Chapter 169 New Function activated.

Chapter 169 – New Function activated.

Ta! Ta!

The ten-odd subordinates also imitated yellow-hair and saluted after the latter did it.

“Hello, Boss’s Boss!”

Ye Zichen was speechless.

There was something wrong with this yellow hair’s brain, why are all his subordinates the same as well?

Even if they didn’t find it shameful, Ye Zichen did.

Ye Zichen quickly dragged down yellow hair’s hand as the bystanders started to point at them.

“Boss, what is it, do you have some sort of mission for me? I’m ready any time!”


Yellow hair stomped onto the ground.

Then he displayed an expression as if he was willing to sacrifice himself for the organization at any moment.

“Be more f*cking normal.”

“Oh,” yellow-hair answered dumbly. Then he took a peek at the surrounding bystanders and leaned close to Ye Zichen’s ear. “Boss, I understand, we can’t leak the news of us, the Namekians, right?”


Ye Zichen was truly defeated by stupidity of this dumb brat.

Ye Zichen no longer wanted to explain anything, and merely nodded. He’ll just act as if the brat was right.

“You… Come over here,” Yellow-hair pointed at red-hair, who was completely dumbfounded.

Red-hair immediately walked over timidly as he held his arm, “Boss.”

“Hurry up and apologize to Big Boss,” Yellow hair kicked red-hair on his butt.

Red-hair tripped and nearly kneeled down onto the floor, “Big Boss, I was wrong, I shouldn’t have caused trouble for Sis…”


Liu Qianqian blushed, while Su Yan and Xia Keke were both shocked.

Sensing the weird atmosphere, Ye Zichen kicked red-hair.

“Don’t say things recklessly.”

Yellow hair clearly felt the weirdness of the atmosphere as well, so he reached out to yank red-hair’s ear, “Are you a f*cking retard? Didn’t you see that there are two more Sisses on the side? Big Boss’s relationship with this Sis is clearly an underground relationship. Aren’t you just making Big Boss look terrible to blatantly say it outloud like this!?”

Yellow-hair wasn’t subtle when he spoke at all…

His voice caused even the bystanders to hear everything clearly.

F*ck you!

Who exactly is the one making me look bad!?

What made Ye Zichen even more speechless was…

“Boss, I educated this brat now. From now on, we’ll definitely help you keep your secrets properly from now on.”


Ye Zichen clenched his teeth with force.

“F*cking f*ck off!”

While yellow-hair’s subordinates were outside cleaning the black dog blood, he stayed beside Ye Zichen and fanned Ye Zichen with a small fan.

“Boss, why haven’t there been any actions from the androids recently?”


Ye Zichen, who was drinking water, spat out his mouthful of water.

This brat was truly determined.

“When I transformed into a Super Saiyan earlier, I beat him up, so he didn’t dare to do anything.”

“Boss transformed! It’s such a pity that I didn’t see it in person!” yellow-hair said sadly. “However, leaving the androids here is still going to bring trouble, why didn’t you directly eliminate him?”

“A peaceful society, peaceful life… My wish is for world peace!”

“Boss’s mentality is truly not something us mortals can compare to.”

Yellow hair flattered exaggeratedly. At the same time, Ye Zichen already didn’t want to say anything about this brat’s idiocy.

“Boss, it’s been cleaned.”

“Let me take a look?”

Yellow hair placed his fan into his subordinate’s hands, then went to the entrance to check a few times.

At this moment, Liu Qianqian and co. also walked over and bit her lips, “Ye Zichen, thank you.”

Red hair also walked over with his head lowered, while holding his arm, “Big Boss.”

“Mm, bring your arm over.”

He raised his arm.


Ye Zichen put red hair’s arm down, then stood up from the chair and swept his gaze across yellow hair and red hair.

“Although you said that you cleaned up the entrance, but…”


Red hair gulped, while Ye Zichen turned his gaze towards yellow-hair.

“You have a reputation on this Antique Street, right?”

“It’s alright, it’s enough for me to feed myself,” yellow hair scratched his head and smiled coyly.

“Ye Zichen nodded, “Alright, then be free fighters for this pawn shop from now on.”

“No problem,” yellow hair answered without thinking.

However, Liu Qianqian, who was on the side, was shocked, “What are you doing!”

“Why are you so dense?” Ye Zichen raised his hand and knocked on Liu Qianqian’s head. “The Antique Street has all sorts of people, just let them do some of the things that aren’t going to be convenient for you guys to do, it’s free as well… You’re just so dumb.”

“Yeah, yeah, we’re free,” yellow hair also answered on the side.


Ye Zichen facepalmed.

This yellow hair…


“Ye Zichen!”

At this moment, Su Yan walked over with a smile, while a ring was on her finger.

Ye Zichen looked towards Xia Keke…

“It wasn’t me that gave it to Susu, she snatched it from me,” Xia Keke said with a troubled expression.

Ye Zichen gulped.


“This ring is so pretty.”

Su Yan raised her hand under the sunlight, causing the ring to sparkle. However, Ye Zichen could feel from her expression…

“I’ll buy one for you tomorrow.”

“Really?” Su Yan smiled.

When Ye Zichen thought of her weird expression just now, he couldn’t help but nod like a chick pecking rice, “Definitely.”

“That’s more like it,” Su Yan smirked, then returned the ring to Xia Keke.


Marriage string received.

What the hell?

Why did I get a marriage string?

Both Su Yan and Xia Keke were linked on a string with me?

Could it be Liu Qianqian?

Ye Zichen looked at Liu Qianqian, who was standing on the side. She didn’t seem to be linked with me.

Ye Zichen opened the Treasure Chest.

Marriage String.

Possessor: Han Xiangzi. Possessed: Immortal Lady He.

Current affability level: 50.


Ye Zichen was completely confused.


Han Xiangzi: Great deity, great deity, great news!

When Ye Zichen received Han Xiangzi’s message, he naturally knew what the great news was, since he had already received their marriage string.

“Congratulations! You lovers finally ended up together.”

“Great deity already knows?”

Han Xiangzi was surprised. His relationship with Immortal Lady He was just confirmed, even the others of the Eight Immortals, who lived with them, didn’t know.

“What can hide from this sovereign? I know you want to share your joy with me, but hurry up and just accompany Immortal Lady He.”

“Okay celestial sovereign. Thank you so much.”


Your intimacy level with Immortal Lady He increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.

Intimacy level levelled up to Trusted.


Bringing one Heavenly Court couple together. Intimacy level with both has reached Trusted.

Lovers ended up together. You received Reputation: 1.

Reputation mode activated.

Reputation Plate x1. It has been added to the Treasure Chest.

A new function activated.

Ye Zichen quickly went to check what exactly was this Reputation. However, at that moment, Blackie, whose face was swollen, floated down from the sky with a sob.

“Boss, hurry up and return to the supermarket to take a look…”

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