Chapter 172 The Underworld’s Nightmare

Chapter 172 – The Underworld’s Nightmare

“How is it, did he reply yet?”

Ye Zichen looked over. The Great Sage scratched his face when he still didn’t get any reply.

He actually dared to not reply to I, Old Sun.

From what he thought, King Chujiang should have replied instantly when he sent the message. It had already been a minute, and there was no reply, so he felt like he lost a lot of face in front of his bro.

“King Chujiang, I, Old Sun, am seeking you out…”

King Chujiang, who just had stood up from the ground, trembled when he heard the phone vibrate.

He could still clearly remember the days when the monkey wreaked havoc in the Underworld…

“Great Sage!”

King Chujiang gulped and replied carefully.


The Great Sage’s phone buzzed.

He smiled.

“He replied!”


He really was intentionally avoiding me.

Ye Zichen cursed in his heart, and said to the Great Sage, “Ask him why isn’t he replying to me.”

Click click.

The Great Sage tapped the screen and sent a message over.

“Why are you ignoring my bro?”


King Chujiang, who was sitting within the hall paused for a moment. The Great Sage’s brother…

The Canopy Marshal?

“The Canopy Marshal did not seek out this little deity!”

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to feel a bit more impressed by the Great Sage when he saw King Chujiang’s reply.

King Chujiang truly placed himself in a very low position.

When King Chujiang chatted with me, he was still going like “this king”, “this king”.

“Not that idiot. The bro of I, Old Sun, is Only Idealism…”


King Chujiang, who was within the hall, felt a sense of trouble.

Only Idealism!

Wasn’t that a mere mortal? How could he be brothers with this monkey.

Erlang Shen is his brother, the monkey is his brother as well…

Just who is this person!

Cold sweat flowed down King Chujiang’s forehead when he saw the Great Sage’s message, which he didn’t reply to. At the same time, Ye Zichen also sent him a message.

“King Chujiang!”

“This little deity is here!”

An instant reply.

Such efficiency. The Great Sage’s name was truly effective.

Ye Zichen looked over at the Great Sage, signaling that he didn’t need to talk to King Chujiang anymore. Then, Ye Zichen sent King Chujiang a message.

“How’s the fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan coming along?”


King Chujiang didn’t dare to speak the truth.

“About this… Kṣitigarbha hasn’t in the Underworld recently, he journeyed out…”

“Bullshit!” The Great Sage suddenly grabbed over Ye Zichen’s phone and cursed. “Kṣitigarbha has to permanently watch over the cycle of reincarnation within the Underworld. You actually dare to lie to I, Old Sun’s, bro! I, Old Sun, thinks that you’re asking for a beating! Hmmph!”

“Great Sage!”

“Don’t try to get close with me, Old Sun. I, Old Sun, is just asking you whether you have the fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan or not…”

“Great Sage, give this little deity some time. I’ll contact the Ten Yama Kings to ask for it from Kṣitigarbha right now. Please don’t be angry, Great Sage.”

“I, Old Sun, will give you three days. If you don’t give it… Heh…”

“I don’t dare.”

“Great Sage, not bad,” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and smiled after taking back his phone.

“The Ten Yama Kings of the Underworld were terrified due to my, Old Sun’s, beating. Back in the day…”

Bullshitting mode on.

While Great Sage started to talk about his past achievements, King Chujiang gave out instructions at his hall, “Go, tell the other Yama Kings to come over quickly.”

King Qinguang, King Chujiang, King Songdi, King Wuguan, King Yanluo, King Pingdeng, King Taishan, King Dushi, King Biancheng, King Zhuanlun.

All ten Yama Kings gathered together.

Everyone frowned deeply when they heard the news from King Chujiang.

“That monkey is not someone that easy to deal with.”

King Yanluo gulped. Back when Sun Wukong inflicted havoc in the Underworld, it was at his hall.

“Everyone knows that, but Kṣitigarbha might not give us the fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan,”  King Zhuanlun shook his head with a sigh.

Everybody knew the magnificence of a fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan.

How could he easily hand it over?

“The first thing we have to do is sate that monkey. The other thing is that we can’t offend that master,” King Qinguang frowned slightly. “The fact that the master knows the monkey and Erlang Shen makes his position way too mysterious…”

“Eldest Brother is right!” all the Yama Kings nodded.

“As for that fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan…” King Qinguang licked his lips and squinted his eyes. “The Bodhisattva has always been kind hearted. Although the fragment is something precious in our eyes, it doesn’t mean that it is also precious in the eyes of the Bodhisattva. If we tell the Bodhisattva the reason, he might hand the fragment over to us.”

“Then we…”

“I’ll go speak to the Bodhisattva. King Chujiang!”


King Chujiang stood up like a primary school student hearing a teacher call their name!

There was no helping it, he was too tensed.

However, he couldn’t not be tense since he came into contact with the monkey.

If they reach a disagreement, then the other side might very well come to the Underworld to cause trouble.

“You’re responsible for comforting the monkey…”


King Chujiang’s face turned stark white. Talking with that monster was akin to sticking his head into a crocodile’s mouth…

“Yes, you. What are you afraid of? How can you not have the courage to do something as miniscule as this as one of the Ten Yama Kings?” King Qinguang frowned. “As for that master, isn’t White Impermanence rather close to him? Give her some benefits and ask her to put in some good words for us.”

Everyone nodded.

“Alright, then let’s move!”

The moment the Great Sage started to speak, he couldn’t quite stop. So he talked about everything from his actions in the Underworld to the Heavenly Court, then about his journey to the west and finally becoming a Buddha…

Ye Zichen had seen all this in Journey to the West, so he didn’t have much appreciation for it.

On the other hand, Zhuge Kongming had brought over a stool and listened intently.

The Great Sage only stopped a good few hours later.

The sky had already turned dark. When Ye Zichen saw that, he asked softly, “Great Sage, is this clone of yours returning to your original body or staying here…”

“I, Old Sun… will leave with you.”

Although he was reluctant to leave this secret location, he did feel a bit disgusted by eating.

Ye Zichen nodded and patted Zhuge Kongming’s shoulder, “Big bro’s going back, so stay here properly.”

“No problem,” Zhuge Kongming nodded with a smile.

Then, Ye Zichen left the supermarket after reminding Zhuge Kongming several times to lock the door.

“Welcome back Boss!” Third Fatty Jin bowed towards the entrance, while being topless and only wearing a pair of trunks.

This brat was definitely topnotch at ass-kissing.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but recognize this.

Ye Zichen even suspected that he managed to become Great Emperor Qingming’s disciple because he kissed ass extremely well.

“Boss, are you going to take a shower or sleep?”


“Then…” Third Fatty Jin suddenly blushed and revealed an awkward expression. “Do you need me, Fatty, to accompany you? My tender daisy is blooming for Boss right now…”

“I… F*ck off!”

Ye Zichen kicked Third Fatty Jin to the side of the tea table in the living room. Yet, when Third Fatty fell onto the tea table, he directly laid down and called out loudly!

“I’m ready anytime!”

Ye Zichen cursed silently a few times, then returned to his bedroom as he rolled his eyes.

He saw many notifications of White Impermanence sending him messages, and one of them even included a red packet.

You received White Impermanence’s red packet.

Soul-Restraining Lock x1

Heaven and Earth Merits x5000

Why did she send gifts without saying anything?

Ye Zichen clicked on the Yinyang Box.

Soul-Restraining Lock: Able to lock and extract the soul within a person. It can be used on any spiritual body.

What the hell is this?

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