Chapter 174 The Canopy Marshal got into trouble

Chapter 174 – The Canopy Marshal got into trouble

Xiao Yumei sat in the front seat and looked at Ye Zichen with a pout and continuously drew circles on his arm with her fingers.

“I thought you forgot about me.”

Taking the opportunity at a red light, Ye Zichen reached out a pinched her cheek, “How could I? I’ve just been rather busy.”

“Tsk, you’re busy even with going to school. It’s just an excuse,” Xiao Yumei was dissatisfied with his excuse.

Due to this, Ye Zichen could only smile wryly. Then, he started up the car when he saw the lights change.


When Ye Zichen and Xiao Yumei arrived at the jewelry store that Zu Siliang had gifted him, Li Shuang quickly walked up to him after they entered the door.

After becoming the manager, she cut her hair short, revealing an aura befitting that of a strong independent woman in the city.

Ye Zichen looked at the jewelry store. Although Li Shuang had only taken it over for a short while, it still looked very proper under her handling.

“You’ve done pretty well,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

Li Shuang revealed a confident smile, “It’s not bad.”

“Don’t chat here, let’s go to the VIP room.”

“Alright, I’ll go and inform them.”


With that, Ye Zichen walked to the VIP room with Xiao Yumei.

“What’s with this jewelry store? And what’s with that girl?”

Xiao Yumei frowned. This jewelry shop was not much smaller than hers, and more importantly, that female shop manager…

There was something wrong with her gaze.

“This shop is the reason I brought you over. Since you’ve always been running a jewelry business, I want to merge this jewelry store with yours.”

To be honest, this jewelry store didn’t matter to Ye Zichen.

But there was no reason to not take such a large jewelry shop since it was offered.

Ye Zichen was a layman when it came to management. It was fortunate that he had a strong woman like Xiao Yumei, to help him.

“As for the girl, she’s the shop manager of this shop.”


A knock on the door to the VIP room sounded out.

Xiao Yumei stopped herself from saying what she had planned. Then after looking at Ye Zichen, she straightened her back, “Come in.”

Li Shuang pushed open the door. The moment she entered the room, she felt a gaze glaring at her.

She looked up and noticed that it was the woman who came with her boss.

She ignored Xiao Yumei’s gaze and directly walked in front of Ye Zichen with a normal expression.



Ye Zichen pointed towards the chair opposite him, and indicated for her to sit down.

When Li Shuang sat down, Ye Zichen also started to speak, “Let me introduce you. This is Xiao Yumei.”

“Hello,” Li Shuang nodded slightly.

Xiao Yumei also smiled without replying.

Such a weird atmosphere.

Ye Zichen smiled stiffly, then coughed, “It’s like this, she’ll take over this jewelry store from now on, so Li Shuang, just work under her.”

Suddenly, Ye Zichen felt a bit of pain at his waist.

He turned his head and looked at Xiao Yumei, and saw her maintaining a faint smile towards Li Shuang, “You should have something that makes you stand out since you can become the shop manager of this jewelry shop. Just briefly tell me about your management ideals.”

Thus, Li Shuang and Xiao Yumei started to chat, leaving Ye Zichen with nothing to do.

He sat on the side and took out his phone, then looked at the advancement of the Immortal Heart of Pure Yang.

False Spiritual Body (Experience: 2/100).

Current Immortal Heart Level: 2. Experience gained per day: 2.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

It seems like he would seriously need more than a month to reach the Spiritual Body level. It seemed like it’s too slow.

This was a retort that might actually cause others to beat him to death.

Using only 50 days to ascend from the False Spiritual Body level to Spiritual Body level would only make a person a monster for the rogue cultivators outside.

Since Ye Zichen had nothing to do, he went to lurk in the Heavenly Court’s WeChat group once again.

Canopy Marshal: Did you guys know…

God of Thunder: Know what!? <insert a row of shocked emojis>

Mother of Lightning: Know what!? <insert a row of shocked emojis>

Erlang Shen: People like you who only speak half a sentence is truly annoying.

Immortality Peach Fairy: Watching intently in the front row.

Canopy Marshal: Someone new appeared on the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms. I wonder who this master is.

Erlang Shen: How did you know!? Don’t bullshit with us!

Canopy Marshal: How could I? Erlang Shen, you are also someone on the leaderboard, wouldn’t you know after taking the leaderboard out for a look?

Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms!

What kind of high-end topic were they chatting about?

Ye Zichen couldn’t resist the curiosity in his heart, and so directly asked.

“What’s the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms?”

Immortality Peach Fairy: Welcome, great deity. Great deity, can you tell Yue Lao to sell the snacks at a slightly cheaper price?

God of Thunder: Great deity has come.

Mother of Lightning: Great Deity, Yue Lao said that he got his stock from you. I want to be a retail agent as well, is that okay? If you are willing, then I can… <insert of roll of blushing emojis>

God of Thunder: I’m still here!

The group immediately turned into a mess. When Ye Zichen took a look, he saw that most of them retorted about Yue Lao selling the stuff too expensively.

I wonder how high that geezer is selling the stuff, he could actually make the people so angry.

“I might need more retail agents in the future as well. I will speak with Yue Lao about the price, but before then, just what exactly is the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms @Canopy Marshal!”

He received a reputation point a few days ago.

Back then, he also activated the reputation mode.

However, he didn’t pay much attention to it. When he saw that Canopy Marshal and co. were mentioning it, he naturally got interested.

Canopy Marshal: Sky Sovereign, are you perhaps not someone on the leaderboard?

Why can I feel the mockery from him through this cold screen?

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes and curled his lips.

“Are you going to say it or not?”

“Please don’t be angry, Sky Sovereign,” the Canopy Marshal smiled coyly and explained. “The Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms contains highly reputed people in the three realms. After getting onto the leaderboard, they are able to participate in the Conference of the Three Realms, and nominate themselves for the leader of the Three Realms and also vote.”

“What’s the use of this!”

“Celestial sovereign, there is a huge use of it. Every single matter on the Reputation Leaderboard of the Three Realms were of utmost importance. It is extremely possible that this single vote could cause a huge change in the higher-levels of the three realms.”

At this moment, Erlang Shen also returned.

Erlang Shen: F*ck, it really was a new guy, but why isn’t the leaderboard displaying his name?

Erlang Shen: Aiyo, Bro, when did you arrive?

Why was Erlang Shen like a brainless guy?

Why did I choose to become sworn brothers with this guy?

“I’ve been here for a while.” Ye Zichen replied.

Then, the Canopy Marshal suddenly said mysteriously.

“Let me tell you in secret, the Jade Emperor has ordered Taibai Jinxing to investigate this person. It seems like he’s trying to find out who this person is, it would be fine if he was someone belonging to the Heavenly Court, but if it was of the other two realms… Zeze…”

The moment the Canopy Marshal said this, before anyone was able to reply, Taibai Jinxing suddenly appeared in the group.

“Due to the Canopy Marshal breaking Section 6, Rule 47 of the Heavenly Court’s non-disclosure agreement, three years of salary from the Heavenly Court is to be deducted alongside three million cultivation experience as punishment!”

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