Chapter 160 The Daisy will Always Bloom for you

Chapter 160 – The Daisy will Always Bloom for you [1]

Ye Zichen stood inside a duplex apartment. He had called Su Yiyun a few hours ago and asked him to help him find an apartment near the school, he never would have thought that Su Yiyun would have finished doing that so quickly.

“You’re pretty quick!”

“You think? How could it be slow when I’m doing something for you?” Su Yiyun smiled proudly. “This apartment is about five minutes from our school. It’s a duplex, so the area is pretty big, and there’s a decent amount of daylight. The furnishings are also great… But what do you want this apartment for? Who are you going to move in with?”

With that, Su Yiyun’s expression turned more serious. He knew that his little sister was dating Ye Zichen!

“You can’t be wanting to hide a girl here, right?” Su Yiyun stood up from the sofa and stared straight at him. “If you really dare to do that, then don’t blame me for disregarding our brotherly bond…”

“Hide your sister [2]!” Ye Zichen swore.

“Hide my sister?” Su Yiyun exclaimed. He quickly grabbed Ye Zichen by the collar. “You want to move in with my little sister this early? Fine, but be nice to her.”

“Move in your ass.”

“Do you not want to live with my sister? Then who do you want to live with!”

Su Yiyun reached out his hand once again. Ye Zichen shrugged his hands off, “F*ck, why don’t you understand. I’m not moving in with Su Yan, nor am I moving in with other women…”

“Then who are you buying the apartment so urgently for!!”

“Are your eyes made of air? Did you not see those two chivalrous men over there?”

Ye Zichen motioned towards Third Fatty Jin and the Great Sage in annoyance.

Third Fatty Jin turned around and waved with a toothy smile as if he felt like it was his turn.


“Hello, hello.”

Su Yiyun did not think that Ye Zichen was going to move in with the fatty and the hulk.

All of a sudden, Su Yiyun’s gaze changed, as he stepped back while hugging his arms.

“Ye-zi, I didn’t think that you were like that, Ye Zichen.”


“Fatty, hulk. You are having rather high-ended fun.”

“I… F*ck off. I'm a straight guy…”

Su Yiyun rolled his eyes and also laughed.

He had been roommates with Ye Zichen for two years, if Ye Zichen truly was gay, then he would have felt it as a roommate ages ago.

He was merely joking around just now.

Although he didn’t know why Ye Zichen was buying this apartment for those brothers, that wasn’t any of his business.

Su Yiyun reached out his right hand and raised his eyebrows at Ye Zichen.


“What? Pay up!” Su Yiyun frowned. “This apartment’s three million and forty-three thousand. I’ll take off the units for you, so just give me three million and forty thousand.”

“You need money?”

“Why wouldn’t I? My money didn’t come out of nowhere. It was nice enough of me to not ask for money when I helped you set up that supermarket.”


This was the Su Yiyun he knew.

Su Yiyun was someone that would ask for financial matters to be settled even if it was only one yuan, and this was such a huge amount.

“I’ll transfer it to you later.”

“Sure, then I’ll be going. I hope you and your friends have fun.”

Su Yiyun left the room with an ambiguous and playful smile.

Ye Zichen shook his head and cursed him with a smile, then walk to the living room sofa.

Third Fatty Jin quickly stood up and said nervously, “Boss, I’m definitely heterosexual, but…”

Third Fatty Jin bit his lips, as if he was struggling a lot in his heart, “If boss really needs it, then I can give up my most tender daisy for boss!”

Ye Zichen, who was looking at WeChat moments on his sofa, spat all the water he just drank onto Third Fatty Jin’s legs.

Third Fatty Jin gulped when he felt the wetness in between his legs, “Boss, could it be that you actually like wet seduction?”

“F*ck, f*ck, f*ck… F*ck off.”

Ye Zichen glared at Third Fatty Jin and shooed him away.

He truly had a worrying intelligence.

“Boss, my daisy is forever blooming for you!”

Third Fatty Jin shouted out that he would offer up his daisy once again as he left.

Ye Zichen’s expression turned dark, while Great Sage looked up in confusion, “Daisy, is that delicious…”


How did he end up with these two treasures?

It seems like he would have a lot to do in the future!

Ye Zichen let out a soft sigh, then leaned back on the sofa to look at his WeChat moments.

That had already become a daily matter that he must do.

He could find out the situation within the Heavenly Court and Underworld through his contact’s moments.

Even though he didn’t have a lot of deities as contacts…

It was better than nothing!

Ye Zichen scrolled through it for a while, but didn’t find anything useful, so he decided to quit the app. At that moment, he saw a new friend request.

Han Xiangzi has sent a friend request.

That scum.

Ye Zichen ignored his friend request, then noticed the message from his idiol, Lü Dongbin.

“I spoke with Old Han already, he also understands his mistake. You two can chat now.”

Ye Zichen licked his lips after seeing that message, then accepted Han Xiangzi’s friend request.

He looked at the intimacy level.



Wow, it seems like Old Lü is pretty amazing, he actually managed to tell explain it properly to that stubborn idiot.

“Sorry, celestial sovereign.”

Han Xiangzi immediately sent an apologetic message the moment the friend request was accepted.

“I was too impulsive then, and it was all me thinking too much. If there was anything that offended celestial sovereign, please don’t take offense.”

His attitude was rather sincere.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows.

“Never mind, I’m not blaming you. This sovereign did use too strong of a tone when I spoke with you previously.”

“That celestial sovereign replied!”

Han Xiangzi chuckled as he held Lü Dongbin’s phone. Meanwhile, Lü Dongbin’s eyes never left his phone.

There was no helping it, Han Xiangzi was a habitual phone demolisher.

He couldn’t help but be more vigilant.

“Since he replied, then apologize properly. Then, after chatting well, hurry up and return my phone to me.”

“Esteemed Master [3], you’re too petty, so what even if you gave me the phone!” Han Xiangzi rolled his eyes.

Lü Dongbin frowned, “I can die!”

“Old Han, don’t even think about tricking Old Lü of his phone. He can’t lose that phone. You’ve never seen his WeChat, there are countless little fairies from the Heavenly Court calling him Lü-gege, Dongbin-gege every single day… That’s the origin of the reason that he kept on talking about returning to the Eight Immortals Manor in the Heavenly Court!” Cao Guojiu smiled playfully.

Lü Dongbin immediately blushed, “Don’t bullshit around!”

“Esteemed Master, Esteemed Master, still water truly runs deep!” Han Xiangzi shook his head.

Lü Dongbin rolled his eyes, “Are you using the phone or not?”

“Yes, yes, I am using it,” Han Xiangzi coughed awkwardly, then replied to Ye Zichen’s message.

“It’s great that celestial sovereign is not blaming me. I heard that celestial sovereign wants a Nine Heart Lotus Root?”


Ye Zichen’s heart beat rapidly when he saw this message.

“Yes, I wonder if…”


Ye Zichen’s phone rang right after sending the message.

He closed the chat screen, then saw that he got a new friend request.

Immortal Lady He has sent you a friend request.

  1. The title can also be interpreted as “the asshole is always open for you”
  2. Your (little) sister (你妹) is the Mandarin way of saying “your ass”
  3. Lü Dongbin is Han Xiangzi’s shifu

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