.

It would be weird if he could actually understand!

“I have another question, can you explain it to me?”

Di Tian put on an expression of “go on, I’m listening”.

Then Ye Zichen asked, “How did that Yu manage to know my location? Did he keep on following me? But why didn’t I notice!?”

“You didn’t notice? I thought you failed at showing off and hit a brick.”

Di Tian laughed meaningfully.

Ye Zichen’s expression immediately tensed up!

Actually, it was more or less like that, he did fail at showing off in the jewelry store and got screwed!

“You couldn’t even detect it with your False Spiritual Body, it might be because the other person hid rather well… Or perhaps you met a Rogue Immortal that’s of a higher realm than you. However, logically speaking, a Rogue Immortal shouldn’t… Hey, you really met a Rogue Immortal?”

Di Tian suddenly put on a smug look at Ye Zichen’s misfortune as he swung his braid around, stood up from the sofa and circled Ye Zichen a few times.

“You really met a Rogue Immortal. Hehe, he isn’t weak either.”

Ye Zichen’s heart raced!

He had not mentioned Yu’s power ever since he entered the room, and he merely said that the other person might have hid rather well…

Why was Di Tian suddenly sure of it being a Rogue Immortal!?

“How did you know?” Ye Zichen frowned.

Di Tian instantly twitched his mouth mockingly, “That person left an imprint on you.”

An imprint!

What the hell is that?

The literal meaning was some sort of symbol, it seemed to be able to track him like a tracking system.

“Then can you help me get rid of it?”

If it really was like he thought, he must get rid of this imprint.

Otherwise, it would be like the other person had installed a GPS onto him, so he wouldn’t be able to live through it no matter how many lives he had.

“Come over here.”

Di Tian indicated towards Ye Zichen to go over, so the latter quickly sat over.

Di Tian raised his arm and scratched a few times on Ye Zichen’s arm…

Not long later Di Tian lifted his hand with a mocking smile.

“How is it?” Ye Zichen asked nervously.

“Ha, you met an expert. I can’t erase this imprint, so just hope for the best.”

Di Tian shrugged joyously with a smile at Ye Zichen’s misfortune, then acted as if he lost interest as he picked up the controller and continued to play games.


Ye Zichen stood up from the sofa, walked next to the plug and unplugged the device.

“What are you doing!” Di Tian cursed with a frown. I had already said so much out of good will, he’s still not satisfied!

F*ck, it’s bad enough that he isn’t letting me go home, he isn’t even allowing me to play games.

“Get rid of this imprint for me first!’

If Ye Zichen didn’t get the imprint removed, then that grandson might very well come to seek him out once again.

“Didn’t I already tell you? I can’t get rid of this imprint,” Di Tian said speechlessly. “The person that applied the imprint has clearly gained a Spiritual Body, I’m just a late staged False Spiritual Body trash, how could I possibly get rid of it?”

Ye Zichen’s heart sank.

He truly was of the Spiritual Body level.

F*ck, I didn’t think that Yu was so amazing.

However, why did someone as strong as him work as a fighter for the worker, Huo Da? Could he be desperately lacking money?

Or did Huo Da work with people from that place!?

Di Tian spoke up once again when Ye Zichen frowned, “But don’t worry too much, this imprint can only track your location. As long as a normal person not from that place continuously stays by you, he wouldn’t dare to make a move against you.”

Di Tian waved his hand with an expression like he didn’t care at all.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. No wonder Yu ran when Third Fatty Jin went out.

Although this fatty was Great Emperor Qingming’s disciple, his spiritual powers were sealed so he was no different from a normal person.

Yu must have had some way of determining whether a person was a mortal or a Rogue Immortal.

But why was that?

“Why can’t he make a move if there is a normal person beside me!?”

“Of course it’s because of rules!” Di Tian frowned impatiently. “When we’re here, we have to abide by the rules!”


Back then, Yu had spoken about rules as well, and now Di Tian also mentioned rules!

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

Di Tian took out a cigarette from a box and lit it for himself. Then he crossed his legs and laid down on the sofa and puffed out smoke, “Do you think we from that place can make a move whenever we want to when we arrive in the Modern World? Everything relies on balance, understand? If for example, someone that is able to ride the clouds and crush rocks with his bare hands suddenly appeared in your life, will you be frightened?”

At this moment, Third Fatty Jin also came over and smiled with an apple in his hand, “This little guy is right. Rules, everything depends on the rules!”

“Then why did I…” Ye Zichen stopped before he even finished his sentence.

At the same time, Di Tian also raised his eyebrows meaningfully, “Why did you… You want to say why did you come into contact with us, right? Stop joking around, do you want to say that you aren’t one of us?”

Ye Zichen was stunned.

Indeed, everything was as Di Tian said.

Before he came into contact with the Heavenly Court’s group, he could not remember the existence of these people.

Only when he slowly turned into someone from that place and when the other people around him say that he’s from that place did he gradually come into contact with people from that place.


He didn’t want…

He merely wanted to peacefully earn some benefits from the Heavenly Court’s group and live a good life! He was just a normal person. Although it was like he had come into contact with a bug in a game and gotten into contact with the people from the Heavenly Court…

He was just a small fry in a city…

Why did this huge whirlpool have to drag him in!

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