Chapter 164 Gifting a phone is only the first step

Chapter 164 – Gifting a phone is only the first step

Ye Zichen ran over to a phone shop to buy a smartphone, then sent it over to Han Xiangzi.


Lü Dongbin received your red packet.

Within the Eight Immortal Manor.

Han Xiangzi’s hands trembled when he looked at the phone Ye Zichen had sent over.

The phone was a lot prettier than the ones they could buy in the Heavenly Court. What’s more, this great deity actually bought him a phone…

This was advanced technology that they, the Eight Immortals, could only buy after using up all their savings.

“Celestial sovereign, I really don’t know…”

Han Xiangzi was so excited that he was unable to say anything.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled, “Try to see if you can use it first.”

He did send the phone over, but he didn’t know if the technology over at the Heavenly Court was the same or not.

It was another business opportunity if he could make use of it.

If he couldn’t, then it’s all pointless.

Ye Zichen prompted Han Xiangzi to familiarize himself with the phone, then put his own phone back in his pocket. Only then did he see Xia Keke tilting her head as he looked at him with her bright eyes.

“You were chatting with Han Xiangzi?”

“Yeah,” Ye Zichen nodded.

The reason he did everything openly around Xia Keke was actually because he didn’t want to lie to them anymore.

Everything will be known sooner or later, he might as well reveal it earlier.

So that he didn’t have to get so worried every single day.

He had already thought up of a series of explanations.

However Xia Keke merely blinked, “Oh!”




She only said ‘Oh!’

“Aren’t you curious?”

“What should I be curious about?” Xia Keke stared at him. “I believe in the Great Sage’s existence, so I naturally believe in Han Xiangzi’s existence. Since the Great Sage could come here to play with you, what’s so surprising about you WeChatting Han Xiangzi!?”


Ye Zichen couldn’t help but to touch Xia Keke on her forehead.

“What do you think you are doing!” Xia Keke pouted unhappily.

“Did I forget to take pills today, or did I wake up too suddenly? You seriously don’t find it weird?”

“Nope,” Xia Keke’s reply was extremely simple, causing Ye Zichen to be stunned for a long time as he stood on the spot…

Wow, this girl really isn’t a normal person!


Your intimacy level with Han Xiangzi increased by 50. Current intimacy level: 300.

The moment the news came out, Han Xiangzi’s profile pic lit up.

Han Xiangzi: Great deity, I can use the phone.


Ye Zichen snapped his fingers.

The phones from this side could actually be used in the Heavenly Court and he was able to feel from Han Xiangzi’s words that the phones in the Heavenly Court were outrageously expensive…

But they weren’t expensive over here!

High-end ones, middle-class ones, cheap ones!

It was all up to you!

“It’s good that you can use it. Just advertise it in the Heavenly Court circles for me in the future. I’m selling phones here, the stuff’s good and it’s cheap. Contact me if anyone needs one.”

“Then I want to buy a phone that’s exactly the same for Immortal Lady He….”

The moment Ye Zichen sent the phone over, Immortal Lady He already started saying that she wanted one.

Han Xiangzi truly wished Immortal Lady He asked him for a present, thus he made up his mind that regardless how expensive Ye Zichen’s price was, he was going to buy the phone.

“Two hundred thousand cultivation experience.”


Ye Zichen was truly travelling far on the path of becoming an evil merchant.

He was selling a two thousand yuan phone for two hundred thousand cultivation experience. He essentially multiplied the price a hundred times.

He only multiplied it by ten times when he was selling snacks.

Cultivation experience!

Ye Zichen felt that he was rather evil, but Han Xiangzi didn’t think so…

For immortals like them who gained their own dao, the thing they lacked least was cultivation experience. It could be said that cultivation experience barely even mattered to them.


Han Xiangzi directly sent some cultivation experience over without saying anything.

You received Han Xiangzi’s red packet.

Cultivation experience x400000.

Han Xiangzi: Does great deity want cultivation experience to increase the celestial position? Immortals like us, the Eight Immortals, don’t really need cultivation experience, just treat the past phone as something I bought from you.

Good brat.

He knows how to be an Immortal!

The fact that Han Xiangzi sent several hundred thousand cultivation experience over made it seem that the people in the Heavenly Court truly didn’t treat cultivation experience as a big deal.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but exclaim that selling phones was truly a good job.

He had to tire himself out so much while selling snacks in order to earn several hundred thousand cultivation experience. When it came to phones, he got four hundred thousand cultivation experience with just 2.

Ye Zichen ran back to the phone store and bought another smart phone that was the same as the one he bought before and sent it over to Han Xiangzi.

After ten odd minutes, Han Xiangzi finally appeared.

“Great deity, I wonder how can I improve my relationship with Immortal Lady He?”

“Did your relationship not improve just now?”

Ye Zichen smiled playfully.

“I won’t hide it from great deity, Immortal Lady He’s feelings did start to change towards me just now.”

“Hey, that’s right,” Ye Zichen lectured him like an experienced person. “Gifting a phone was just the first step, but I have a way that could let your feelings for each other develop quickly.”

“Great deity, please tell me.”

Han Xiangzi’s expression tensed.

“Wait a moment.”

The moment he sent the message, Ye Zichen put his phone into his pocket and dragged Xia Keke along, who was completely stunned.

“You’ve finished chatting?” Xia Keke asked, showing her confusion.

Ye Zichen rubbed her head, “Not yet, but we have to go and do something important.”

“What is it?”

“Just come with me.”

Ye Zichen stopped a taxi, then went to a nearby jewelry store.

What did women like most!?

Of course, it’s shiny diamond rings!

If Han Xiangzi could give Immortal Lady He a diamond ring, Ye Zichen was sure that it would have critical effects.

It might even directly set their relationship for life.

“Ye Zichen, what did you bring me here for?” Xia Keke blushed. She knew very well what sort of place this was.

Xia Keke’s heart beat rapidly as she swept her gaze across Ye Zichen’s body with her beautiful eyes.

Could he be going to buy a diamond ring for me?

“Important business.”

“Oh,” Xia Keke nodded obediently, then just let Ye Zichen hold her hand and walk over to the jewelry store counter, while her heart raced like a deer through the forest.

“Sir, do you want to buy a ring?”

“I’m just looking around.”

The clerk nodded understandingly. The people that came here would often just look around, but since they came here, it meant that there was a need for them to buy it.

As for whether or not the shop could sell anything, it was up to them, the clerks.

“Take this, this, this and this out for me to have a look.”

Ye Zichen chose several diamond rings, whose prices were all above three hundred thousand.

The clerk paused for a moment. She had worked in the store for a long time, but she had never seen anyone choose a ring like that.

However, since the customer wanted it, they naturally had to satisfy the customer.

Since he dared to look at rings like that, he just might place a huge order.

Just as the clerk was about to take out the rings, an unusually seductively dressed woman walked out from behind Ye Zichen.

“Lil’ Li, how many times have I told you? Before taking the rings out, you have to see whether they have the ability to buy it… They look like this, it’s obvious that they’re poor students, isn’t taking them out pointless?”

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