Chapter 186 90-10 Split

Chapter 186 – 90-10 Split

“Hu-ge, you’re so funny. Do you think we’re people that don’t abide by the law?”

Xiao Yumei pursed her lips and smiled, then looked towards Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen reached his hand into his pocket, then took out a flaming red pill.

“This is…” Li Minghu asked in a testing manner. He was unable to tell what that was just from appearance.

“When we called you, I asked Hu-ge to find a heavily injured subordinate. Did you manage to find one?”

“Yes, he’s inside,” Li Minghu nodded, then he looked at the pill in Ye Zichen’s hand. “What medicine is this? What effects does it have!?”

“It’s useless to say it now, since there’s no proof. How about we go in and let the injured subordinate have a try?”

“Sure, please!”

When they entered the car shop, they saw that the first floor wasn’t any different from a normal car shop, while the second floor served as Li Minghu’s base.

It was different from Ye Zichen’s imagination. It wasn’t all smoky everywhere, and it also lacked the mountains of trash that he thought would be there!

On the contrary, the clean second floor had some gym equipment that quite a few of Li Minghu’s subordinates were using.

There was even a very eye-catching plate at the door!

No smoking!


“Big Bro!”


The moment Li Minghu appeared, the subordinates all stopped what they were doing and greeted him. From the looks of it, he was very popular among these people.

These included the delinquents that Li Minghu had scolded earlier. There was a small table with paper, pen and a very thin book in front of them.

The book should be the so called Code of Conduct Manual.

“Do what you should be doing. One of you go and push Ol’ Three to the VIP room.”

With that, Li Minghu opened the door to a room facing the staircase, “These two bosses, please!”

The facilities of the room were very simple. There were several sofas, a tea table, a fridge and an ash tray.

Li Minghu took out three bottles of water and placed it onto the table with a smile, “I, Tiger, don’t understand tea, nor do I drink coffee. So please don’t mind the water.”

“Hu-ge is funny,” Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei sat down together.

At that moment, Li Minghu also looked at the pill with squinted eyes, “These two bosses, can you guys tell me about this medicine…”

“Hu-ge, don’t be anxious, you’ll know when the time comes,” Xiao Yumei smiled, causing Li Minghu to scratch his head and lean back on the sofa.

He was a very curious person, so just withholding the information from him like that really caused him to feel uncomfortable.

“Then I, Tiger, will have to say the displeasing words first. Please don’t let this medicine hurt a person’s bodily functions. My subordinate is innocent. If anything happens to him after taking this medicine, then I, Tiger, will take revenge on the two of you even if I have to do it with my life.”

“Hu-ge truly cares about your subordinates.”

“Loyalty is most important if one wants to stay in this industry.”

The moment Li Minghu finished, a knock on the door to the VIP room sounded out.

“Come in!”

Not long later, the VIP room door was pushed open and a young man pushed a wheelchair in.

A man with his four limbs covered in plaster and his face wrapped in several layers of bandages sat on the wheelchair.

“Boss, Third Bro is here.”

“Sure, go on and leave us.”

Li Minghu waved towards that subordinate, then stood up from the sofa to push the wheelchair over.

“My Third Little Bro, his four limbs were fractured…” With that, he turned towards the person on the wheelchair, “Third Little Bro, say allow to Boss Xiao and Boss Ye.”

“Xiao… It actually is you!”

The person on the wheelchair suddenly moved erratically.

Ye Zichen clearly felt the hostility towards him.

He carefully observed the person on the wheelchair…

A meaningful smile surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face. He really didn’t expect that the person he had broken the four limbs on was actually Li Minghu’s Third Little Bro.

What made him even more speechless was that he had personally broken his limbs.

Now, he was going to personally put the pill into his mouth to help him recover.

“You two…”

Li Minghu was able to stay in the industry for so long by relying on his brain.

He could already feel something unusual from the words between the two.

“We kind of know each other. I am the one who broke his arms and legs,” Ye Zichen said without any hesitation. When he saw that Li Minghu’s expression turned a bit dark, he immediately added. “I had a reason for hitting him, but I shouldn’t say it.”


“I’m worried that Boss Hu would be troubled if I say it. He broke your regulations!”

Li Minghu’s expression tensed while Baldie didn’t dare to say anything more. After all, he did break the regulations.

Ye Zichen handed the pill in his hand over when he saw their expression, “Let him eat it.”

“This isn’t poison, right?” Li Minghu squinted his eyes. Ye Zichen had a grudge with his Third Little Bro…

“I’m not that bored,” Ye Zichen reached out his hand.

Li Minghu picked up the pill from Ye Zichen’s hand.

“Open your mouth. Don’t be scared. If anything happens, Big Bro will take revenge for you.”

He put the pill into Baldie’s mouth.

In less than a minute, Baldie suddenly screamed.

“What’s going on!”

Li Mingfu slammed down on the table. At the same time, the door to the VIP room was pushed open, and a bunch of his subordinates stood at the entrance with weapons in their hands.

“It feels great…”

At that moment, Baldie, who was screaming, let out a long sigh.

Not long later, he stood up from the wheelchair and threw the plaster onto the floor with force.


Li Minghu looked at everything in shock!

“What… All of you, go out!”

Li Minghu roared at the doorway, causing the subordinates outside to quickly shut the door to the VIP room. Meanwhile, Baldie also waved his arms around in excitement.

“Ol’ Three, you’ve healed!”

“Yeah!” Baldie answered excitedly. “This is so f*cking weird. After taking the pill, I felt like my body was really warm, then not long later, my limbs were filled with energy, so I wanted to stand up!”

“Boss Ye!”

“Boss Hu sees the effect, right?” Xiao Yumei giggled on the side.

“It’s too f*cking amazing, this pill doesn’t have any side effects, right?”



Li Minghu furiously gulped. This pill was definitely a miracle, if he could really advertise it, then it wouldn’t be long until he goes legal.

“Sir, Madam, your medicine…”

“Boss Hu, ask what you should, and don’t ask about what you shouldn’t. Go by the rules!”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, while Li Minghu also laughed coyly.

He also knew that his words just now were too intrusive.

“Sorry, sorry. I, Tiger, said the wrong thing!”

“No worries!” Ye Zichen raised his hand with a kind smile. “I wonder if Boss Hu is interested in cooperation?”

“Yes, naturally. But before that, should we talk about the split of profit!?”


“That’s too little, right?”

“Boss Hu, don’t be too greedy,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and he knocked on the tea table with his fingers. “You are just providing the sales channel. This is already a lot for that. If we talk about it with others…”

“Alright! Ten percent, I, Tiger, am doing it!”

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