Chapter 1598 - Love at First Sight

The arrogant had become the welcoming ceremony’s main character. When they heard his cold, arrogant words, the other young talents on the ship all looked over at Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen was actually rather surprised; this was undoubtedly his first time meeting the youth.


But he could sense dense enmity roiling off him. 


“That’s me.” Ye Zichen nodded.


Instantly, the arrogant youth’s aura burst around him. Divine power surged, like a pair of formless, giant hands, and grabbed at Ye Zichen. Everywhere the hands passed, the surrounding space collapsed in on itself completely. 


“The Dao Heart of Destruction.”


The great emperors instantly saw just which dao heart he’d condensed. This was the dao heart you obtained only through mastering the Grand Dao of Destruction to its upper limit. Of all the great daos, it was one of the most offensive and destructive.


Grand daos were difficult to glean enlightenment into, and condensing any dao heart, even an ordinary one, was difficult. Yet this youth had already condensed the dao heart of destruction. The great emperors’ perception of his talent naturally shot up.


But they didn’t have any time to rejoice or sigh with admiration. Anyone could see that this youth felt deeply antagonistic towards Ye Zichen. Before the great emperors could stop him…


Whoosh! Whoosh!


Two streaks, one black, one gold, landed on Ye Zichen’s left and right sides, then took to the skies, instantly dispersing that pair of giant hands. 


“You’re courting death!”


The Great Sage had never been the docile sort. He raised his golden staff and charged. Yang Jian did the same…


The third eye between his brows opened, and his erlang lance started to buzz. He and the Great Sage both struck with the intent to kill.


“Hmph!” In the face of two imperial lords’ joint assault, the youth didn’t shrink back in the slightest.


They simply watched as his fingers tapped the air in front of him, and the space split as if it had been shredded, becoming countless pieces each about the size of a fist.


“Big Brother!” The girl with the doll cried out. The youth had ignored her repeatedly, which seemed to have irritated her.


She bit her lips and stomped her feet. When she spread her arms, you could see the flow of time. 


“Time Reversal!” 

 When they heard that, the nearby great emperors could no longer keep their cool.


The Dao of Time! 


Among grand daos, the Dao of Time was ranked above even the Dao of Destruction. Just gleaning insight into it was difficult. Even great emperors like Xue Yang had, despite pouring time into researching it, yet only barely gained any insight. The most they could do was accelerate time, and only slightly at that. 


Time was flowing in reverse!


But this girl had just shouted “Time Reversal!”  

And indeed, as soon as the words left her lips, the surrounding flow of time changed. All of them, from the youth who wielded the dao of destruction to the furious, attacking Great Sage and Yang Jian, returned to their original locations. 


“What are you doing?” The youth glared at the girl.


She stared right back, showing no sign of weakness at all. “When we left, Auntie told me to keep an eye on you. If you don’t do as you’re told, watch out! I’ll tell Auntie on you!”  

“Hmph!” The youth snorted coldly, but stayed his hand. 


The Great Sage and Yang Jian were still angry, but Ye Zichen held them back too. The youth noticed, but this didn’t win Ye Zichen any points with him. On the contrary, it won Ye Zichen a burst of mockery. “Ye Zichen, there’s nothing like seeing someone with your own eyes. On our way here, I’d wondered what kind of person you were, but it seems this is all you’ve got. What a disappointment.” 


“Say that one more time!” The Great Sage rebuked him.


“Do you have any idea who you’re talking to?” Pu Jingwan felt that the youth was overly arrogant too. “You’re one of the talents we’re recruiting, and we’re the ones about to supply the resources you’re going to enjoy! The moment you got here, you were rude to the Ocean Emperor, and now you’re slandering Ye Zichen? Someone this rude…. Ye Zichen, let’s hurry up and send him packing. Forget about him!”




“What, you really want to fight with me?” Pu Jingwan had no patience for him at all. When she saw the look in his eyes change, she struck first. Her divine power spread out and bore down on him. “Don’t think that you’re better than others just because you’re a genius. In my eyes… you’re nothing but trash!” 


The Outsiders’ Secretariat Star had appraised her as the strongest bounty hunter out there.


While traveling with Ye Zichen, she’d essentially taken on the role of a tourist, and she’d never once revealed her true strength. 


But in that instant, those with sharp eyes could tell that she….


She’d condensed at least three dao hearts. 


Beneath the weight of her aura, the arrogant youth could barely breathe. Zhuge Kongming and Ye Zichen’s other friends glared at the youth, while Xia Keke scrunched up her brows and snorted. “You’re not worthy of insulting my Big Brother Zichen!”


“That’s right! Why don’t you take a look at yourself in a mirror before insulting others?” Little White snorted too.


“Villain!” Lorie scrunched up her nose and glared. The way she saw it, Ye Zichen gave her candy, which made him a good person. That meant that someone who insulted him was, naturally, a villain.


“You’re not allowed to talk about my big brother like that!” The girl with the doll had only just restrained her brother. Now, it was her turn to get angry. She put her hands on her hips and shouted right back.


“Ignore them.” The youth completely disregarded them. However, he glanced deeply at Pu Jingwan, his eyes flashing with a hint of greed, as well as faint flickers of admiration.


Others might not have noticed it, but Pu Jingwan sure did.


Perhaps because his gaze stunned her, she hurriedly withdrew her aura, then didn’t so much as look at him again. However, his gaze never left her. 


Quite some time passed before he retracted his gaze, looked at Ye Zichen, and said disdainfully, “I’ve never cared about ‘enjoying your resources.’ I’m here purely because I was curious about you, Ye Zichen. Also, the temporal artifact Great Emperor Chao Feng mentioned moved me. But now that I’m here and see the man my aunt’s been talking up, I… Ye Zichen, I’m really disappointed. You’re in no way worthy of giving me orders, nor are you worthy of making me follow your arrangements.” 


The youth’s wanton arrogance hadn’t diminished in the slightest. He stared indifferently at Ye Zichen. “If you think my words hurt a certain someone’s sense of self respect, I can leave. Even on the outside, I can leave you people in the dust. I’m not just bragging, either. When the time comes, you can see the results for yourself. You people… aren’t at all worthy to be my opponents.”


“But I’m actually rather glad I came….” Suddenly, the youth’s gaze landed on Pu Jingwan. “Might I ask your name?” 


This time, the great emperors noticed his gaze too, and Pu Jingwan felt her petite frame quiver from head to toe.


She couldn’t help but avert her eyes, but the youth didn’t back down. Pu Jingwan naturally hadn’t answered him, but he merely laughed. “If you aren’t willing to tell me, that’s fine too, but I’m still going to say what I have to say anyway. I fell in love with you at first sight. You…. are going to be my woman!”

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