Chapter 1615 - Twin Brothers

A single wave of a hand, and an immortal king expert’s attack disintegrated. That wasn’t all; the dispersed ax energy didn’t spread or damage anything in the room. It simple disappeared in midair, as if it had been annihilated. 


“Who dares spoil we brothers’ good mood?”


The brother in red pants knit his brows, his eyes flashing with arrogance and sinister light.


When they heard his roar, numerous people gathered around. When they saw the conflict involved these brothers, the onlookers’ eyes widened in shock.


“Someone actually dared provoke the Twin Axes!”


“Who can afford to offend those two? Not even leaders of peak factions would dare make trouble for them.”


“Right? Someone’s in for some real bad luck this time.”


Although the appearance of the leyline had brought the Lower Three Realms into a new golden age, and although early-stage immortals were now as plentiful as bamboo shoots after a spring rain, immortal kings were still few and far between.


The two ax-wielding brothers were twins. As such, their nickname was “the Twin Axes.”


In this path of the Immortal Region, they were famous, but they’d neither joined nor founded any factions. Throughout the entire Lower Three Realms, it was rare to find factions, much less individuals, who dared provoke this pair.


The barefoot didn’t fear the shod; the two brothers lived for themselves, unfettered.


Furthermore, they were both immortal kings. If they made a fuss, it would be hard to take, no matter who you were.


The one standing protectively in front of the village head and Bai Yu was a short-haired, valiant woman. Her sharp eyebrows, every bit as thick as a man’s, were tightly knit together, and her sharp gaze practically spat fire as she glared at the twins. 


A quiet, pleasant-looking young woman stood beside her, her smile like a spring breeze. As the short-haired woman stared the brothers down, her companion comforted Bai Yu and the village head.


Then, she turned her concerned gaze upon the short-haired girl. “Are you alright, Big Sister Yu? You’re not hurt?”


“These two bags of straw want to hurt me?” The short-haired girl snorted.


“Oh? I wondered who it was, but it turns out it's the two alliance heads of the Leisure House.”


The sight of these two women actually made the Twin Axes tone it down a little. However, their good matters only lasted an instant before their smiles regained their former wanton arrogance. “But it seems your area of jurisdiction has spread a bit too far, don’t you think?”


“It’s actually the two alliance heads of the Leisure House!” 


The onlookers gathered outside couldn’t help but gasp. The Twin Axes undoubtedly struck fear into the hearts of the Immortal Region’s citizens, and the brothers really had caused countless factions enormous headaches. But there were two factions that could ignore the brothers completely: the Leisure House and alliance heads. 


The leyline’s appearance had multiplied the Lower Three Realm’s population of experts, and new factions popped up like weeds.


But before Ye Zichen ascended, he’d set stable foundations for the Leisure House, and they had the Treasure Tower’s resources backing them too. They were now a hegemon among the Immortal Region’s countless factions, and nothing could shake them from their position.


That wasn’t all; a few years ago, they’d merged with yet another peak faction, the Hundred Flowers Gate. They’d formed an alliance, one they titled “the Upheaval Alliance.”


Both sub-factions in the Lower Land’s Upheaval Alliance were top of the line. After joining forces, they’d stirred up enormous waves throughout the Immortal Region.


The Twin Axes could cause huge problems for most factions, but that absolutely didn’t include the Upheaval Alliance.


However, everyone knew how violent the Twin Axes’ tempers were; their rage was higher than the heavens. The Twin Axes had never clashed with the Upheaval Alliance before, but this time…


It seemed they had no intention of showing the Upheaval Alliance face. A spectacle was sure to follow.


The Twin Axes immediately activated their immortal power, and markings appeared on their axes. If you put the two axes together, they’d form a complete pattern. 


Their surging auras shook the village head’s mud hut, shaking some dirt from the ceilings. The short-haired girl stuck out her jaw then glared viciously at the brothers, not backing down even an inch. “So what if we’ve spread our reach a bit far? You want to try me?”


“I’ll have to ask for your guidance, Alliance Head!” said the Twin Axes. As soon as the words left their lips, they disappeared from the room.


Whatever you do, don’t be fooled: although they looked coarse and bulky, and although they wielded axes, that didn’t mean they just attacked without restraint.


On the contrary; they’d always seized victory through sheer speed.


And it was their speed that gave them the courage to provoke powerful factions and experts. They could slip in, destroy an organization’s headquarters to their heart’s content, then run off. No one could catch them. This was why the Twin Axes were such a headache to the leaders of the Immortal Region’s various organizations. 


The brothers now darted about the room like ghosts, too fast for the eye to see. The elderly village head’s room wasn’t actually all that big, only a few dozen square meters, and yet, they shot about at top speeds without once bumping into each other. 


“Pff, parlor tricks.” The short-haired girl simply took a horse stance and held her sword horizontally in front of her. Despite the Twin Axes’ speed, she didn’t waver. Her heart was galm, and her gaze was fixed directly ahead.


“Stop it already, you two.” An angry shout suddenly emanated from above. When the crowd looked up, they saw a hand formed entirely of immortal power in the sky. It pressed down. When it reached the building, it passed through the wood without damaging it in the slightest, but when it reached the brothers, it viciously pinned them to the ground. 


Afterward, they saw a middle-aged man in red robes appear before the building. 


“Great Emperor Qingming, is this how you govern the Immortal Region?” Suddenly, a low murmur appeared. 


The voice definitely wasn’t targeted at the onlookers, but it was as if the speaker were whispering directly into everyone’s ears. All of them could hear every word clearly. Many people glanced to their sides in bewilderment, only to find that those near them were looking at them, too, every bit as befuddled. 


Who exactly had spoken?


What kind of ridiculous power was this?


All of them wondered inwardly, but quite a few also stared upward in a daze.


Just now…


That voice, like someone whispering directly into their ears, had mentioned Great Emperor Qingming.


Throughout the Immortal Region, there was only one such person: the leader of the Immortal Region’s holy land, the great emperor and master of the entire Immortal Region!


“Great… Great Emperor… Qingming…”


The two brothers’ eyes brimmed over with shock. Although they could afford to disdain even the heads of the Immortal Region’s various factions, in the face of its holy land and its ultimate leader, Great Emperor Qingming, not even people as arrogant as them dared act up.


The twins got down on their knees and bowed so low, their heads hit the dirt.


Great Emperor Qingming didn’t so much as glance at them. At that moment, a group flew in overhead.


The white-robed youth at the center of the group was clearly their leader. When Great Emperor Qingming saw him, he bowed low at the waist. “We’ve embarrassed ourselves in front of you.”


“No harm done. Command of the Immortal Realm is still in your hands. Just be sure to manage things properly going forward,” said the youth in that same indifferent tone. It was as if he were whispering directly into their ears.


The onlookers instantly understood; he’d been the one who’d spoken earlier. 


But that youth…


Great Emperor Qingming himself was bowing to him! Who could he possibly…?


Just as the crowd was wondering about his identity, the girl beside the short-haired young woman’s nose twitched. Before long, her eyes lit up with a complicated mix of emotions, including both shock and delight. She hurriedly dashed outside.


“Big Brother Zichen!” 

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