Chapter 187 King Qinguang has sent you a friend request

Chapter 187 – King Qinguang has sent you a friend request

Li Minghu was a very careful person.

Even in face of such huge profits, he didn’t sign the contract impulsively. Instead, he chatted a lot about other things.

He asked Xiao Yumei to get the official papers for the medicine before he would advertise it.

Actually, Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei understood very well about what he was worried about. He was worried that this medicine would have side effects that would harm people’s bodies.

It was hard to imagine that someone like him, who was used to violence, would actually consider details like this.

However, his final sentence caused Ye Zichen to be moved.

Becoming part of a gang was so he can feed himself, he had no other choice. However, if this medicine was truly pushed to the market, then millions of kinsmen would use it, no matter how terrible he was, he wouldn’t go and harm the country.

He’ll just treat being careful as earning some merits for himself!

Within the VIP room of Xiao Yumei’s jewelry store.

“I really didn’t think that Li Minghu was someone like that,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows. He had a new understanding of Li Minghu through this conversation.

“He was never too bad,” Xiao Yumei had been in contact with him for longer, so she knew him better.

Ye Zichen nodded. He could tell that Li Minghu wasn’t a person of huge evil, since if he was, he wouldn’t think about so many things.

At this moment, a knock on the door to the VIP room sounded out.

Dong dong.

“Director Xiao, Director Bai is here.”

“Come in!”

The door to the VIP room was pushed open. Meanwhile, Bai Dahai was very nervous, he had randomly received Xiao Yumei’s call, which told him to come to the headquarters.

This caused him to worry. Was there something that I didn’t do well?

He wasn’t the owner of the jewelry shop anymore!

He already prepared himself to act like a grandson, but right after entering the door…

“Young Master Ye!”

Bai Dahai instantly walked in with a look of surprise when he saw Ye Zichen, who was sitting on the sofa.

Although he had a lot of disagreements with Ye Zichen before, he couldn’t help but admit that this person was his savior.

“Ever since the time you helped me save my wife and daughter, I haven’t had a chance to thank you.”

“You’re too courteous, I’m a person who keeps his promises. I definitely will not treat you badly if you follow me.”

“Yes, yes, Young Master, you speak the truth.”

Bai Dahai was very happy after hearing that. With these words, no matter how dissatisfied Xiao Yumei was with him, she wouldn’t dare to fire him.

“Sit, Yumei was looking for you,” Ye Zichen pointed at the sofa at the side of the VIP room.

Hearing that, Bai Dahai’s mood turned for the worse…

It really was her!

Bai Dahai sat onto the sofa tensely. He didn’t even dare to sit full onto the sofa, he merely sat on the edge.

At this moment, Xiao Yumei also walked to the sofa opposite his and sat down.

Li Shuang, who was standing at the doorway, took a few glances, then got ready to go out, but Xiao Yumei stopped her with a raise of her own hand.

“Lil’ Shuang, stay as well.”

What was this for!

Bai Dahai felt a bit of confusion.

He had heard that this Li Shuang is a favored person by Xiao Yumei’s side recently. She can’t be wanting to drag him down and let this little girl take his place, right?

“Director Bai, how has it been recently?”

“Director Xiao, recently, my jewelry store is still running normally. With the ores that Young Master Ye provided and the experience and techniques I have gathered by being in the industry for so long, the net profit increased by thirty seven percent in recent times.”

“Very good,” Xiao Yumei nodded. Then she eyed Li Shuang. “Director Bai, what do you think about this child, Li Shuang.”

F*ck you!

Bai Dahai truly wanted to swear!

Did I guess it correctly?

Although he was angry in his heart, Bai Dahai still maintained a smile, “I haven’t come into much contact with Li Shuang. I heard that she studied management overseas and has a very unique view on management. However, in the end, she’s still young, she still needs to learn patiently.”

The moment Bai Dahai said that, even Ye Zichen was able to tell that something wasn’t right.

This Fatty Bai seems to be afraid of someone stealing his job!

Xiao Yumei, who was opposite him, couldn’t help but giggle, “Director Bai, you really are a bit too sensitive, right? Never mind, I’ll tell you directly, Zichen and I intend to give you a promotion to become the general manager of our jewelry company, and from now on, all of the company’s subsidiary jewelry shops will be managed by you. Lil’ Shuang is indeed still young, I want her to study for a few years at your side!”

Fatty Bai was stunned.

General manager!

The entire company was being handed to me?

All of a sudden, he begun to doubt his own ears. This fortune was way too great, right!?

“Director Xiao, are you serious?”

“Yes,” Xiao Yumei nodded with a smile. “Zichen and I are going to open a new market, so we want to hand the jewelry company to you, I wonder if you…”


Before she finished her sentence, Bai Dahai stood up from the sofa.

“Thank you for Director Xiao and Young Master Ye’s trust in me. I can definitely take our jewelry company to a new height if it is handed into my hands.”

“It is good that Director Bai has the intention, but don’t be too hurried in speaking out your thoughts, I still need to see actual plans.”

“Understood! I’ll immediately go and write up an operational plan for our jewelry company, I definitely will give Director Xiao and Young Master Ye a satisfactory reply.”

This definitely was a huge deal.

He merely ran a jewelry shop that was on par with Xiao Yumei’s jewelry shop. Now, he’s suddenly going to become the entire jewelry company’s general manager…

Although he’s still working for others, it was completely different.

“Okay, Director Bai, come to the headquarters tomorrow, I will hand some matters over to you then.”


After Bai Dahai left the VIP room joyously, Xiao Yumei glanced at Li Shuang once again.

“Lil’ Shuang, study under Director Bai properly!”

“Understood, Mei-jie.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when only Xiao Yumei and him were left in the VIP room, “You decided? You really decided to hand this jewelry company into Bai Dahai’s hands?”

“There is no other choice. The medicine company has just started, I won’t have the necessary time and effort to manage the jewelry company,” Xiao Yumei replied, then move to Ye Zichen’s side not long later. “How about I hand it to Li Shuang? I think that girl’s pretty good, she’s rather pretty as well, and she has a decent body. How about you turn her into one of us?”

Ye Zichen subconsciously shrunk his neck when he saw Xiao Yumei’s slightly meaningful smile, “Can you stop testing me?”

“How did I test you?” Xiao Yumei showed a troubled expression. “I truly am saying it for your good. I promise that I won’t get jealous. Just look at how generous I am.”


Ignoring the fact that he had no feelings towards Li Shuang, he just always felt that Xiao Yumei was digging a hole for him from her expression and tone.

“Coward,” Xiao Yumei smiled sexily, then turned Ye Zichen’s face over. “My cute little man, I really want to take a bite out of you when I see you.”

With that, her alluring lips moved close to him.

When Ye Zichen left from Xiao Yumei’s jewelry store, it was already late into the night. That woman was definitely a fairy, if it wasn’t for Ye Zichen being full of stamina, he might have been sucked dry by her.

He reached out to stop a taxi, then took out his phone after telling the driver the address.

He habitually tapped on WeChat to see if he could grab a few red packets…

However, there was a “1” on his contact list.

King Qinguang has sent a friend request!

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