Chapter 188 Fully Gathering the Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan

Chapter 188 – Fully Gathering the Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan

Oh wow.

The leader of the Underworld’s Ten Yama King’s added him.

Back when he chatted with King Qinguang, the other person had used King Chujiang’s phone. Now the actual person had added him.

Ye Zichen smiled, then accepted the friend request.

Intimacy Level: 100. Friendly!

It was different from when he accepted the friend requests from those from the Heavenly Court. King Qinguang did not react at all for the three full minutes that Ye Zichen waited after accepting the friend quest.

Was the Underworld so busy?

Ye Zichen thought about it for a moment, then sent a testing message.

“King Qinguang?”

The moment King Qinguang, who was sitting on his throne and listening to a song, saw that his phone vibrated, he picked up his phone to look at the message, then quickly replied.


He replied.

Ye Zichen smiled.

“What is King Qinguang seeking me out for!”


A red packet suddenly appeared on the screen.

One who is unaccountably solicitous is hiding evil intentions!

He sent a red packet without having said much…

Whatever, I’ll collect it first.

You received King Qinguang’s red packet.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan x1


Ye Zichen instantly stood up in the car, causing him to hit his head against the roof of the car.

“Laddie, what are you doing?” The driver asked.

Ye Zichen immediately smiled coyly, “Sorry, I got too excited!”

“Someone scored in a match, right?”

“Yes, yes!”

The uncle shook his head with a smile, then ignored him. At this moment, Ye Zichen also sat back down in the backseat as he rubbed his head.

“Hehe, it’s hurting you so much.”

Liu Qing popped out from an unknown time. From the sounds of it, she probably saw the scene earlier.

This chick doesn’t have a conscience.

I only got so excited for her!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her in annoyance, then opened the Treasure Chest.

He finally gathered all six fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan!

Would you like to fuse the Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan?


Ye Zichen refused it without thinking. He wasn’t at home, if any weird situations appeared when he fused it, such as a lightning tribulation or something…

Isn’t that what happens in xuanhuan cultivation novels!?

It wasn’t better to believe that it’s real. After all, what if it really occurs!?

However, now that he gathered all of the Fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan, it definitely was a great thing.

Not only was he past the hardest step of Liu Qing’s revival, this treasure was a treasure that the Yellow Emperor used back when he battled Chiyou…

Many deities desired this item.

I never would have thought that it would end up in my hands!

Ye Zichen hid the excitement in his heart with great difficulty, then exited the Treasure Chest after a few deep breaths.

King Qinguang had sent him many messages after sending the red packet.

King Qinguang: Master, this is the fragment that you have been asking for.

King Qinguang: I had to say a lot of good words to Kshitigarbha to get this fragment.

King Qinguang: Master?

King Qinguang said all this in order to gain a bit of favor with Ye Zichen, and the latter wasn’t someone that didn’t understand how relationships were.

“I will remember this favor.”

King Qinguang, who was in one of the halls of the underworld, smiled in satisfaction. Since he received that reply, it was no loss for him to ask for the fragment from Kshitigarbha.

“Since I have sent the fragment over, then I won’t take up too much of master’s time.”

“See you.”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but take a few more glances within the Treasure Chest after saying farewell to King Qinguang.

Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan!

Completely gathered!

“Hey, damn pervert, there seems to be someone following us outside!”

At that very moment, Liu Qing slapped him with her hand, and pointed out the back window of the car.

Ye Zichen turned his head back. He could only see some cars from the back window, and was unable to notice anyone there.

Thus, he looked towards Liu Qing with a confused expression.

Liu Qing bit her lips, “I really saw it!”

“Why didn’t I see it?”

The driver didn’t think anything much of Ye Zichen’s sudden words.

The young man was just leaving a voice message on WeChat!

It was normal.

“I really saw it! Why don’t you believe me!?” Liu Qing pouted with a slightly troubled expression. “I saw a long haired man just now. His face looked extremely vicious, he was following right behind our car!”

A person instantly came to Ye Zichen’s mind.


“Are you certain that you didn’t make a mistake?”

“I didn’t!” Liu Qing answered with certainty.

“Leave it, wait till I get out of the car.”

When the taxi reached the destination, Ye Zichen got off the car with Liu Qing in tow, as she looked around.

If it really was Yu, then what did he come for!?

To kill me?

Then why didn’t he make a move in the jewelry store? Was he afraid of causing a commotion?

But how did he find me? Could he have been following me from the start!?

Thinking that, Ye Zichen felt goosebumps crawl all over his arm…

He surveyed the surroundings vigilantly. The taxi stopped at the entrance of the compound, and there was quite a distance from the entrance to the door to the apartment…

Ye Zichen chose to only walk on paths where the lights shone as he remained extremely vigilant.


A noise suddenly sounded out near the vegetation, causing Ye Zichen to yank Liu Qing.

“Enter the Dragon Eye.”

“I can help you,” Liu Qing offered.

Ye Zichen reached up and patted her head, “The other person isn’t normal, hurry up and go in.”

“Alright,” Liu Qing answered depressingly and returned to the Dragon Eye.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and pretended to be calm, “Yu, come out, I know it's you.”


A man in black tight-skinned clothes jumped out from the vegetation.

Ye Zichen looked over. It was indeed Yu!

“You are very vigilant!” Yu’s tone remained emotionless.

Ye Zichen smiled, “I can’t live long if I’m not vigilant. What did you come here for? To kill me?”


This was the first time Ye Zichen had been in this sort of situation. The other person had said that they were aiming for his life so bluntly.

Especially since he couldn’t beat the other person.

To be honest, he was truly a bit worried.

Ye Zichen licked his lips and laughed softly, “Can you tell me the reason?”

“Mr. Huo told me to kill you. I have a request of him. Sorry!”

With that, Yu revealed his edge like a drawn sword.

Yu flashed like a black shadow. When Ye Zichen managed to react, Yu had already gotten in front of him.

Ye Zichen rolled to the side in a disorderly manner, but Yu’s second attack had already caught up to him.


It was only at that very moment that Ye Zichen truly felt the difference between him and Yu.

It was like a huge valley!

Forget about the ability to counter attack, when up against Yu, he couldn’t even evade.


A loud roar suddenly sounded out in the silent compound. Ye Zichen looked over and saw Third Fatty Jin run over in a jiggly manner, wearing only a pair of trunks.

Yu, who was just about to succeed, looked towards Third Fatty Jin.

Then he frowned, forcefully retracted his hand, then disappeared from the compound with a few leaps.



Ye Zichen was truly freaked out. If it wasn’t for Third Fatty Jin coming right on time, he would have to go play chess with King Qinguang…

However, Yu was strange as well. He was about to succeed, but then he ran away.

“Boss, are you alright?” Third Fatty Jin look towards the direction Yu disappeared in with a frown, while helping Ye Zichen up from the ground.

Ye Zichen collapsed on Third Fatty Jin, he was truly freaked out.

“Fatty, I have to note down this achievement,” Ye Zichen panted heavily, then patted his shoulder. “Why did you suddenly run out!?”

“Di Tian said that you were in danger, so he told me to come and get you!”

Ye Zichen revealed an expression of surprise!

“Di Tian… You said Di Tian told you to come and get me?”

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