Chapter 177 Lin Ru’s shitty mouth

Chapter 177 – Lin Ru’s shitty mouth

The battle between Ye Zichen and the combat experts started in an instant.

Ye Zichen curled his fingers at the two uncle in plainclothes with a casual look on his face. Meanwhile, the two uncles also charged over with one on each side after receiving their orders.

Tiger punch.

A straightforward fighting style that was famous for its ferocity.

As a punch skimmed past Ye Zichen’s cheek, the wind brought up by the punch caused a piercing pain on his face.

Only then did Ye Zichen stop his thoughts of messing around.

These two uncles in front of him were just normal men. What’s more, since the two of them had cooperated for a long time, their teamwork was also amazing.

“He is somewhat capable,” Su Qihu raised his eyebrows and snorted with a laugh within the mansion. Initially, he had thought that Ye Zichen wouldn’t even be able to last ten rounds against his guards.

“Lil’ Ye did not take them seriously at all. Look, he only just started concentrating,” Elder Su laughed softly, while the two of them looked at the screen once more.


Ye Zichen rolled to the side to dodge both sweep kicks, then stretched lazily, “Why are you so serious? You guys should be my dad-in-law’s soldiers, right? I’m going to be his son-in-law in the future. I will bear a grudge if you guys treat me like this.”

No reply.

The two uncles continued to chase him as if they didn’t hear what Ye Zichen said.

Ye Zichen lifted his wrist to look at the time. Elder Su’s birthday was about to begin.

“Never mind, I’ll stop messing around with you guys.”

With that, Ye Zichen’s gaze focused, and his legs sped up, causing him to move by the two uncles like a mirage.



Two clear cracking sounds were heard. When Ye Zichen stopped and looked at the two uncles with a smile, their right arms hung by their sides. More importantly, Ye Zichen’s hands were already on their throats.

“It’s okay, right?” Ye Zichen chuckled at the security camera.

Su Qihu, who was within the mansion, stood up in surprise when he saw this.


He barely saw what happened just now.

“I told you already, your guys can’t match up to Lil’ Ye, but you didn’t believe me,” Elder Su shook his head slowly, then pushed himself up using the side of the sofa. “Don’t forget what you said to me just now.”

Then, Elder Su slowly walked towards the outside of the mansion, while a hint of reluctance flashed across Su Qihu’s eyes.

“Let him in.”

The orders from the Bluetooth earpieces caused the expressions of the two uncles to change.

Seeing that, Ye Zichen put his hands down with a smile, then took a step back, “I can enter?”


Both uncles made a please gesture for Ye Zichen to enter the courtyard. However, Ye Zichen took a step towards them, causing them to retreat backwards as if they were in front of a great enemy.

“What are you doing? I’m going to help the two of you relocate your arms.”



With two clear cracks, the two people’s arms were relocated. Then, Ye Zichen indicated towards Su Yan and walked in with her.

“If this little guy enters the army, he’s definitely going to be a strong soldier,” the two uncles laughed softly after Ye Zichen and Su Yan left. “Mhmm, he’s someone with potential to be a soldier.”

All the guests saw the scene of Ye Zichen fighting with Su Qihu’s guards.

They had originally thought that someone had come to cause trouble, but when they saw the young man walk in so openly like that, while the Su Family’s Young Mistress wrapped her arms around his…

All of a sudden, the guests were confused.

“Uncle Su.”

Ye Zichen saw Su Qilong smile at him the moment he entered, while Su Yiyun, who was giving him looks, stood beside Su Qilong.

“Lil’ Ye, good moves,” Su Qilong raised his thumb up at Ye Zichen. He knew the ability of his little brother’s two guards.

They were combat elites.

Both of them were powerful soldiers that could fight against a hundred others.

However, they were unable to fight back against Ye Zichen at all.

“Actually, I didn’t want to use force either, but my dad-in-law always wants to test me, so I have to please him, right? Ai, it’s so hard to be a good son-in-law,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a sigh.

Su Qilong couldn’t help but smile, “You brat.”

“Lil’ Ye,” At that moment, Old Man Su also walked over with a smile.

Hearing that, Ye Zichen smiled, “Old Man Su, why did you come out in person?”

“I was bored to death staying inside, so I came out to greet you,” with that, Old Man Su raised his eyebrows. “Lil’ Ye, what present did you prepare for me, the old man?”

“Hehe,” Ye Zichen scratched his head, then handed over the green gourd that he was carrying in his hand. “This brat doesn’t have any good treasures, the only thing I can give you is this gourd of monkey wine.”

All the guests were stunned when they saw the gourd.

A gourd of wine!

That is too cheap!

Everyone that came to the birthday feast would spend at least six digits on the presents. Even so, the Su family didn’t think much of it. However, this brat actually only gave a gourd of wine.

So petty.

Plenty of people looked down on the young man for this, but Old Man Su showed a bright smile.

“Good, good, good. It’s only Lil’ Ye that gave me something to my liking.”

The Su family’s old man was bribed by a gourd of wine?

All of a sudden, everyone was annoyed. If they knew that Old Man Su loved wine, then they would have bought wine!

Ugh, the money they spent on the presents could buy truckloads of wine.

Old Man Su put his arm around Ye Zichen’s shoulder like old friends, then walked towards the mansion. At that very moment…


A childish voice sounded out from the manor gate. Ye Zichen and Su Yan looked over and saw Lin Ru run over with a giggle.

“Lil’ Ru.”

Su Yan also revealed a happy expression.

After the two of them had a brief chat, Lin Ru looked towards Ye Zichen, “Ye Zichen.”

A playful and evil smile immediately surfaced on Lin Ru’s delicate face when she looked at Ye Zichen.

Ye Zichen could already tell what she was going to do from her expression!

“Susu, let me tell you…”

Lin Ru grabbed Su Yan’s arm and spoke mysteriously, while she raised her eyebrows at Ye Zichen provokingly.

It was as if she was saying, if you beg me, then I won’t tell on you.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes at her and spoke up first, “The other day, Lin Ru saw Xia Keke and I going out.”

“Oh wow!”

Lin Ru frowned. She was just trying to scare him, and didn’t expect him to actually dare to say it. Since it’s like that, then there was no reason to help him hide it anymore.

“Susu, let me tell you. He didn’t just go out with that girl the other day, they…”


Lin Ru’s words were so exaggerated that she practically said that Ye Zichen and Xia Keke had intercourse on the streets.

Ye Zichen’s expression turned completely dark.

So what if she said it? But couldn’t she choose a proper location?

Old Man Su, Su Qilong and Su Yiyun are f*cking present!

However, Su Yan didn’t think so much about this. She merely glared at Ye Zichen without any other reactions.

“Susu, are you alright? He did all that…”

Lin Ru was completely shocked by Su Yan’s reactions, causing her to reach out her hand to touch Su Yan’s forehead…

“You don’t have a fever.”

“Lil’ Ru, you don’t understand the relationship between the three of us.”

With that, Su Yan suddenly felt like she said the wrong thing…

Elder Su, Su Qilong as well as Su Yiyuan all looked at Su Yan and Ye Zichen in shock…

“The world of youngsters!” Elder Su suddenly exclaimed.

Meanwhile, Su Qilong looked weirdly at the two…

Then, Su Yiyuan patted Ye Zichen’s shoulder with a chuckle.

“Ye-zi, we’ll have a good chat later.”

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