Chapter 1599 - The Divine Arbiter Pays a Visit

“I’ve never seen anyone so shameless before.”


Pu Jingwan watched the arrogant youth leave with Xiao Yumei. She couldn’t help but snap. She’d realized this possibility from the moment she first sensed the youth’s gaze, but she wouldn’t have guessed he’d put it right out in the open so blatantly.


As for why Xiao Yumei was leading him away, naturally, it was because they’d decided to keep him here. 


But although his wanton arrogance and words were detestable, his talent and strength were undeniable; it wouldn’t pay to underestimate him.


Given his talent, if he had more time to cultivate inside the temporal artifact, it was hard to even imagine what heights he’d reach by the time the end of the era hit. 


In the future, he would be an enormous help in their efforts to ward off the Enders.


It was normal for geniuses to be arrogant, which was why neither Ye Zichen (who he’d just mocked), nor the Ocean Emperor (who he’d just provoked) chastised him. Out of consideration for the big picture, they decided against kicking him out.


Soon, the geniuses the great emperors had gathered all headed for the temporal divine artifact. Xiao Yumei would keep an eye on the divine power contained within it, and use that to determine whether or not to keep bringing in new young talents. 


“That was terrifying just now! Someone actually likes Pu Jingwan?”


“Look at me, monkey! I’ve got goosebumps rising all over me. I’m afraid that kid’s blind.”


“He’s not just blind; there must be something wrong with his brain, too.” As Yang Jian and the Great Sage giggled, Ye Zichen glanced over and saw Pu Jingwan staring right at them. She was practically spitting flames.

 “What? How about you two say that one more time?” She put her hands on her hips. It seemed one wrong word and she’d break into violence. 


Yang Jian and the Great Sage looked at each other, then back-tracked. “Look, look, it seems we misspoke. Big Sister Jingwan is probably desperate. For someone to confess to her like this must be too wonderful to take. To think we were just insulting our big sister’s soon-to-be husband! We really messed up!”  

“I agree!”


By now, Pu Jingwan was so angry, she was on the brink of exploding. The great emperors looked at her strangely. The youth’s out-of-the-blue confession had left them tongue-tied too.


But the way quite a few of them saw it, they weren’t a bad match at all.


Pu Jingwan was an imperial lord-level expert, and she’d condensed three dao hearts. As for that youth, arrogant as he was, his talent was exceptional, and his future accomplishments wouldn’t necessarily be inferior to hers.


Two imperial lords together? There were no such couples in the entire Upper Three Realms. There had been before, like the Fox Empress and the Five Elements Great Emperor or the Ocean Emperor and the Jade Pool Palace Master. Of the aforementioned couples, one was separated by life and death, while the other couldn’t get along. 


If Pu Jingwan and that youth really did get together, the good word would spread quickly.


“It seems you two want to die!” Pu Jingwan clenched her fists and looked over.


When he saw this behavior, even Ye Zichen couldn’t help but wonder. “Did you really take a shine to that guy?”


“Who likes him?” Pu Jingwan instantly felt wronged. “He’s not even worthy to carry my shoes. Come on! Don’t tell me you don’t already know who I like!?”




The great emperors looked at the two of them in a daze. Ye Rong instantly started playing the role of a potential mother in law. She rubbed her jaw, looked at Pu Jingwan, and nodded. But at the same time, inwardly, she was rather vexed. This son of hers…


It seemed his love life was a bit too lively.


Ye Zichen awkwardly rubbed his nose, but the gazes boring into him only intensified.


He didn’t dare linger on this topic. He gulped, then coughed. “Auntie, Ocean Emperor, just who was that youth? It seems you two know him? Especially you, Ocean Emperor. You two have fought before?”


“Hmph, coward.” When she saw Ye Zichen change the subject, Pu Jingwan sneered.


Ye Zichen pretended not to hear here. Xuan Ji, the Ocean Emperor, and the others were clever as well, and tacitly agreed to change the subject.


But when they brought up that youth, their expressions were truly strenge. From time to time, they glanced at Great Emperor Chao Feng.


“We’re all acquainted with that youth. Or rather, everyone here but Rongrong and the Hermit Emperor knows him!”


“Actually, I know a little about him too.” The Hermit Emperor laughed and stroked his whiskers.


“You all know him?” Ye Zichen frowned. Then, he followed the great emperors’ gaze and glanced at Chao Feng. 


“If we want to know why he’s here, we’d best ask Chao Feng.” Xuan Ji looked at him, then at Ye Zichen. “That youth, as well as that girl adept with the dao of time, are the pair I mentioned to you earlier. But then, you probably weren’t paying that much attention.” 


The ones she’d mentioned earlier?


Ye Zichen fell into silent contemplation, trying to recall which geniuses Xuan Ji had discussed with him. Suddenly, he remembered something, and he looked straight at Chao Feng.


When Chao Feng sensed his gaze, he smiled helplessly. “There’s no point in saying too much. Everyone already knows. But I’ll confirm it for you anyway: yes, those siblings are surnamed ‘Shen’!”


As expected!


Looking back to Ye Zichen and Xuan Ji’s earlier conversation, she really had brought up the Shen siblings. She’d mentioned that her niece was at the Divine General level, while her nephew could duke it out with Xue Yang.


For her relatives to be here meant…


“As for the details….”


“Let me tell them!” Before Great Emperor Chao Feng could finish his sentence, a faint voice interrupted him from overhead. When the group looked up, they saw that a spatial rift had opened in the sky. A white-clad woman with a conical hat and veil stepped outside. 


The woman drifted down to the ground, and although they couldn’t see her face from beginning to end, they could only think of one person in the entire three realms with that level of attainment. 


The Divine Arbiter!


“I actually didn’t want to reveal my identity, but given your wisdom, great emperors, you picked up on the clues. You’ve figured out who I am already.” As she spoke, the woman lowered her hat.


Her city-toppling beauty was no inferior to Xuan Ji or any of the other beauties present, but her exquisite features carried a faint hint of bitterness. 


Then, they watched as she took a phone out of her pocket - one of the ones that Zuo Mo had manufactured - and tapped the screen.




The surrounding great emperors’ phones all buzzed at once. When they took them out and looked at their screens, they saw that the Stranger had sent a message to the group chat.


Stranger: The Divine Arbiter pays her respects.


After that, she put her phone away and smiled. “It’s just as you thought. I was the Stranger!”

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