Chapter 176 Su Qihu’s Test

Chapter 176 – Su Qihu’s Test

It was the Su family’s Old Man Su’s birthday.

With their old man’s subtle personality, the birthday feast was not announced to others. Yet, even so, there were still plenty of officials, businessmen and political people that came to celebrate with him.

Within the courtyard of their household, Su Qilong was in charge of the reception.

There was no other choice. After all, they couldn’t let Su Qihu to welcome these people that had come to celebrate.

“In the end, there are still so many people.”

Su Qian sat on the mansion sofa, and looked at the crowd of guests outside with a sigh.

He didn’t like these sort of situations. With his line of thought, it was enough for his family to gather a little.

“Isn’t it just because of older brother? If it was me, then I would just directly kick them all out,” Su Qihu frowned. He didn’t like this sort of situations either. If it wasn’t because of Su Qilong stopping him, he really would have sent the crowd away.

Elder Su, who was on the sofa, suddenly looked at Su Qihu as if he was looking at a retard.

“What are you looking at me like that for!”

“Why did I end up with such an idiot son like you? Are these all normal people that came here? If you kick them out… Do you think our Su family doesn’t have enough enemies as it is!?”

“So what?” Su Qihu snorted in disdain. “The ones that came are all people that want to get into contact with us. Or do you think that we, the Su family, need to have any relationship with these people!?”

Elder Su looked at his son once more. He didn’t want to talk about interpersonal relationships with this son of his anymore, “Oh yeah, I talked to you a few days ago. You don’t interfere with Lil’ Ye and Su Yan dating, okay? Lil’ Ye will come to attend the birthday feast later as well, you’re not allowed to make it hard for him!”

“Don’t worry.”

Unexpectedly, Su Qihu did not snort at Ye Zichen’s name.

This scene caused even Elder Su to get confused. He knew his son the best, extremely stubborn…

It was very hard to make him change his mind for things that he had decided on.

Elder Ye was truly not used to him suddenly saying something like this.

“You thought it through?”

“Hmmph,” Su Qihu snorted coldly as he raised his eyebrows, which were the color of thick ink. Then, a playful smile surfaced on his stern face. “Getting me to accept him is not that simple.”

Elder Su was stunned when he saw this smile, causing him to exclaim, “You can’t have done something to Lil’ Ye, right!?”

“Dad, am I that sort of person?” Su Qihu smiled speechlessly. “But you are right, I did do something. Isn’t that brat coming to your birthday feast? He can come in if he wants to, but only after he goes through the gate I’ve set for him.”

“… You can’t have told your soldiers to stop him, right?”

“How did you know?” Su Qihu paused. “There are your informants by my side?”


Su Qian felt extremely helpless that his son was so naïve.

His eldest son was so intelligent, why was his second son so…

“Anyone can guess with your pettiness,” Elder Su rolled his eyes speechlessly. “However, your soldiers are going to the ones who suffer.”

“What do you mean by this? Do you think my soldiers can’t match up to that brat?” an expression of anger surfaced on Su Qihu’s face. “All my soldiers are top fighters, what’s more, the ones I’ve stationed outside are all combat elites of the previous year…”

“The heck use is that!” Elder Su truly felt defeated by Su Qihu.

Indeed, his soldiers were combat champions.

But was Ye Zichen a normal person?

“Just don’t get annoyed if Lil’ Ye beats your soldiers up.”

“Hmmph, that’s impossible!” Su Qihu smiled confidently. “If he can really beat up my soldiers, so what if I admit him as my son-in-law!”

“Is that for real?” Elder Su raised his eyebrows and smiled.

“For real!” Su Qihu replied with certainty.

“Driver, stopping here is fine.”

Then, Ye Zichen got out of the taxi and hurried towards the Su household.

If it wasn’t for the reminder, he would have forgotten about promising Su Yan to come to Elder Su’s birthday feast. Thus, he hurried over after asking for a gourd of monkey wine from the Great Sage.

As he hurried, he took a look at the time. He could make it.

At this moment, two men in plainclothes, who were standing outside the mansion, spoke into their Bluetooth earpiece, “Target in sight.”

“He’s here,” Su Qihu, who was within the mansion, pursed his lips and smiled.

This brat, Ye Zichen, was too cocky. If it wasn’t for my dad protecting him, I would have been able to teach him up a lesson ages ago.

I must use this chance to make him less arrogant.

Elder Su couldn’t help but sigh when he saw Su Qihu’s proud look.

I hope he doesn’t cry too terribly.


Just when Ye Zichen arrived at the gate to the manor, the two men in plainclothes walked in front of him and stopped him.

Ye Zichen looked up at the two…

I haven’t seen them before.

Then Ye Zichen though, with Old Man Su’s identity and status, his birthday feast would definitely require heavy security.

Thinking that, Ye Zichen nodded towards the two with a smile, then took out his phone to dial Su Yan’s number.

“Ye Ziche, are you here?”

“Yeah, but there are two guys blocking my way and not letting me in. I think it’s better if you come out and get me.”

“Sure, wait for me.”

Ye Zichen hung up the call, then nodded towards the two men with a light smile once again.

Not long later, Su Yan, who was wearing a floral dress, ran out from the manor.

“Zichen!” Su Yan ran to Ye Zichen’s side with a bright smile, held his hand, then walked towards the manor gate.

“Sorry, Lil’ Yan, he can’t enter.”

“Why? Aren’t you guys stopping him because you’re not sure of his identity? Isn’t it fine now that I’ve come in person to take him in?” Su Yan revealed a confused expression.

The two men shook their heads with a smile, “He can’t enter! He can enter if he wants to, but he must beat down the two of us!”

“Uncle Huang, can you guys stop kidding around? I know you guys want to tease me. Alright, he’s my boyfriend!”

These two men were twins, they were Su Qihu’s personal guards. Su Yan had known these two uncles since she was young, and also knew just how amazing these two uncles were.

How was beating the two of them down possible?

“Lil’ Yan, stop troubling your Uncle Huang. It is your dad’s orders,” the two men smiled wryly.

Hearing that, Su Yan paused for a moment, “My dad?”

Ye Zichen, who stood on the side, also understood the gist of everything, then looked up and smiled towards the manor gate…

“What’s this? I have to get through various gates and generals to go to a birthday feast!? I’m not Second Lord Guan![1]

“This brat noticed.”

Su Qihu paused a bit as he looked at the security screen. However, Ye Zichen’s subsequent words caused him to clench his teeth in anger.

“What’s with my dad-in-law. He’s so tough on his son-in-law. Didn’t I tell you? I hold grudges for a long time, if you always treat me like this, then I won’t support you when you’re old. Never mind, since my dad-in-law is so childish, then I’ll just play around with him for a while.”

Ye Zichen looked away from the security camera, then patted Su Yan’s hand.

“Go over there and wait for me.”

With that, Ye Zichen smiled towards the two men in plainclothes, “Come.”

At the same time, Su Qihu, whose entire face was green with anger, gave his ordered.

“No need to hold back. Beat him until he submits!”

  1. Second Lord Guan is referring to Guan Yu. Going through various gates and generals (过五关,斩六将) is a phrase that originated from Guan Yu getting through 5 barriers and killing six generals in order to get avoid from Cao Cao to get to Liu Bei’s side. Basically, it’s just saying that he has to get through all sorts of difficulties to do something.

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