Chapter 161 Three Item Set for Chatting Up Girls

Chapter 161 – Three Item Set for Chatting Up Girls

Han Xiangzi also sent a message when Immortal Lady He added Ye Zichen as a friend.

“We just talked about everything with Immortal Lady He and told her to send you a friend request.”


Regardless of what disagreements they had each other previously, adding Immortal Lady He as a contact was the most important part.

Ye Zichen swiftly accepted Immortal Lady He’s friend request.


Before he even said anything, the other side sent him a red packet.

You received Immortal Lady He’s red packet.

Celestial-level Nine Heart Lotus Roots x1


Ye Zichen’s heart beat rapidly.

He got it.

Celestial-level Nine Heart Lotus Roots: Cultivated carefully by Immortal Lady He. A necessary item to form a celestial body.


Ye Zichen could feel the amazing value of the item just from its description.

“Thank you, Immortal Lady He.”

“Celestial sovereign is too courteous. I still wish you could just ignore the times when Han Xiangzi had offended you before.”

Only then did Ye Zichen see Immortal Lady He’s profile image, where she held a huge lotus leaf and stood on top of a green lotus flower.

She displayed a traditional beauty, and it was undeniable that Immortal Lady He was indeed very pretty.

“No worries.”

Ye Zichen was in a very good mood after getting the Nine Heart Lotus Roots.

Han Xiangzi also sent a message over.

“Celestial sovereign, you received the Nine Heart Lotus Roots, right?”

“Yep. Brother Han, thank you for your help.”

Ye Zichen replied courteously.

When Han Xiangzi, who was in the Eight Immortal Mansion, read this message, he sighed.

What a great deity, it was all his fault that he was too impulsive earlier, making the other person unhappy.

“Celestial sovereign, I was truly reckless just now. Please don’t take offense.”

“It’s no big deal, Brother Han’s feelings towards Immortal Lady He are truly rare. It was my mistake before as well. It is hard for others not to misunderstand since I asked Yue Lao to go and find Immortal Lady He.


Han Xiangzi sighed.

Seeing this message, Ye Zichen couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows.

“Why is Brother Han sighing?”

“Celestial sovereign might not know,” Han Xiangzi shook his head. “All deities know about my feelings towards Immortal Lady He. Before we became immortal, I had always been pursuing her. However, in order to become immortals, Immortal Lady and I discarded our emotions and desires. However, my feelings for her ran too deep. Yet Immortal Lady He’s immortal heart did not waver, but I…”

Han Xiangzi did not finish, but Ye Zichen could feel that even after becoming immortal, he still could not face Immortal Lady He normally.

He had feelings for her, but she did not return them…

Everyone understood the feelings of a secret crush.

It was sad.

Ye Zichen was definitely the kind of person that liked to see people with feelings for each end up together. He felt rather bad for him when he saw how pitiful Han Xiangzi was.

“Brother Han, have you expressed your feelings towards Immortal Lady He after becoming immortal?”

“How would that be possible?”

Han Xiangzi shook his head with a sigh. Ever since they turned immortal, Immortal Lady He’s immortal heart had never wavered…

He was also afraid that if he suddenly spoke out his feelings, not only would he get rejected, but they might not even be able to remain friends. Then that would be terrible.

“That’s no good, if you like her, then you have to fight for her. Don’t you understand?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes.

“You like Immortal Lady He and the thing you want most is to become a couple with her. Are you willing to always just be friends?”

“Then what can I do!?”

“Confess,” Ye Zichen rolled his eyes. “If you like her, then confess, worst come to worst, you won’t be able to even be friends, but at least you’ve tried. If you continue to hold it in, who knows what you’re thinking, perhaps Immortal Lady He might just be waiting for you to speak to her.”

Han Xiangzi, who was in the Eight Immortal Manor, was moved when he saw this message.

To be honest, he truly suffered too much these several thousand years. Instead of continuing his secretly crushing on her and suffering, he might as well make everything clear.

“Then I’ll go to confess now!”

“Wait!” Ye Zichen quickly stopped him. “Just going like that is no good, you’ve got to have support.”

“What should I do?”

So f*cking stupid.

Then let me teach him how to chat up a girl!

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, then frowned.

“Wait a moment.”

The moment he sent the message, Ye Zichen kicked Third Fatty Jin, who was sitting on the sofa and looking at the sky.

“Big bro.”

“Go to the department store outside and buy some fireworks and red wine.”

“Fireworks? Red wine?”

“Yeah, hurry.”

Third Fatty Jin nodded, then ran out after taking several thousand yuan from Ye Zichen. At the same time, Ye Zichen also dialed a number to the florist.

“Hello, I’m at XXXX. I want to order 999 roses.”

The best scene for chatting up a girl…

Flowers, red wine and fireworks!

Ye Zichen had wanted to do something like a candlelight dinner, but he was worried that Han Xiangzi’s comprehension ability was limited, so he couldn’t make it so high class for his first time.

However, since the three most important items were there, he shouldn’t have too much of an issue.

Approximately an hour later, flowers covered the room, while Third Fatty Jin returned with six sets of fireworks and two bottles of red wine.

“Hey, what treasures are these?”

Great Sage skipped over in excitement, but Ye Zichen quickly stopped him.

This monkey wanted to take a bite out of anything that he saw, if he treated the fireworks as snacks and takes a bite…

Then they’ll just light him up when lighting up the fireworks. His mouth was rather like a fireworks rocket.

Stuff kept on shooting out.

Of course, Ye Zichen only thought that he could not put the Great Sage into danger.

“This isn’t food, go back and sit on the couch.”

“Petty,” The Great Sage muttered.

Ye Zichen pretended like he didn’t hear it, then used his phone to scan and send all of the flowers, red wine and fireworks in the room.

Alongside all that, he also gifted Han Xiangzi a lighter.

Han Xiangzi received your red packet.

“Celestial sovereign, what are these?”

“These are great stuff. They are necessary items to chat up girls. It increases the success rate by fifty percent.”

Immediately after that, Ye Zichen explained how to use all of the items to Han Xiangzi.

“Celestial sovereign, I don’t know how I could begin to thank you.”

Han Xiangzi also imagined the romantic scene in his mind. He could even imagine the scene of success after he confesses to Immortal Lady He.

“Don’t be so happy this early. Thank me after it was of use.”

“Sure, I, Han Xiangzi, will remember celestial sovereign’s favor for life.”


Your intimacy level with Han Xiangzi increased by 100. Current intimacy level: 200.

Intimacy level increased.

Current level: Trusted.

Ye Zichen used around ten thousand yuan of investment to gain Han Xiangzi’s intimacy of Trusted in exchange. However, for some reason, he felt like he lost a little.

Han Xiangzi was just a flute player when he turned into an immortal back then. However, his shifu, Lü Dongbin, was rather fierce…

Ye Zichen didn’t know what benefits he could get from Han Xiangzi.

Ye Zichen opened the chat group and read the message history. The moment he entered, he saw the God of Fortune saying that he would send money.

He hasn’t snatched a red packet in the group for a long time. Although the God of Fortune’s red packet was money…

However, one ingot was ten thousand yuan!

Ye Zichen concentrated fully in preparation of snatching red packets.


A huge red packet appeared on the screen. Just as Ye Zichen raised his hand to click on it…



A call came through.

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