Chapter 180 Landlord

Chapter 180 – Landlord

What was their relationship!?

Of course it’s a pure brotherly relationship!

Great Sage Sun rolled his eyes towards Fuxi like he was looking at an idiot, “What do you think the relationship is between the two of us!?”

Gay friends?

Fuxi thought evilly.

Of course, he definitely wouldn’t say it. Ignoring the fact that the monkey might not understand it, if he did, it really wouldn’t be good…

“I can tell that Great Sage and that boy have a deep relationship, then we will leave him here. We hope that Great Sage can take good care of him.”

“There’s no need for you to say that!” The Great Sage bared his fangs and held the Ruyi Jingu Bang.

Fuxi nodded slightly and waved his right hand, “I will wipe the memories of everyone here. I hope Great Sage can also leave this place as to not raise suspicions.”

“I, Old Sun, can’t trust you,” Sun Wukong wasn’t an idiot. What If these two people kidnap my bro after I leave!?

I ate so many delicious things of his, I have to protect his safety.

“Then I’ll leave with my father first, but I hope Great Sage won’t let…”


Great Sage Sun turned into a small fly and buzzed in the air, “Hurry up and leave!”

Fuxi and Suiren nodded slightly, then stepped into the air and disappeared.

The silence ended.

The guests in the courtyard acted like nothing happened as they continued their actions.

At that moment, Su Yan also came back to her senses, and saw Ye Zichen, who was lying on the ground.


Elder Su also quickly squatted as well.

When that happened, Ye Zichen pushed himself up as he rubbed his head, “Why does my head hurt so much?”

“Zichen, what happened?” Su Yan looked at him worriedly.

Ye Zichen shook his head and stood up under the support of Su Yan, “Why am I lying on the floor? Wasn’t I eating cake just now!?”

“I don’t know,” It was clear that Su Yan had already forgotten what had happened just moments ago.

However, Ye Zichen looked towards the manor gate for some reason.

For some reason, he just felt that someone had appeared there.

“Don’t you guys feel like somebody came just now?”

“No, haven’t it always been the three of us?” Su Yan blinked her eyes.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, then grabbed a piece of cake from the table, and stuffed it into his mouth. “Delicious!”

The Great Sage, who had turned into a fly, flew around a few times in the sky, then slowly flew away with a long look at Ye Zichen after ensuring that Fuxi and Suiren had left.

Meanwhile, Ye Zichen stole two bottles of red wine from the birthday feast, then ran to the corner of the courtyard and opened his WeChat.

Within the Red Packet Server.

When he entered the group, he noticed that a few more members had actually joined.

Yue Lao.

He scanned the bottles of red wine. Send!

Erlang Shen received your red packet.

“Bro, this is the nice wine that you’re gifting us?”

Erlang Shen immediately replied in the WeChat group after collecting the red packet.

“Yeah, it’s red wine for you guys. But about our group… Why did Yue Lao come as well!?”

“I left that group,” Yue Lao suddenly popped out. “I don’t know what the hell is with Taibai Jinxing, he actually scolded me as well. This old one naturally requires face, and since Canopy Marshal was coincidentally talking with me about quitting the group, I just left at the height of my anger!”

“Everyone should leave that crappy group!”

Canopy General also agreed.

“Taibai Jinxing has been one of the Jade Emperor’s favored people for so long, he really got a bit arrogant. Does he seriously think that he’s only second to a single person? I, Old Pig, just didn’t want to care about him, otherwise, I would have killed that old guy with a strike from my rake.”

It seemed like Taibai Jinxing had completely ruined Canopy Marshal’s face back in the group.

Otherwise, he wouldn’t say something like that.

However, that’s good as well. Ye Zichen will just screw up the group sooner or later, then he can just drag all the deities into this Red Packet Server.

“Enjoy your drinks, I still have stuff to busy myself with!”


At this moment, Erlang Shen suddenly sent a message within the group.

Erlang Sheng’s manor in the Heavenly Court…

Was too poor.

Even though he was an important deity in the Heavenly Court, he only had a large and empty manor. There wasn’t even a single servant or fairy within.

The Celestial Howling Dog, who had starved until it was extremely thin, squatted on the side and stuck out its tongue. Meanwhile, Canopy Marshal and Yue Lao sat beside the stone table, as the two bottles of red wine, which Ye Zichen at just sent over, was placed on it beside a gourd of wine. There wasn’t any food to go with the wine at all.

The gourd of celestial wine was also brought over by the Canopy Marshal.

The reason they were like this was because of…


Erlang Shen remembered that Ye Zichen had told him before that he would teach him the way to earn money!

In his current situation, he must get the method to earn money…


He’ll have to eat dog food this month, and eat dog the next…

“Bro, the money-earning method that you told me about before…”

Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment when he saw this message. Then he pursed his lips and smiled.

“This money-earning method… About this…”

“Bro, if you are treating me a brother, then tell me. I’m nearly starving to death.”

Erlang Shen wasn’t kidding when he said that at all. Why didn’t he have any fairies or servants in his manor!?

He didn’t have the money to employ any!

He had to give out salaries to hire servants and fairies, yet the tiny bit of salary he gets from the Heavenly Court wasn’t even enough for him to repay his debts.

“Then let me teach you something… Wait a moment!”

The moment he sent out the message, Ye Zichen called Su Yiyun over.

“Ye-zi, you still dare to come look for me? You didn’t explain to me about my little sister yet!”

Su Yiyun walked over with a vicious expression.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, “Stop pretending, can you get me a set of poker cards?”

Poker cards?

Su Yiyun was surprised as he raised his eyebrows, “What do you want poker cards for!?”

“I have a use for them, go and find some for me.”

“Sure, wait a moment.”

Not long later, Su Yiyun walked over with two boxes of poker cards in his hand, which he chucked into Ye Zichen’s hands.

“I only found two sets, but what do you want them for!?” Su Yiyun revealed a face of curiosity.

Ye Zichen raised his hand and pushed him to the side, “Go and chat up girls, I see plenty of pretty rich girls in this banquet, aren’t they all your type?”

“I’m more interested than you in comparison to those rich girls.”

Ye Zichen shuddered upon hearing that, “I’m not gay, hurry up and go and chat up your girls.”

With that, he immediately chased Su Yiyun away.

Right before Su Yiyun left, Ye Zichen heard Su YIyun shout out, “Is this the way to treat your brother-in-law!”

Ye Zichen looked around…

Nobody was present.



Erlang Shen, who sat beside the stone table, grasped his phone tightly.

His phone shuddered.

Erlang Shen instinctively went to his WeChat and collected the red packet.


Two boxes of poker cards instantly appeared in Erlang Shen’s hands

“Celestial sovereign sent it over?” Canopy Marshal raised his eyebrows.

Erlang Shen nodded and placed the boxes of poker cards onto the table, “Bro, what did you send me?”

“A treasure to earn money!”

Erlang Shen hurriedly opened a box of poker cards…

Fifty-four poker cards instantly fell onto the stone table.

Erlang Shen picked the cards up one by one and looked at every single one multiple times in curiosity!

How was this supposed to earn money?

“Bro, you sure that this can earn money?”

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

“Of course, I’ll teach you a way to earn money today, the name of it is… Landlord![1. Landlord / Doudizhu ( is one of the most popular Chinese card games.]”

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