Chapter 175 Red Packet Server

Chapter 175 – Red Packet Server


All the deities who were looking at their phone within the Heavenly Court, were shocked.

As one of the Four Northern Saints, the Canopy Marshal had already been famous for a long time. Although he did stay in the Buddhist region for a while, his reputation in the Heavenly Court was still rather major.

What’s more, he was someone on the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms. It could be said that Taibai Jinxing was making the Canopy Marshal lose a lot of face by punishing him publicly like this.

“Ha, Taibai Jinxing, such authority.”

Canopy Marshal replied like he was going to argue.

Erlang Shen: Watching intently. Old Pig, I support you! Flame!

Immortality Peach Fairy: Timidly watching the flame war.

God of Thunder: I’m not going to say much, just going to lurk…

While all the deities acted like they weren’t afraid of the situation becoming more severe…

Yue Lao: Selling melon seeds, peanuts, water, spicy gluten, coke and chestnut cake. During this period of time, everything’s 10% off. Hurry if you wish to buy any.


Yue Lao’s entrance instantly destroyed the heavy atmosphere, while Ye Zichen forcefully resisted laughing. Meanwhile, the deities all started to say that they wanted to buy something, but Canopy Marshal remained strong.

“Taibai Jinxing, say, just what regulations did I, Old Pig, break?”

“Please don’t be angry, Canopy Marshal. These are extreme times!”

“Extreme? You are determined to set I, Old Pig, as an example because it’s extreme times? If my Monkey Bro was here, would you dare to punish me?”

“Canopy Marshal, watch your words!”

From the looks of it, they really were about to argue. Ye Zichen’s expression tensed up when he saw this, while the other deities in the group also quieted down when they smelled the gunpowder.

“Hehe, you don’t dare, right? You guys are afraid of my Monkey Bro, right! Back then, when my Monkey Bro wreaked havoc in the Heavenly Court, it caused a lot of trouble for you guys, right! Fine, I, Old Pig, have served the Heavenly Court for a hundred thousand years, and endured work and sufferings! When the Jade Emperor exiled me to the mortal realm, I did not resist, do you guys really think that I, Old Pig, is someone that anyone can bully?”

He was truly angry!

The fact that he started to talk about all the past issues made it seem like it wasn’t going to end well.

Even a master flamer like Erlang Shen stopped speaking under this sort of atmosphere. All the deities looked at their screens silently as they awaited Taibai Jinxing’s reply.

“Canopy Marshal!”

“Hmmph, you still know that I’m the Canopy Marshal!? Yes, I am the Canopy Marshal! Canopy Marshal of the Four Northern Saints!”

“Canopy Marshal, what do you want!?”

“What do I want? I, Old Pig, am not going to stay in this shitty group anymore!”

The moment he saw this message, Ye Zichen immediately looked at the members list of the group.

He wasn’t kidding!

Canopy Marshal really left the group.

Meanwhile, the other deities also the same thing like Ye Zichen, causing the group to explode after they realized that Canopy Marshal had left the group.

God of Thunder: He really quit.

Mother of Lightning: Canopy Marshal wasn’t kidding.

Pagoda-Bearing Heavenly King Li: It seems like he was truly angry.

Erlang Shen: He has a temper. I didn’t expect that the Monkey wasn’t the only one with a temper. He’s truly one of the Four Northern Saints. Cool!

Taibai Jinxing: @Erlang Shen, it seems like you want to be punished as well?

The group went quiet once again.

Was there something wrong with Taibai Jinxing today? He always acted like the good guy in the Heavenly Court, why is he lashing out at the slightest thing now?

Erlang Shen: @Taibai Jinxing, are you trying to scare me? Stop bothering me, if you push me to the corner, then I'm quitting the group as well.

Taibai Jinxing: No need for you to quit. I’ll kick you.


Ye Zichen truly felt busy.

He quickly looked at the members' list!

Erlang Shen was gone.

The group instantly turned terrifyingly quiet, while Ye Zichen clicked on his Moments subconsciously.

The newest status was sent by Erlang Shen.

“Taibai Jinxing, such authority. Fine, I'm not going to be in the group anymore!”

Canopy Marshal’s comment was below.

Canopy Marshal: You got kicked?

Erlang Shen: Yeah, what a crappy place. Even if he didn’t kick me, I wouldn’t want to stay there.

Canopy Marshal: Come have a drink at my place?

Erlang Shen: Sure.

Having two of the pillars of the Heavenly Court leave the group, seriously…

Geezer Taibai Jinxing woke up on the wrong side of bed, right?

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then suddenly thought of an idea.

If the Heavenly Court group didn’t want them, I do!


You invited Erlang Shen and Canopy Marshal into the group chat.

The name of the group was changed to “Red Packet Server”.

Erlang Shen: Bro, what is this?

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, this…

“Actually, I have been dissatisfied with that Taibai Jinxing for the longest time. Let’s not stay in the Heavenly Court group anymore. From now on, this group will the second Heavenly Court communication group. It’s for the celestial friends in the Heavenly Court to chat and send red packets. If anyone quits the other group, then drag them here. But the criteria is that… No dragging anyone still in the Heavenly Court group in.”

Canopy Marshal: Sure!

Erlang Shen: No problem!

“Then that’s that. I saw that you guys seemed to be going to drink, I won’t disturb you. I’ll send you guys a bottle of good wine from my side.”

Canopy Marshal: That sounds great, then I’ll be waiting for Sky Sovereign’s red packet.

Erlang Shen: Send a bit more!

Ye Zichen smiled idiotically after leaving the Red Packet Server.

He was already very annoyed when Taibai Jinxing had trapped him.

This is great now, two huge people in the Heavenly Court quitting the group was definitely a great thing for him.

F*ck, I’ll show you who is in charge in the Heavenly Court in the future.

“Zichen, what are you laughing so idiotically for!”

Suddenly, Ye Zichen felt someone call out beside his ear.

He turned around…

Xiao Yumei stared at him with a face full of curiosity, while Li Shuang had already disappeared from the VIP room.

“You two finished chatting?”

“Mhmm,” Xiao Yumei replied softly with a nod. “That girl studied business management in Switzerland and have a very unique view in management. She’s definitely a talent.”

“It’s good that she can help you,” Ye Zichen caressed Xiao Yumei’s hair.

However, she curled her lips and said rather playfully, “You sure that you want her to help me, and it’s not that you want me to help you to take care of a new little sister?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“You thought too much into it. There’s nothing between the girl and I. We just coincidentally met the other day, so I arranged for her to be the shop manager. I only introduced her to you because I felt that she was rather capable, so she can help shoulder some of your burdens. I don’t want you to be too tired.”


“I swear to God!” Ye Zichen replied seriously.

“Alright, then I’ll believe you,” Xiao Yumei kissed Ye Zichen on the cheek.

At this moment, the door of the VIp room was knocked on again.

“Come in.”

“Mei-jie, I handled everything already.”


He didn’t expect that their relationship had already improved to this degree while he was looking at the group chat!

“Since you have handled it, then let’s go,” said Xiao Yumei, as she stood up from the sofa.

Ye Zichen followed behind her with a face of confusion and raised his eyebrows, “Where are you to going?”

“Of course it’s to work.”

“Then I…”

“Go and find the little sisters.”

With that, Xiao Yumei smiled and left the VIP room with Li Shuang in tow.

Ye Zichen was left all alone, standing on the spot…

At that moment, he felt like an abandoned child.

Brrring, brrring.

At that moment, the meeting reminder sound of his phone sounded out.

Ye Zichen took a look at his reminders and frowned.

F*ck, I nearly forgot!

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