Chapter 1613 - Good for Nothing

A transcendent.


That was the class above a ruler, a peerless, unparalleled cultivation boundary.


Throughout the river of time, there had been two great eras, but only the First Era’s Master of the Stars had taken that final step. Transcendent cultivation was even more unheard of here in the Third Era.


Qing Lan’s calm, indifferent tone stunned Ye Zichen. He couldn’t believe that this person, who just looked like another imperial expert, had the confidence to say he could save Ye Zichen even from a transcendent. 


“What’s that look supposed to mean, kid? You don’t believe Brother Lan’s words?”


Cang Xiong’s fist came crashing towards him, and although Ye Zichen could sense no trace of divine power embedded in it, the surrounding space tore apart as if it were made of tissue paper. Add that to his glaring eyes, like those of an angry bull, and Cang Xiong was truly terrifying.


But Cang Xiong wasn’t just looking for trouble. As Qing Lan spoke, Ye Zichen’s expression really did show signs of disbelief.


It was hard to hide; they all knew transcendents were peerless experts, but now an imperial lord was saying he could save you from a murderous transcendent? Just about anyone would think him a braggart!


“Cang Xiong!”


“Hmph. Kid, you don’t know what’s good for you.” When Qing Lan glared at him, Cang Xiong snorted and fearfully lowered his fist. Still, he squeezed in one last insult, which displeased Qing Lan.


“Young friend Ye, it’s fine if you don’t believe me. Besides, it’s not so easy to run into a transcendent expert. All you need to remember is that we can help you once. There’s no need to worry about the rest.” When he faced Ye Zichen, Qing Lan still maintained that winning smile.


In the face of this response, Ye Zichen forced his questions back down. He’d been just about to ask why Qing Lan was so confident.


But then, Ye Zichen didn’t completely disbelieve him, either. Qing Lan wouldn’t say something like that with no good reason, and besides, it was just as he said; it wasn’t so easy to bump into a transcendent expert. If he really summoned the yao during a crisis, he might very well be in for an unexpected surprise.


Ye Zichen cupped his fist, and Qing Lan smiled back amiably. “Before I got here, I heard that you came here for the Divine Mausoleum key fragment?”


“That’s right,” said Ye Zichen, instantly serious. “Senior, do you by any chance have it on you?”


“You’ll have to…” Qing Lan started to speak, but before he could finish, Ye Zichen saw a dazzling streak of fire light out of the corner of his eye.


Then, he sensed an energy current attacking from behind. It seemed to have come from some sharp object cutting through space. However, it was too fast; before Ye Zichen could even react, it reached his back.

 This was the Yao-Sealing Pagoda!


He was nominally the master of every yao here! Although the yao imperial experts Qing Lan and Cang Xiong weren’t as submissive as the lesser yao servants, they couldn’t possibly plot against him, either.


Yet now, someone was trying to kill him!


Ye Zichen’s aura instantly formed a barrier. It was just as his instincts told him; there really was something sharp hurtling towards his back. However, it was far sharper than he’d imagined, and it cut through his barrier effortlessly. 


“Xuan-Yuan Xiang!” Ye Zichen cried out inwardly, and the sword at his arm appeared behind him. However, by the time the sword left its sheath, Qing Lan had already stuck out his arm to block the incoming sharp claws.


It’s worth noting that both Ye Zichen’s barrier and his summoning of the Xuan-Yuan Sword happened in the blink of an eye.


But this green-clad yao’s movements were a step faster.


“This guy…” After blocking the attack, Qing Lan shook his head and grimaced.


Cang Xiong, however, snorted. “This firebird went and did the very thing I’ve been itching to do, yet never dared to attempt!”


A firebird!


The firebird Cang Xiong mentioned was another yao of the pagoda’s fourth floor, but he’d yet to show his face. But it sounded like he really wanted to kill Ye Zichen!


“Don’t talk nonsense.” Qing Lan glared at Cang Xiong, then turned to the northwestern building. “Won’t you come out and greet him?”


“No point!” said the voice in the sky. “And here I thought that Five Element’s successor would be some kind of genius, but it seems this is all he’s got. I’m deeply disappointed. Qing Lan and Cang Xiong agreed to act on your behalf, but don’t think I’ll do the same. If you were some peerless genius, it’d be one thing, but someone so unexceptional…. You’re unworthy!”


“...” Ye Zichen stood in the bamboo grove. He couldn’t even speak. He’d never thought himself some sort of monstrous talent, but he was definitely a rare genius, even by the standards of the Upper Three Realms as a whole.


He’d become a ruler in around a hundred years. Put him in any family clan in any of the Upper Three Realms, and they’d do all they could to raise him up.


The various great emperors raved on about him, and although Ye Zichen knew some of it was flattery, he couldn’t deny that he had exceptional talent.


When he first set foot on the Divine Mountains, his crystal card proclaimed him a peerless talent!


He was the pagoda’s owner, and in a sense, their master. But here, in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda’s fourth floor, these yao servants, all of them already bound to the tower, were picking him apart.


No sense of appreciation.


This is all he’s got.






Who were these people? Ye Zichen was really curious. Why exactly did the Five Elements Great Emperor catch this arrogant bunch?


To infuriate his successor? 


Or had he never considered the possibility of his demise? Perhaps he’d thought he could fully recruit them to his cause later, but fate hadn’t worked in his favor, and he’d fallen at Zhou Wu’s hands before he got the chance? 


“Three Legs, that’s a bit over the line,” laughed Qing Lan.


“I’ve always said exactly what I think. Unexceptional is unexceptional. What, am I supposed to get down on my knees and lower my head just because he owns the pagoda? I didn’t do it for Five Elements, so there’s no way I’ll do it this useless whelp.”



He had to endure!


Even beggars had tempers, while Ye Zichen was the Master of the Emperor Star!


The yao servants mocked his uselessness, and he felt his temper rising. But there was one thing he had to admit: in terms of cultivation, he was undoubtedly the yao servants’ inferior.


This new arrival had only just shown up, but for him to speak to Qing Lan and Cang Xiong as an equal was clear proof of his strength.


Ye Zichen had come here for the key fragment. He could let them insult him. Worst case scenario, he took the fragment with him, then left them in here to rot until he died of old age.


“Three Legs, that’s enough.” Qing Lan was still trying to keep the peace.


“Hmph!” came a cold snort from above. “I won’t lower myself by wasting words with such a plebian. I’ve already given you the Divine Mausoleum key fragment Five Elements entrusted to me. In the future, don’t disrupt my peace and quiet. I don’t care if it’s a matter of life and death; leave me alone.”


Once “Three Legs” finished speaking, Qing Lan opened his hands and…. The final fragment of the key to the Divine Mausoleum was resting in his palm.


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