Chapter 166 Thirty Million Cultivation Experience

Chapter 166 – Thirty Million Cultivation Experience

Ye Zichen sat leisurely on the sofa within the VIP room of the jewelry store, while crossing his legs and smoking a cigarette.

He raised his eyebrows and looked at Zu Siliang, who hadn’t yet spoken.

“Young Master Zu, just say why you came to see me.”

“Lin Hanben asked me to come.”

Ye Zichen’s expression immediately darkened before Zu Siliang finished speaking. He casually put out his cigarette in the ash tray and said playfully, “I didn’t think you had contact with Lin Hanben.”

“We’re both from the capital. The Lin family have some ability in the capital too, so knowing each other is normal,” Zu Siliang nodded, then smiled. “It seems like there are some issues between you two.”

It’s a huge issue.

The mocking smile on Ye Zichen’s mouth became even more apparent as he thought about what happened to him at the Lin household, "If you want to be a middleman, then I feel like… It’s impossible.”

A light flashed across Zu Siliang’s eyes as he asked in a testing manner, “Can you tell me the reason?”

When Ye Zichen told Zu Siliang about what Lin Hanben and Lin Lin did in a simplified manner, Zu Siliang’s warm smile froze, “It actually was like this. It seems like I’ve been used by Lin Hanben.”

A faint rage could be seen on his face, clearly showing that he was very unhappy with Lin Hanben in his heart as well.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and shrugged helplessly with a smile, “Kinda similar to Yang Yushi’s father. They’re both arrogant fellows.”

“It’s not really good to speak of Uncle Yang in front of me like this, right?”

“Could it be that you don’t feel like it’s the case? What a pity, I thought we heroes would share a view.”

Zu Siliang chuckled without answering.

At the same time, Ye Zichen also stood up, “If there isn’t anything else, then I’m leaving.”


Ye Zichen turned around in confusion.

Zu Siliang walked towards him, “Yushi wants to see you.”

Ye Zichen’s untamed look wavered for a moment when Yang Yushi was mentioned.

He pursed his lips and smiled after a brief hesitation, “Never mind.”

“But Yang…”

Zu Siliang still wanted to continue, but Ye Zichen’s phone suddenly rang.

Ye Zichen quickly took out his phone. When he saw that Han Xiangzi had sent him a message, he finally remembered that he had important business to attend to.

“That’s all I have to say. Say hi to Yang Yushi for me. I have other stuff to busy myself with here.”

With that, Ye Zichen hurried away from the VIP room and replied to Han Xiangzi.


Within the Heavenly Court’s Eight Immortal Manor.

Han Xiangzi was truly beyond obedient. Since Ye Zichen told him to wait, he just stared intently at the phone without doing anything else.


His phone vibrated.

When Han Xiangzi saw Ye Zichen’s reply, he quickly stood up from the chair.


Ye Zichen arrived at the counter after seeing Han Xiangzi’s reply.


Li Shuang continued to wear the clerk uniform. However, after being promoted to a shop manager, the joy and faint dominating air could not longer be hidden.

She felt extremely thankful towards this person that gave her such fortune. If it hadn’t been for him, it was unknown how long she would have had to continue being a clerk.

Opportunities always disappeared in a moment.

Since she managed to grab hold of it this time, she wouldn’t let go no matter what.

“Take out the rings I mentioned earlier.”


A row of rings were set on the counter, causing the heart of Xia Keke, who was beside Ye Zichen, to jump out.

Was he going to buy it for me!?

Is it going to be for me?

She continued to repeat that in her heart, yet, she saw…


Ye Zichen took a bunch of photos without touching the rings at all.

Ye Zichen went into his chat with Han Xiangzi and sent them.




Han Xiangzi’s phone rang within the Eight Immortal Manor.

“These are…”

Han Xiangzi revealed a confused expression. He thought Ye Zichen was going to teach him some sort of secret scripture for dating. He didn’t expect Ye Zichen to send him a bunch of photos.

“Great deity, you…”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes when he saw Han Xiangzi’s question.

“Go and show these to Immortal Lady He. Ask her which one she likes.”

Then there was no reply. It seemed like Han Xiangzi went to find Immortal Lady He.

Ye Zichen stretched in boredom, and only then did he notice Xia Keke was frowning so much that her face was scrunched up together.

“What happened? Did your Aunty Flo come so you’re depressed?”


Xia Keke swung her arm angrily, but Ye Zichen still saw her peek towards the rings.

Ye Zichen laughed softly and called Li Shuang over.

He whispered into her ear. Li Shuang nodded, then left once more.

Xia Keke occasionally glanced over at Ye Zichen with her large eyes, then back at the rings.

“This idiot.”

Xia Keke continuously rubbed the corner of her clothes angrily. At this moment, Han Xiangzi also replied.

“Great deity, I want to buy, I want to buy…”

Han Xiangzi’s eyes were completely red, when he showed Immortal Lady He the rings earlier, she straightforwardly told him.

If he would buy it for her, then she would give him a chance!

A thousand years!

I’ve waited for a thousand years!

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled when he felt the urgency in Han Xiangzi’s message, “Which one?”


Han Xiangzi sent him an image, while Ye Zichen took out the ring according to the photo.

He looked at the price…


Three hundred something thousand!

“Great deity, how much cultivation experience will it cost this time?”

Since he was going to do it, he had to make it huge.

There were too many things in the Treasure Shop that Ye Zichen wanted to buy. If he slowly earned cultivation experience, then he wouldn’t even be able to buy anything even if he worked hard for a lifetime.

Ye Zichen made up his mind, squinted his eyes and replied, “Thirty million cultivation experience.”


Within the Eight Immortal Mansion, Han Xiangzi’s phone slipped out of his hand.

Thirty million!

Although he was a great deity that had become known for a long time, he truly didn’t have thirty million cultivation experience.

They, the Eight Immortals, were already unlike the great deities in the Heavenly Court, who had worshippers that allowed them to gain cultivation experience without work.

All of his were cultivated by him through hard work.

Yet, he couldn’t quite ask his brothers to borrow some cultivation experience either.

However, he must buy the ring for Immortal Lady He’s love.

Han Xiangzi took a glance at Lü Dongbin, who was practicing sword techniques beside him…

“Great deity, I can’t afford thirty million cultivation experience!”

Ye Zichen was shocked. He had thought that deities in the Heavenly Court all had billions of cultivation experience.

He couldn’t afford thirty million.

Business must be done in one go. If Ye Zichen lowered the price here, then wouldn’t it seem like he was screwing Han Xiangzi over?

Since Ye Zichen didn’t reply for a long time, Han Xiangzi also got anxious.

“Great deity, can we exchange with items?”

“Sure, sure.”

Ye Zichen’s eyes brightened upon seeing Han Xiangzi’s reply. The only issue was that he didn’t know what treasure Han Xiangzi could take out that matched up to thirty million cultivation experience.

After all, the Fiery Eyes of Truth was only one million cultivation experience.

Of course, even though that was only Level One…

That was still the Great Sage’s treasure!

Ye Zichen didn’t really believe that Han Xiangzi could take out a thirty million treasure.


Ye Zichen’s phone vibrated.

A huge red packet appeared on the screen.

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