Chapter 162 The Transformer Spoke

Chapter 162 – The Transformer Spoke

The person who called Ye Zichen was Kang Peng. That guy would always make a call in these sort of important situations.

Ye Zichen frowned, then leaned back on the sofa and said helplessly, “What is it?”

“Ye… Ye-zi…”

Ye Zichen could hear Kang Peng’s trembling tone through the phone. Ever since the kidnapping incident by Fu Chengming, Ye Zichen became extremely sensitive to that.

“What happened?” Ye Zichen asked seriously.

Meanwhile, Kang Peng stood at the entrance of the dormitory alongside Zhu Yunbai, Baiyu and co. They were currently all huddled together as they stared at the Transformer on Ye Zichen’s bed.

“Your Transformer spoke!”

Ye Zichen hurried over to the school dormitory, and the moment he entered the room, he saw Kang Peng and co. standing in the corner of the room.

“Mortal, you actually dared to touch me.”

“You guys are seeking death. I need you to apologize to me!”

“Speak! Do you think you can avoid this by remaining silent!”

An angry roar rang in Ye Zichen’s ears. He looked over to the sound of the voice and saw Di Tian, who had been turned into a Transformer by the Great Sage pointing and shouting in the room.

“Ye-zi, just look at your Transformer. What the hell!” Kang Peng gulped. “Ol’ Six just saw that you had a Transformer on your bed and touched it a few times, who knew that it…”

Ye Zichen forced himself to walk over under everyone’s gazes. The moment Di Tian saw him, the former shook his robotic fist and jumped up to punch him.

“Ye Zichen…”

“Ye your ass!”


Ye Zichen kicked Di Tian into the corner of the room.

“Ye Zichen, you actually dare to hit me…”

“Calm the f*ck down.”

Ye Zichen kicked him once again, then picked him up and started to run outside, while covering his mouth.

“You can’t tell anyone about this, understood?”

“Understood,” Kang Peng and co. subconsciously nodded.

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then punched the Transformer’s stomach, causing it to scream. Only then, did Ye Zichen run out of the room.

The moment Ye Zichen left with the Transformer, everyone in the dorm cursed together, “F*ck, I didn't wake up properly yet? That Transformer actually spoke!”

Within Ye Zichen’s home.

Third Fatty Jin squatted on the floor and looked at Di Tian, who was standing on the floor with a tsundere-look, just like a curious baby.

“So amazing, even Esteemed Master might not be able to do this much.”


“F*cking shut up.”


Ye Zichen directly sent the Transformer flying with a kick. Di Tian, who hit the wall, slowly stood up from the ground. Then, not long later, a series of familiar curses sounded out in the room.

“Control him.”

“Alright,” Third Fatty Jin raised up his hand and covered the Transformer’s mouth.

Then, Ye Zichen looked at the Great Sage, who was on the side, “Great Sage, what’s going on?”

The Great Sage put down the Wahaha that was in his hand onto the tea table and shrugged, “Isn’t this very normal? I, Old Sun, did not beat him to death, his soul is still intact. It could be said that he’s still a living person, just in a different way. However, he still possesses the ability to think and speak.”

“Then how can I make him calm down?”

The Transformer speaking could definitely be called a paranormal event in the Modern World.

With his relationship with his roommates, the news would not spread out, but letting Di Tian continuously yell like that was still going to be an issue.

“There isn’t a way, how about you have a chat with him?”

The Great Sage shrugged helplessly, causing Ye Zichen to roll his eyes when he saw the Great Sage’s irresponsible appearance.

There was no helping it, since the Great Sage wasn’t going to help, he could only negotiate with Di Tian.

“Let go.”

Third Fatty Jin immediately let go of Di Tian. The moment he did so, Di Tian yelled out that he was going to beat up Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen slapped Di Tian’s head, then squatted in front of Di Tian and raised his eyebrows, “Who are you able to beat up when you’re like this?”

“Ye Zichen, what kind of demonic magic did you use on this young master. Hurry up and change this young master back. This young master can allow you to not die.”


Ye Zichen slapped Di Tian onto the floor and raised his eyebrows, “Are you actually dumb, or are you just pretending to be? Didn’t you look at yourself? You’re still trying to bargain with me?”


“Have you heard of this ancient saying from Huaxia? When a person is under someone else’s roof, they can’t help but bow. If you are going to continue like this, then I can only take off your limbs.”

The moment he said that, Ye Zichen reached out to take off the Transformer’s arms and legs.


Di Tian raised his hand up to stop Ye Zichen, while Ye Zichen also looked at him with a look of “continue speaking”.

“I feel like we can strike a deal.”

“What deal?” Ye Zichen asked with interest.

“Turn me back and release me. I won’t cause you trouble after I return to my family.”


What awaited Di Tian was yet another slap.

“Do you think I'm an idiot? Isn’t letting you return the same as letting a tiger back into the mountains?”

“Grandson, this young master is giving you a chance. If you don’t release me, then my older brother and father won’t let you off,” Di Tian lifted his head and swore.

Third Fatty Jin, who was on the side, frowned, “Boss, this is the grandson from the Di family?”

Ye Zichen nodded.

“Who the f*ck are you calling grandson!? Grandson!” Di Tian jumped up and punched him, but Third Fatty just pushed him onto the ground with his palm.

“Grandson, Lord Fatty is the third disciple, Jin Zhu, under Great Emperor Qingming! The daoist name is Third Fatty! You f*cking dare to curse Lord Fatty, do you believe that Lord Fatty will just eliminate your entire family!?”

Di Tian was shocked.

As someone from a Rogue Immortal family, he naturally has heard of Great Emperor Qingming’s name.

However, why did Great Emperor Qingming’s disciple come to the Modern World?

“I’m telling you, you better stay proper. My Esteemed Master has already contacted your family. I think they shouldn’t offend my Esteemed Master for you. So don’t think of your older brother or dad coming to save you.”

“Tsk, who are you trying to scare?” disdain flashed across Di Tian’s eyes. “You think you’re Great Emperor Qingming’s successor just because you said you are?”

“You don’t believe me?” Third Fatty Jin snorted coldly, then revealed his right arm. “Look at it yourself.”

An azure eight trigrams mark was on his arm, while two azure dragons seemed to spiral at the center.

That was a mark only Great Emperor Qingming’s direct disciples.

“Just kill me!”

Both Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jing was shocked by Di Tian’s surprise. They had thought that after Third Fatty Jin revealed the direct disciple mark Great Emperor Qingming, this grandson would prostrate and lick…

They didn’t think that he actually had a backbone.

Ye Zichen definitely couldn’t kill him.

The reason Ye Zichen kept him was because he would have a use in the future.

Ye Zichen’s understanding of the hidden families was essentially nil.

Di Tian might be able to become an opening…

“You have a backbone,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled.

Yet, Di Tian snorted in disdain, “Just finish me off swiftly…”

“I won’t kill you, how about we strike a deal?”

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