Chapter 171 Mon-Monkey!

Chapter 171 – Mon-Monkey!


The Great Sage, who was sitting on the ground, slowly stood up.

He reached out and grabbed Ye Zichen’s shoulder, then shook his head, “No, bro, I, Old Sun, can’t eat anymore.”

“How can that be okay? There is still a whole storeroom of goods waiting to be eaten by the Great Sage. How can you be stuffed just like this?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows playfully, then pressed the Great Sage down to the floor before handing him a piece of bread. “Eat! Eat more! Didn’t you leave a clone here in secret in order to eat all you wanted? I’m giving you the chance already, why are you already saying that you can’t eat anymore…”

Ye Zichen was beyond speechless.

When Blackie found him, and asked him to go back to the supermarket, he saw the Great Sage eating happily in the basement.

Meanwhile, Zhuge Kongming was suspended in midair. From what Blackie said, it seemed like Blackie was beaten up the few times he wanted to run out and tell on him.

If it wasn’t because the Great Sage started to eat in the basement, Blackie might not have even been able to inform Ye Zichen at all.

When the Great Sage saw Ye Zichen arrive, he immediately acted as if he wasn’t afraid of anything.

Yet, Ye Zichen wasn’t angry about what he had done.

If he wanted to eat, then let him eat his fill!


The Great Sage, who was half lying on the floor, burped once again.

The mountains of empty snack packets and bottles were the war achievements.

More importantly, those were but a small part of it all.

Ye Zichen and Zhuge Kongming had already taken the rest out.

“Bro, I, Old Sun, truly can’t eat anymore. I, Old Sun, know my wrongs, and will not steal food in the future ever again.”


The Great Sage continuously burped with his large belly, and continuously waved his hands.

It wasn’t merely the fact that he couldn’t eat anymore!

He felt a little disgusted by eating.

“You know your wrongs?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

The Great Sage immediately nodded, “Yes, I truly know my wrongs. I, Old Sun, will definitely not steal food from now on.”

“Then clean up,” Ye Zichen sat down on a chair and crossed his legs like a big boss.

The Great Sage grabbed a handful of hair from behind his neck, and blew, causing a room full of monkeys to appear.

Ye Zichen was also stunned when he saw this.

This was a scene he had only seen on television before.

With the Great Sage Monkey Sun’s aides, the entire supermarket became beyond clean.

The only issue was…

The shelves were all empty.

“Bro!” The Great Sage burped as he walked over, causing the air to faintly smell of coke.

“What?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

To be honest, Ye Zichen got mad the moment he saw the Great Sage.

The Great Sage could’ve just told him if he wanted to eat. Yet, he left a clone here to steal food. If it wasn’t for Blackie running out to tell him, Zhuge Kongming might have died of hunger as he was suspended in the air.

“So nice, I, Old Sun, ate my full,” The Great Sage smiled.


Your intimacy level with the Monkey King increased by 200. Current intimacy level: 425.

“If anyone dares to… Burp… bully you in the Heavenly Court… Burp… I, Old Sun definitely… Burp… Definitely… Burp…”

The Great Sage took a long time and did not manage to say anything in the end, causing Ye Zichen to rolled his eyes speechlessly and hand him a bottle of coke.

If it was before, the Great Sage would definitely yell and snatch the bottle of coke over.

Yet, this time…

The Great Sage shook his hands extremely resolutely.

“Don’t, don’t, don’t. I, Old Sun… Burp… am not drinking anymore.”

Ye Zichen got the Great Sage to do some exercise after his meal, then took out his phone to glance at the Heavenly Court’s chat group.

The same deities continued to chat in the group. However, what was different from before was that…

They were gossiping in the group!

They were talking about the ways to gain cultivation experience!

Some deities laughed wryly and said that the number of worshippers in the mortal realm dropped drastically, causing them to be unable to quickly withdraw a lot, while some great deities retorted that Yue Lao was selling the stuff too expensively in the Heavenly Court.

That geezer really succeeded in the Heavenly Court.

Doesn’t that mean…

Everyone held a Nutri-Express in their hands, while holding spicy gluten in their mouths!?

This was definitely a moving scene.

After lurking in the group for a while and seeing that no red packets appeared, Ye Zichen left the group and sought out King Chujiang.

“King Chujiang, how is the retrieval of the Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan!?”

Ye Zichen asked him for so long already, yet this guy completely ignored him.

Within one of the halls in the Underworld.

The phone of King Chujiang, who was listening to a song, rang, causing him to look at it.

“Tsk, mere mortal.”

Ever since Ye Zichen saved King Qinguang, King Chujiang ignored the White Impermanence and got Ox-head and Horse-face to investigate in the mortal realm.

The result that got was that…

Ye Zichen was truly a mortal.

Although his identity was unknown, as one of the King Yama Kings, there was no way he could look at a mere mortal properly.


He swiped the notification to the right.

If it wasn’t because Ye Zichen had a bit of relationship with Erlang Shen, who was in the Heavenly Court, King Chujiang might have deleted his contact information.

“F*ck, what’s with that grandson?”

Ye Zichen squinted his eyes.

Something wasn’t right!

From how King Chujiang and King Qinguang appeared the other day, they should instantly reply when he sent them a message.

“Great Sage.”

“I, Old Sun, is here.”

The Great Sage was truly stuffed, causing him to continuously walk in circles within the supermarket.

“Help me with something.”

“Hey, say it.”

The Great Sage did feel a bit bad for eating so many of Ye Zichen’s treasures, so he was naturally happy to be of any kind of help.

“A while ago, King Chujiang promised to give me the Fragment of Soul Pearl Yiyuan in the Underworld to me. However, he has just ignored me ever since that time.”

“I, Old Sun, know that you need the Soul Pearl Yiyuan, but the Underworld only has one fragment!”

“I have five fragments with me.”

With that, Ye Zichen withdrew the five fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan that he had.

The fragments showed five different colors and were beyond sparkling.

“Ye-dage, what’s this?”

Zhuge Kongming also ran over with open eyes. Speaking of him, it was rather weird that this little fellow was the same as Xia Keke, he wasn’t surprised that the Great Sage appeared in the Modern World, at all.

From his perspective, it seemed like everything was natural.

“This is a celestial item, understand?”


Zhuge Kongming shook his head.

Meanwhile, the Great Sage also revealed an expression of surprise, “Bro, you actually have five fragments of Soul Pearl Yiyuan, your luck is beyond good…”

Soul Pearl Yiyuan was an ancient magical item.

Great deities from the Heavenly Court have searched for it intentionally before, but regardless of who it was, they never succeeded.

The Great Sage gave Ye Zichen a thumbs up and took out his phone.

Ye Zichen felt extreme pity for the Great Sage when he saw the crappy phone, so he made a silent determination to get a new one for the Great Sage later.

“King Chujiang of the Underworld, right? I, Old Sun, will have a chat with him.”

With that, the Great Sage found King Chujiang from his contact list…

“Hey! You there? Hurry up and reply to me, Old Sun.”


King Chujiang’s phone within the hall rang again.

King Chujiang raised his eyebrows.

“Is that mortal done yet!?”

King Chujiang cursed and picked up the phone.

When he saw the flickering display image…


King Chujiang, who was sitting on the royal chair, suddenly slipped onto the floor with an expression of fright, causing the surrounding attendant girls to quickly help him up…


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