Chapter 181 Applying for a Patent

Chapter 181 – Applying for a Patent

A card game that has swept through the entire world now honorably ascends into the Heavenly Court!

Ye Zichen used an entire hour to explain the rules of Landlord to Erlang Shen with the aids of the words from Baidu and other sources.

When Erlang Shen learnt all the rules of the game, he thought for a while…

“Bro, this doesn’t seem to be anything that guarantees a profit without loss!”

Back then, Ye Zichen had hyped him up quite a bit, and said that it would definitely able to help him turn his situation around. However, after hearing about the rules, the chances of victory seem to be equal for everyone!

It was all down to luck!

However, recently, his luck was terrible to no end…

“About this…”

Ye Zichen calmed down a bit. It seems like Erlang Shen was right, it truly wasn’t something that was all gain and no losses.

“You just don’t get it. I’ll teach you first, so it means that you’ll learn it quicker than anyone else. You can win before they completely learn it!”

“That’s true.”

Erlang Shen touched his head, then looked towards the Canopy Marshal and Yue Lao.

Landlord was mainly played with three people.

Since there were three here, why doesn’t he try it out on them?

Ye Zichen suddenly noticed a problem after teaching Erlang Shen Landlord…

He didn’t get anything out of it!

Back then, he had wanted to use Landlord and mahjong to gain some benefits.

Ye Zichen frowned, and started to think how he could gain something from it.


Would you like to apply for a patent for Landlord? Patency application requires 100000 cultivation experience.

Such a message suddenly popped up on the screen.

Yes. No.

Damn, I can even apply for a patent!

F*ck this…

It was fortunate that he had conducted a few large transactions before, so he had plenty of cultivation experience. Otherwise, he wouldn’t even be able to apply for the patent.

He squinted his eyes!


There was definitely a use of applying for a patent. Although a hundred thousand cultivation was quite a lot, it wasn’t like Ye Zichen couldn’t afford it.


Your patency application for Landlord was successful. You gained Patency Certificate x1.

Ye Zichen clicked into the Treasure Chest, and saw a gold piece of paper on the first row of his Treasure Chest.

Landlord Patency Certificate!

Possessor: Only Idealism.

The possessor of this patent is able to gain ten percent of the revenue when revenue is gained in the Heavenly Court through the game Landlord.

Oh wow.

Ye Zichen was just worrying about not getting any benefits, and now this came up.

However, a hint of confusion surfaced in Ye Zichen’s heart.

What the hell was this system?

Why did the system always have notifications about the increase of intimacy level, the increase of affability level and all sorts of other things…

Could someone be controlling the system?

Or was it because of his phone!?

Ye Zichen scratched his face. I have gotten into too many weird things recently, so these few extra ones don’t matter…

After all!

It was good enough to get the benefits!

On the business street.

Fuxi’s and Suiren’s clothing attracted the attention of the crowd. Plenty of bystanders took out their phones to take photos of them, but the two of them didn’t worry about it at all.

Memories of them will not remain in the minds of these mortals.

“Fuxi, are you really deciding to leave our old friend here?”

Suiren was still a bit worried.

They, the Rogue Immortals, did have plenty of Complete Sky Immortals…

However, none of them had stepped into the realm of an Immortal King.

They clearly knew that the level of the Immortal King wasn’t one that anyone could step into. Only the Jade Emperor, Great Sacred Emperor Equaling Heaven and Shakyamuni had managed to reach that level.

Even the Victorious Fighting Buddha was merely half a step into the level of a Immortal King. That by itself was enough to see how difficult it was to break through into the Immortal King level.

Thousands of years ago, their old friend decided to go through the cycle of reincarnation. Although there were some personal reasons… It was mostly for the vicissitude of the Immortal Region.

It was the ninth reincarnation, the gamble was to be taken now!

This life of his was extremely important to the Rogue Immortal’s Immortal Region.

“Yes,” Fuxi did not hesitate at all.

“Care speak about the reason?”

“The reason is simple, he didn’t have our aid in his previous lives. Although there were tons of misfortune and tribulations, there were also ones, who were born in order to help him face the tribulations, block those. Although the ninth reincarnation will be full of danger, I believe that all that is well ends well…”

“Such a simple reason?” Suiren frowned. There were indeed people who were born in order to face tribulations for him in his previous lives, but it didn’t mean that it will be the same in this life.

“What else can we do?” Fuxi smiled. “Father, everything has its fate, forcing things won’t help it.”

“I still think that there’s a need to bring him back to the Immortal Region. Although that would offend the monkey, but we, the Immortal Region, are not scared of him! Since that monkey should be leaving soon, let’s hurry back…”

“It isn’t a matter of being afraid of the Great Sage,” Fuxi smiled. At that very moment, he suddenly stopped and his eyes lit up when he saw the woman in front of him. “Father, there really isn’t a need to worry now!”

“How is it? Is there anything else you don’t understand?” Xiao Yumei looked at Li Shuang, who was beside her, with a giggle. The more she was with the girl, the more she liked her.

This girl gained her interest with both her belief and actions.

Li Shuang was the same. It was a happy thing that she was able to meet a boss that had the same thoughts as her, the only thing that annoyed her was…

That this woman was prettier than her.

“More or less, if there is anything I don’t understand, then I can ask Mei-jie during work in the future.”

“That’s good as well. Then I’ll let you have half a day off. Just directly come here to find me tomorrow,” Xiao Yumei laughed softly.

At that moment, Li Shuang suddenly yanked her, “Mei-jie, the man over there seems to be looking at you.”

Xiao Yumei was already used to men looking at her. When she looked up in order to see what that man was like, she was stunned when she saw Fuxi!

Where did this freak come from?

Were they shooting a film?

But this is the business street, it isn’t a media base.

However, what made her confused was that Fuxi actually walked towards her.

“Hello!” Fuxi said with a smile.

Xiao Yumei subconsciously looked around…

No machines!

They weren’t shooting a film?

Then why was there someone dressed like this?

“Hello,” Xiao Yumei nodded towards him with goodwill.

A bracelet made from the teeth of wild beasts suddenly appeared in Fuxi’s hand.

“Meeting is fate. Let me give this bone bracelet to you, it might be able to save your life once in the future.”

With that, he directly placed it into Xiao Yumei’s hand, then left after nodding towards her.


Xiao Yumei felt a bit dizzy.

When she calm back to her senses, she looked at the bone bracelet in her hands in confusion.

Where did it come from?

No matter how hard she tried to think, she couldn’t recall where it came from.

Xiao Yumei subconsciously put the bone bracelet onto her wrist, then lifted her hand and dangled it in front of her.

It’s kinda pretty.

“Mei-jie, then I’ll be returning. I’ll report here on time tomorrow morning,” At that moment, Li Shuang also giggled.

Xiao Yumei nodded, “Sure, then come here tomorrow and report in.”

As Fuxi and Suiren walked through the crowd, Suiren turned around and looked at Xiao Yumei, “Why did you give her the bone bracelet! It’s not like you don’t know what that represents!”

“Father, do you not know who she is?” Fuxi suddenly smiled mysteriously.

Suiren raised his eyebrows, “How would I know!”

“She is…”

Fuxi whispered the name softly, causing Suiren’s expression to completely change after hearing it!

“Is that for real!?”


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