Chapter 185 Code of Conduct Manual

Chapter 185 – Code of Conduct Manual

City West Brother’s Car Wash.

It was very hard to imagine a car wash with a grey and black signage, and a rough concrete ground in front being able to continue running.

Several delinquent-looking men squatted in front of the car wash. At that moment, a red Porsche Cayenne stopped right in front of the entrance.

“We’re not open, go away.”

One of the young men with ear holes waved his hand impatiently, then threw a bad-quality cigarette onto the ground and stomped it out bitterly.

“F*ck, aren’t you clearly just showing off by driving such a fancy car around?”

The people within the opened door of the Cayenne stepped out as if they didn’t hear the words of the young man outside of the entrance.

The eyes of the young man with ear holes, who was cursing earlier lit up…

These white thighs, this figure!

It was large in places that should be large, perky in the places that should be perky, and, there was also the smiling lips and mesmerizing eyes.

A true beauty.

The other young men that were squatting and smoking with him all stomped out the cigarettes in their hands, then surrounded over.

These brats stayed in the same places that lacked people all the time. They were already completely bored with their hands, so lust instantly arose when they saw a beauty on the level of Xiao Yumei.


“Bro, you can call her a beauty, but look at her properly.”

The shoulders of the young man with a earhole were suddenly patted. Only then did all of them turn around, and saw Ye Zichen look at them with a cold smile.

“Who the f*ck are you?” The young man brushed the hand on his shoulder away with force.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then walked beside Xiao Yumei to wrap his arm around her slender waist, “Since you can’t tell, then there’s something wrong with your eyesight.”

“F*ck, the good girls are all taken by crap,” the young man with ear holes cursed bitterly.

If their boss wasn’t within the store, they would have gone up already…

“We’re not open, go wherever you should be.”

The young man waved his hand aggressively. Then, the swept his greedy gaze over Xiao Yumei once again before he turned around.

If I get this woman in the bed, wouldn’t it feel so amazing?


Ye Zichen suddenly raised his hand to pat the delinquent’s shoulder. The young man with ear holes turned around impatiently, only to be met with a punch to his face.


Ye ZIchen put a lot of force behind the punch.

F*ck, I already reminded this grandson, yet he’s still staring. Does he really think that I don’t have a temper!?

“Zichen, why did you use violence?” Xiao Yumei ran over quickly, then said softly when she saw Ye Zichen’s furious look. “We still have to talk about cooperation with Hu-ge.”

“I’m very unhappy that he stared at you so much!” Ye Zichen glared at the young man.

Hearing that, Xiao Yumei felt a bit of sweetness in her heart.


Your affability level with Xiao Yumei increased by 10. Current affability level: 510.

The young man raised his hand to rub his nose, then shouted loudly when he saw the traces of blood on his hand, “Beat him up!”

“What are you all doing!?”

At that very moment, Li Minghu walked out of the car wash with a dark frown.

He wore a flowery Hawaiian shirt and trunks with a pair of flip flops, giving people a feeling that he was about to go on holiday.

Everybody stopped right where they were. Li Minghu looked at the young man with ear holes, whose nose was still bleeding, then looked at the furious Ye Zichen.

“Director Xiao, Director Ye, doing this isn’t quite right, right?”

Li Minghu was famous for being protective of his subordinates. He wouldn’t give face to anyone, including the people that pay him, if they hit his people on his turf.


The surrounding delinquents also hurried over, while the one with a nosebleed also managed to find a bit of tissue paper from somewhere to stuff in his nose.

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and licked his lips with snort, “Your subordinates were being improper, so I taught him a lesson on the behalf of Boss Hu.”


Li Minghu frowned and looked at the young man. When that young man felt his boss’s gaze, he immediately shrunk his neck.

They had to follow regulations if they wanted to work under Li Minghu, if he was bullied without breaking those regulations, Li Minghu would take revenge for him no matter what…

If he broke the regulations…


The young man instantly kneeled onto the floor and lowered his head, “Boss, I’ve been on duty in the city west area for nearly six months. I haven’t touched a woman for way too long, so when I saw this beauty just now, I… looked at her a few more times.”


Before the young man finished speaking, Li Minghu directly kicked the young man with earholes.

“Did you f*cking forget the code of conduct manual I gave you!? The very first rule of it said that if a lady has a man beside her, don’t f*cking stare. You got beaten up, right? You deserved it!”

“I… didn’t forget… I just…”

“You just my ass!” Li Minghu glared at him and lifted his hand with the intention of slapping that delinquent. However, after a brief consideration, he put down his hand and kicked him again. “Go and copy the code of conduct manual a hundred times!”

“Yes-Yes Boss!” The young man didn’t dare to say anything else as he ran away.

Then, Li Minghu looked at the other young men, “As for you guys, what are you blanking out for? Go and copy it with him! The manual said that if someone makes a mistake, then all of you are responsible. What are you looking smug for!?”

The other young men instantly revealed a terrible look as they walked into the car wash dejectedly.

“These little bastards, they just keep on causing trouble for me,” Li Minghu cursed at the young men, then walked in front of Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei with a chuckle. “I was loose with my management, and I’ve already taught the brats a lesson, I wonder if is possible for you to be merciful…”

“Boss Hu truly cares about your subordinates,” Ye Zichen chuckled.

Although Li Minghu looks rather strict just now, he didn’t deal any heavy blows to his subordinates.

If it was other bosses that met their moneybags…

It wasn’t impossible for them to hit their subordinates until they bleed.

However, it was good for him to be like that, since he was at least worthy of Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei’s cooperation compared to other bosses.

“Since these little bastards are willing to follow me and work for me, I naturally have to ensure their safety,” Li Minghu smiled, then squinted his eyes. “Let’s not talk about them. Boss Xiao just called me and said that there was a money-making cooperation to talk to me about…”

“Yes, it’s a huge job,” Xiao Yumei said with a smile. “If we end up cooperating, then Hu-ge’s wish of going legal would be completed.”

Li Minghu was stunned.

He had been in his line of business for too long, he was sick of this sort of violent lifestyle. Since the security of people were no longer like before, he did have the wish to go straight.

However, people in their line of work would always offend somebody.

He had to earn enough money to ensure his safety before quitting…

Thus, his plan of going legal had been pushed to the side.

“It makes so much profit?” Li Minghu revealed a hint of vigilance in his eyes. “Boss Xiao, although I, Tiger, is a mob boss, I won’t do anything that goes against the country!”

From what Li Minghu could think of, when it came to things that could make so much money…

There were only so few!

Those were all capital crimes. He definitely wouldn’t do that sort of business!

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