Chapter 178 I finally found you

Chapter 178 – I finally found you

Lin Ru felt rather worried.

She was too intent on venting her anger that she didn’t notice the seniors beside her.

Su Yan glared fiercely at her, causing her to quickly change the topic.

“Happy birthday, Grandpa Su.”

“You finally remember me, the old man?”

Old Man Su’s eyes were filled with meaningfulness as he swept his gaze across Ye Zichen and Su Yan.

The two of them quickly lowered their heads when they felt the gaze.

Lin Ru rolled her witty and naughty eyes as she thought about how to deal with it.

At that moment…

“Elder Su, Su-dage!”

Clear laughter sounded out at the manor gate, causing Su Qilong and Elder Su to turn around.

“Hanben,” Su Qilong was stunned.

The relationship between the Su family and Lin family wasn’t bad, but Su Qilong and Lin Hanben did not get along!

When Su Qilong saw Lin Ru, he thought that Lin Wei had come to congratulate Elder Su, he didn’t expect Lin Hanben!

Lin Hanben.

At that moment, Ye Zichen also turned his head, and saw Lin Hanben looking towards him, while Lin Lin stood at his side!

“Ye Zichen, my grandpa is on great terms with Grandpa Su. My second uncle is using this, so just submit.”

Lin Ru pouted on the side. Actually, she rather disliked her second uncle’s actions.

Begging others to help treat the patient. Begging others to help treat the patient!

The most important thing was “beg”.

From the very beginning, her second uncle was unable to put himself at a lower position and kept on wanting to deal with it through different contacts. She really didn’t know if he felt her grandpa’s life was more important, or if his face was more important.

At this moment, Lin Hanben also walked over following Su Qilong.

Two men followed behind Lin Hanben, and they worked together to carry a special stone…

A “寿” character could be seen from its texture lines![1]

“This is a special stone that this brat found from outside. The character 寿 is written on its surface. So, I give it to Elder Su, and wish you a long life.”

“Hanben, you’re really thoughtful!”

Elder Su patted Lin Hanben’s shoulder. Although he knew of the competition between his eldest son and Lin Hanben, he already didn’t care that much at this age.

He’ll just let the youngsters trouble themselves.

Lin Hanben gave the two men behind him a cue, so they quickly took the special stone away.

At this moment, Elder Su also laughed softly, “How’s Old Lin?”

“The old man is getting old, his health is getting worse and worse…” Lin Hanben shook his head and sighed with a sad expression.

“That is natural when people turn old,” Elder Lin comforted.

Lin Hanben nodded in agreement. Then, he pretended to look to the side accidentally, “Mr. Ye, you’re also here.”

Lin Hanben bowed with a surprised expression, causing Ye Zichen to squint his eyes…

His acting was Academy Award worthy.

“Director Lin truly has good eyesight. I have always been standing beside Elder Su, yet you couldn’t see me. Your eyes were truly focused!” Ye Zichen mercilessly snickered.

This caused Lin Hanben’s expression to tense up.

Elder Su also felt the strangeness in the atmosphere between the two, so he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows, “You know each other?”

“Ai…” Lin Hanben sighed. “I won’t hide it from you. Actually, I have begged Mr. Ye to help treat our family’s old man several times, but Mr. Ye continuously refused…”

Elder Su knew about how miraculous Ye Zichen was.

Lin Hanben begging him to help wasn’t something extremely strange.

Yet, why didn’t Lil’ Ye help?

The Ye Zichen he knew wasn’t that kind of person to abandon someone in need.

“Lil’ Ye,” Elder Su glanced at Ye Zichen.

“Director Ye was great at pretending to be troubled. However, you saying “beg” is really problematic,” Ye Zichen laughed mockingly and swept his gaze over the Lin father and son. “Have you begged me?”

“What does Mr. Ye mean by this!?”

“Stop pretending,” Ye Zichen dragged his sentence out meaningfully with a smile. “It seems like you really want me to explain about your “begging”, then I’ll satisfy you…”

Ye Zichen directly spoke about Lin Hanben’s “begging” without any exaggeration.

What’s more, he even neglected Lin Lin’s ignorance.

“I understand, you came here to ask me to help, right? Then let me tell you once again. It’s impossible!” Ye Zichen smiled meaningfully, then held Su Yan’s hand and bowed towards Elder Su. “Old Man Su, I’m going in. I haven’t eaten yet, so I want to snag a bite to eat at your place.”

With that, the two people left. Then, Su Yiyuan and Lin Ru also followed after looking around a little.

“Elder Su…” Lin Hanben had wanted Elder Su to say a few things, but then he looked up and saw Elder Su’s expression that was beyond dark.

“Hanben, begging people to others to help treat the patient! There is something really wrong with your begging. This old man can’t help you, solve the issue yourself.”

Within the manor, Ye Zichen grabbed a piece of cake and stuffed it in his mouth.

Then he heard Lin Ru snort unhappily, “Ye Zichen, you…”

“Young Mistress Lin, I need face as well. Just look at your second uncle, is what he’s doing even proper?” Ye Zichen replied blurrily. Then he took a cup of water from the tray of a passing waiter to drink, before starting up once more. “He’s too arrogant. I hate those sorts of people.”

“But my grandpa…” Lin Ru frowned.

Su Yan also added on the side, “Zichen, the actions of Uncle Lin might be problematic, but Grandpa Lin is innocent. For my sake, can you just go and take a look? Lil’ Ru has begged you as well…”

“Mhmm!” Lin Ru nodded furiously.

Seeing the two girl’s actions, Ye Zichen said helplessly, “Fine, fine, if Grandpa Lin is truly unable to keep going anymore, then I’ll go and help. However, I’m not going to do anything before that.”

“How would you know when my grandpa can’t go on anymore!?”

“Don’t mind so much, just tell me your grandpa’s full name.”

Wasn’t it simple if I wanted to know how long Old Man Lin has to live? I can just get someone from the Underworld to take a look!

However, before then, he had to teach this Lin Hanben a proper lesson.

The old man’s birthday feast started.

Old Man Su taste truly gave the feel of an old official.

Eat well drink well, drink well eat well!

Thus, the birthday feast started.

During the birthday feast, Lin Hanben appeared slightly awkward. There were several times that he wanted to seek Ye Zichen out, but he was still unable to put his face down in the end.

Perhaps, his face was still more important in his eyes.

“Lil’ Ye, you seem to like this cake a lot?” Elder Su laughed softly as he held the wine gourd.

Ye Zichen nodded…

At that moment, Ye Zichen, who was stuffing a piece of cake into his mouth, randomly looked backwards, while Elder Su and Su Yan, who were beside him, also turned back…

A man wearing beast-skinned clothes and stray sandals slowly walked in from the manor entrance.

What was strange was that nobody stopped him. Or rather, the people near where he walked past all froze.

“Su Yan, I finally found you.”

That was the first thing that the man said after walking over!

  1. The character 寿 (shou) have meanings such as “long living” as well as “birthday”.

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