Chapter 179 Old Friend!

Chapter 179 – Old Friend!

The man wearing beast-skinned clothes walked very slowly. His long hair was tied into a tall bun, and a faint white light existed in his eyes.

Everyone in the courtyard froze in the middle of their actions and stood still as if time had come to a halt.

“Su Yan,” A hint of profoundity and age could be heard from the voice as he walked in front of Su Yan and smiled at her warmly.

“Who are you?”

“I am Fuxi!”

“What the hell? Fuxi? I don’t know you!” Su Yan frowned.

Fuxi was stunned for a moment, before immediately understanding, “True, you indeed shouldn’t know me yet in this life.”

“What are you talking about? I don’t understand you at all!”

“Don’t be nervous, I won’t harm you, I’m only returning what you handed me back then.”

With that, a small tongue of flame suddenly appeared in Fuxi’s hands.

The flame was greenish white, it was like the will-o’-wisp that you would only see in cemeteries.

For some reason, Su Yan quietened down when she saw the flames. She could feel that the flames were very intimate to her…

They were so intimate that… they were like a part of her.

“It seems like you feel it,” Fuxi laughed softly as the flame continuously neared the center of her brow. “This is your memory of following him in his reincarnation. I will seal it within your consciousness. On the day of your twenty-first birthday, the seal will open automatically. When that happens, you will remember everything.”

“What him? What reincarnation? I don’t understand, I don’t want…”

This man, who randomly appeared, said a bunch of random stuff…

And he wanted to seal these flames into my consciousness!

What the hell was he thinking!

Su Yan tried her best to struggle free, but what scared her was that she couldn’t move at all!

It was as if someone used a Body-Freezing Technique on her. She could only let her hands dangle by her sides as the ball of flames slowly approached the center of her brow.

At that moment…


“Enough, I don’t care who you are. Don’t you dare harm her!”

A silver and gold aura swirled around Ye Zichen, while his eyes also started to turn faintly gold…

“You…!” Fuxi was stunned. “It’s you!”

“You… are very familiar…” A hint of reminiscence appeared in Ye Zichen’s eyes, then his head started to hurt tremendously…

Fragments of memories flashed through his consciousness!

In an instant, he turned around and looked at Su Yan, who was standing on the side, intently.

“Lil’ Nine… Su Yan… Who exactly am I…”

The headache caused Ye Zichen’s entire face to turn pale, and his body to continuously tremble as he slowly squatted down…

Fuxi raised his eyebrows, then decided to ignore the strangeness of that brat!

Without saying anything else, he raised his hand and slapped the flames into the center of Su Yan’s brows without any hesitation.

A sigil of flame flashed on the center of Su Yan’s brows, then disappeared. When that happened, she also slowly shut her eyes.

“I anticipate our reunion,” Fuxi muttered to himself, then once again looked towards Ye Zichen. “Old friend, we meet again.”

“You… know me…” Ye Zichen’s voice was coarse. He frowned as he looked at the man, who was wearing beast-skinned clothes like a person of the ancient times. “What did you do to Su Yan?”

Fuxi smiled, then shook his head, “Regardless of which reincarnation it is, you are always so protective of her. Have you still not repaid the debt you owe her?”

With that, Fuxi reached out towards him.

“Sorry, old friend. I’m going to take you away.”

“Is my, Great Sage’s, bro someone you can take away just because you want to!?”

An illusion of a staff struck down.

Fuxi’s pupils contracted and he quickly retreated. He looked over, shocked, and saw a muscular hulk, who was wearing a skin-tight vest and holding a golden staff.

“Great Sage Sun!”

“Since you know the name of I, Old Sun, then why aren’t you quickly leaving!”

The Monkey King glared at him and swept his gaze across the courtyard…

Spatial Suppression.

It was a good technique!

“You are someone from the Immortal Region!” The Monkey King squinted his eyes as he looked at the man in beast-skin clothes. “I, Old Sun, don’t care who you are in the Three Realms. Hurry up and leave, otherwise… Heh, the Jingu Bang of I, Old Sun, will not spare you!”

A murderous light flashed in his eyes!

Great Sage Sun used his Fiery Eyes of Truth to glare straight at Fuxi. At that moment, another man in beast-skinned clothes descended from the sky.


“Fuxi, did you find Su Yan!?”

“Father!” Fuxi nodded. “That girl is Su Yan.”

Suiren looked towards the direction Fuxi pointed towards. When he saw the Monkey King, his pupils contracted, “Great Sage Sun! Why is someone of the Heavenly Court here!?”

“You called a helper!” Great Sage Sun displayed a mocking smile. “I, Old Sun, have never been scared of quantity, come!”


The Monkey King poked Ruyi Jingu Bang towards the ground.

At the same time, he quickly changed his appearance into that of wearing his armor.

“Please don’t be angry, Great Sage Sun,” Fuxi smiled wryly.

Suiren, who was on the side, frowned, “Why did someone of the Heavenly Court notice the reincarnation of his woman? Did they find his reincarnation?”

“Father, look at the young man behind the Great Sage…”


Suiren’s expression changed drastically!

“No wonder I met Xia Liuli, who held him block the tribulations for three lives, not that far away. I was wondering why they had all appeared here, so…”

“Xia Liuli is here too?”

It was Fuxi’s turn to be shocked. The people who had reincarnated for three lives all appeared.

“People that block tribulations for him continuously appearing isn’t a good thing. It seems like his ninth reincarnation isn’t going to be that easy,” Fuxi frowned, while his lips pursed tightly together.

“Then isn’t it solved if we directly bring him back to the Immortal Region? This old one doesn’t believe that anyone is able to bring his tribulations for this life to the Immortal Region!” Suiren snorted coldly.

Hearing their blabber, the Great Sage spoke up impatiently, “Hey, you two, are we fighting or not!?”

“Great Sage, do you know who the person behind you is!?” Suiren suddenly spoke.

“I, Old Sun, doesn’t care who he is. I, Old Sun, only knows that he is my bro!” The Great Sage squinted his eyes, then stared straight at Fuxi and Suiren with a cold snort. “If you want to bring my bro away, no way!”

“Monkey, don’t be too outrageous!”

“What, do you want to fight?”

“Shitty monkey…”

Suiren took a step forward, while the Great Sage also took a step forward fearlessly with his Jingu Bang in his hands.

“Stop!” Fuxi pulled the two apart, then looked at Ye Zichen and Su Yan, who were lying on the ground, with a sigh. “Father, let’s go!”


“I thought about it just now. There are destined events for his ninth reincarnation. If he can get through everything, then he will, if he doesn’t, then it means that we, the Immortal Region, are destined to not have an Immortal King. Leave it, just let him be!”

“But…” Suiren still revealed a worried expression.

However, Fuxi shook his head with soft smile, “You said it just now as well, Xia Liuli is also here. It is very possible that they have already gotten into contact with each other. With Su Yan and Xia Liuli here, he should be fine.”

“But are you sure that the monkey doesn’t have other intentions?”

“Isn’t it fine if we ask!?” Fuxi pursed his lips with a smile. Then he looked up at the Great Sage, who was glaring vigilantly at them. “Great Sage, I wonder what your relationship with that young man is?”

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