Chapter 1595 - Gathering at the New Divine Mountain

“Life…” Turquoise light fell from the sky like rain. Wherever it fell, all living things instantly seemed to flourish.


Beneath this radiant light brimming with life force, the Outsiders’ wounds, many of which had shown no signs of improvement despite medicine and the Hermits Palace physicians’ best efforts, started knitting back together. 


“This is simply a divine miracle!” Lang Qinghai stared at his wounded chest in a daze. As the spring rain washed over him, he could clearly sense his cells bursting with vitality, as if they’d been reborn. 


He’d been keeping his wounds from worsening with his divine power all this time. Now, he finally let go, and relished the life force surging through him.


The Hermit Emperor, Ocean Emperor, Xuan Ji, and every other guest of Ye Zichen’s Divine Mountain was astonished. They’d known the power of the Godhead of Life was monstrous, but seeing it with their own eyes was a whole new kind of shock.


“The Godhead of Life’s powers truly are hard for those of my profession to match.” The Hermit Emperor was a true medical saint, his attainments incredible.


But in the face of so many wounds, despite all his experience, he couldn’t help even if he wanted to.


And yet, the Goddess of Life could heal the whole group at once, and the effect was so obvious. It was no wonder that, back in the primordial era, the nine-tailed foxes had towered over other yao. This ability alone was enough to look down on the masses. 


“I’ll talk to Qingyan in a bit and tell her that she has to protect the girl who condensed the Godhead of Life at all times.” Xuan Ji watched for a while, then said, “Ye Zichen told us that there’s someone instigating the Enders from behind the scenes. The Era-Destroying Giant Beasts are under the control of another group we know nothing about. SInce that’s the case, these Outsiders are sure to know about them. In war, the Goddess of LIfe’s powers are like a sharp weapon. When the invasion comes, we’ll need to trouble the girl more often.” 


The Ocean and Hermit Emperors nodded in agreement.


After discussing things with them in the group, Ye Zichen had told them quite a bit they hadn’t known before, including that there was someone controlling the Enders from behind the scenes. He also told them about the First Era’s destruction, and that these million rulers were all survivors.


The Light of Life lasted for a full four hours until finally, Su Yan couldn’t hold out any longer. Her divine power couldn’t sustain her expenditure.


The light dispersed, but the Outsiders all seemed reluctant to see it go. They all relished the life force still coursing through them.


The instant Su Yan lowered the Scepter of Life, Su Liu’er flew up to her side and supported her, then chastised her. “I told you to stop a long time ago. Why did you push yourself so hard? You only just received your godhead. Using so much of its power on such a scale risks damaging your origin; you have to be careful.”


“They’re all heroes who will one day stand at the front lines against the Enders. All I did was treat their wounds. That’s nothing much at all, is it?” Su Yan smiled warmly, but her pallid face tugged at the heartstrings. 


“Thank you, Su Yan.” At that moment, Ye Zichen appeared before her. When she saw him, Su Liu’er’s gaze turned somewhat unfriendly. Ye Zichen noticed, but he only smiled bitterly. “We’d have been in trouble without you. I don’t know what else I would have done.”


In response, Su Yan only smiled faintly. She’d overextended her divine power, and in her current state, even talking was exhausting. Of course, part of her silence was because she didn’t want to talk to Ye Zichen.


Ye Zichen had gotten no response. He rubbed his nose awkwardly. 


Su Liu’er took in the situation, then clapped her hands as if swatting a fly. “Hurry up and attend to your affairs. I’ll take good care of my little sister. Whether you’ve got business with us or not, stay away. Just looking at you makes me angry.”


“Agh, fine.” Ye Zichen rubbed his nose with a hint of trepidation, then turned to leave. Su Yan subconsciously glanced at him. When he sensed her gaze and turned to look at her, she immediately looked away.


“Alright, he’s already left. You don’t have to pretend anymore.” Su Liu’er saw that although Ye Zichen had already started distributing medicine to wounded Outsider experts, Su Yan was still silently averting her gaze. “I think I see what’s happening here. You spent all that effort for his sake, didn’t you? Because you know that these people are loyal to him!”


Su Yan was just about to respond when Su Suliu’er reached out her hand and stopped her. “Don’t explain. I’m not stupid, and you’re not crafty enough to hide your feelings. You’re trying ,but never mind me, even Su Zhu could see right through you. You, you say you don’t want to pay him any further heed, but your heart has already betrayed you. Only a moron like him would believe you were simply angry at him.”


“Of course I’m angry at him,” said Su Yan.


“Fine then. I won’t get involved in your affairs. You and him shared an ill-fated relationship right from your very first light. Now… nothing has changed.” Su Liu’er shook her head in exasperation, then dragged Su Yan along with her divine power. “Follow your big sister home. You’ve exhausted yourself. You’re not allowed to heal these guys anytime in the near future.”


“They’re all gone. You don’t have to pretend any more.”


Ye Zichen, who was on the ground distributing medicine to Outsider experts, suddenly heard an aged voice. When he turned around, he saw Old Lord Taishang, who’d once been part of the Heavenly Court. Ye Zichen immediately cupped his fist in greeting. “Old Lord!”


Ye Zichen had specially invited him here, all the way from the Northwest Divine Mountain’s Jade Pool. The parchment actually contained a pill recipe, but Ye Zichen didn’t know very many pill refiners. The only person he could think about was his fellow ascender, the former alchemist of the Heavenly Court now stationed on the Northwestern Divine Mountain, Old Lord Taishang.


Even though Ye Zichen and Old Lord Taishang had “fought” many times in the past, when he heard Ye Zichen was looking for him, Old Lord Taishang didn’t hesitate. He rushed straight to the Tenth Divine Mountain.


“That’s the girl you’ve got your eye on, right? I’ve got a bit of an impression on her. Yue Lao told me about your fated marriage. It seems you and her are the most deeply implicated.” Old Lord Taishang laughed.


“You could say that!” Ye Zichen grimaced.


Old Lord Taishang said comfortingly, “Let me say this as an outsider. I don’t know what happened between you two, but from the way she looks at you, it’s obvious she still has you in her heart. Don’t lose yourself in self pity; you still have a chance to make things right with her! Right, that’s what Old Man Yue Lao said.” 


“It’s up to fate.” Ye Zichen didn’t have too much to say in response. “Our current situation leaves me no time to worry about love. Besides, the misunderstandings between us…. Nevermind. Old Lord Taishang, you saw that parchment, right? What do you think? Are you confident in refining it?”


Ye Zichen turned the topic back to the parchment. Old Lord Taishang smiled and scolded him, saying he’d give all his old bones had to offer. Then, he said both solemnly and excitedly, “This pill recipe is truly profound and mysterious, and not even I have heard of some of the methods it describes. But… who do you think I am? I am the ancestor of medicine, the founder of alchemy. What pill can’t I refine?”

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