Chapter 184 We’re rich!

Chapter 184 – We’re rich!

Ye Zichen had a speechless expression. He wanted to get mad, but he was too reluctant to do so when he saw how cute and slightly childish Xiao Yumei looked.

Ye Zichen raised up his up to caress her hair, causing Xiao Yumei to open her eyes wide.

“Your arm…”

“It’s healed!”

Ye Zichen lifted his right hand with a chuckle.

To be honest, the healing medicine from the Heavenly Court was incredible. A bone fracture was healed so quickly.

“You’ve healed?”

Xiao Yumei was stunned. The look in her eyes was instantly replaced by excitement as she lifted his hand and looked it all over.


Ye Zichen was instantly confused a bit by how huge her reaction was.

“You arm is completely fine! Is it all thanks to that pill just now!?”

“Mhmm!” Ye Zichen nodded.

“Can you get that sort of pill in large quantities?”

Since Xiao Yumei’s expression heated up even more, Ye Zichen blanked out a little. Then, he nodded even though he didn’t quite understand what she was getting at.


He could indeed exchange for an item costing a hundred cultivation experience in large quantities with the speed at which he’s earning cultivation experience.


Xiao Yumei, who was sitting beside him, leaped into his arms, then looked up at him with a scorching light in her eyes.

“Zichen, we’re rich!”

We’re rich?

Where did she get that idea from?

Xiao Yumei ran several jewelry stores, and was a someone with a reputation in Bingcheng. Just why did she suddenly get so worked up?

Ye Zichen didn’t even dare to meet her pair of eyes that were blazing with a scorching look.

Xiao Yumei tapped Ye Zichen on his forehead when she saw his confused look.

“Why are you so stupid!?”

“How am I stupid? You just suddenly said that we’re rich, but why don’t I feel like we’re rich?”

“You’re so dumb,” Xiao Yumei glanced at him in annoyance and twitched her eyebrows. “Didn’t you just say that you are in contact with the deities? Then you got those pills from the deities as well, right?”

Ye Zichen nodded.

Although he bought the level one Healing Pill from the Treasure Shop, it was more or less the same as getting it from the deities.

“Precisely. Zichen, why didn’t you tell me earlier?” Xiao Yumei sighed helplessly. “You’re holding a huge mountain of gold, you didn’t use it properly at all.”

“How did I not use it properly?”

Ye Zichen didn’t quite accept that.

He was working so hard to earn cultivation experience in order to exchange for a volume of Fiery Eyes of Truth so that he could get rich.

“Tell me how you used it?”

Xiao Yumei had a natural nose for business possiblities.

She had already noticed infinite possibilities from Ye Zichen’s brief worlds.

“You just mentioned the Heavenly Court. Although I’m not sure what the Heavenly Court is like, but the stuff that the deities eat is definitely beneficial for us mortals, right!?”

Ye Zichen nodded.

That’s true.

Things from the Heavenly Court definitely brought great benefits to mortals.

“Then that’s right!”


Ye Zichen could also feel a large door slowly opening from the conversation just now. However, it still felt a bit blurry for him.

“Why do you still not understand?” Xiao Yumei sighed with a frown. “Why did I fall for a little idiot like you?”

“I don’t have much talent for business. It’s not like you don’t know this, so just say whatever you want to say directly. Why did you say that I’m little? What’s more, am I little?”

“Tsk,” Xiao Yumei snorted, she could naturally understand the meaning behind Ye Zichen’s teasing.

“We can sell the stuff from the Heavenly Court to the outside world.”

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows when he heard that, “Actually, I’ve thought about selling the treasures from the Heavenly Court to others.”

“Then why didn’t you do that!”

“How am I supposed to?” Ye Zichen shrugged. “Was I supposed to take out Chinese cabbage from the Heavenly Court and run over to the circle of millionaires to tell them that this is cabbage from the Heavenly Court, so eating it would let them live longer? Isn’t there something wrong with me!?”

“My little man, why are you dumb in such a cute way!”

Xiao Yumei bent down to pinch Ye Zichen’s cheeks with her hands.

“I’ll telling you the truth, okay?”

Actually, Ye Zichen did think about all this. He had even thought about asking Xiao Hai to find a way to advertise it for him, but in the end, he chose to reject all of his ideas.

All of this was too strange, it wasn’t workable.

“Older Sis isn’t telling you to advertise Chinese cabbage, we only need to create a selling path for one of the treasures.”

“Then what are we going to use!?”

“The healing pill you used just now,” Xiao Yumei directly explained in order to prevent Ye Zichen asking more. “There will always be accidents, and getting hurt is hard to avoid. Let’s take your arm for example, it would take at least a bit more than a month for it to heal under the treatment of the hospital, and even after that, you will still need to go through recovery treatments. However, your pill can decrease the healing time by several weeks. You should get it now, right?”

“It’s not that workable. My celestial pill doesn’t cure any wounds by eating it. That would be too miraculous, it is hard to avoid it attracting attention.”

Xiao Yumei licked her lips sexily, “Rarity!”

“But we have no reputation, are you sure that someone will use it after we introduce this pill? I think we can’t compare up to hospitals,” Ye Zichen raised another issue.

Yet, Xiao Yumei smiled, “Idiot, can just anyone go to the hospital?”


Xiao Yumei’s words instantly made Ye Zichen understand.

“Are you saying that you want to advertise it in the hidden people?”

“Not only them. Even those that can be exposed would still need our pill.”

Hearing that, Ye Zichen subconsciously looked around the VIP room, then lowered his voice, “You even want to introduce it to the military? That’s not so good. What if the higher ups start investigating!?”

“What can we do about it? We’ll deal with it a step at a time. What’s more, if we can truly provide this sort of miraculous pill, the higher ups can't be happier. We would be working for the country. Little idiot, do you understand now? Of course, even if we want to introduce it to them, we have to gain a bit of reputation. What’s more, I’ve waited for this day for too long!”

A smile of anticipation and grudge suddenly surfaced on Xiao Yumei’s beautiful face…

The capital. One day, I’ll be back.

“Yumei, are you okay?”

Xiao Yumei had an expression of excitement just now, but the moment she finished speaking , her expression had changed.

“I’m fine, my little man,” Xiao Yumei rubbed Ye Zichen’s face with a joyous smile. “Knowing you must be the luck I’ve gained in my previous life.”

“Why are you suddenly so intimate?” Ye Zichen shrunk his neck a little. Then, he suddenly realized another problem. “Yumei, I don’t have any issues with the pills. I’m able to provide them in large quantities. But how are we going to introduce them? We don’t know those sorts of people, and making some delinquents introduce it isn’t quite going to work.”

“Who said we don’t know anyone?”

A light flashed across Xiao Yumei’s eyes.

“Remember Hu-ge?”

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