Chapter 1594 - Parchment

The war prep chat group.


Pu Jingwan and Yang Jian set the stage, and soon, every last great emperor in the group chat appeared. Even Venerate Spirit Treasure and the mysterious Stranger made an appearance.


The entire chat log was about Ye Zichen’s tenth divine mountain. Its appearance wasn’t just a surprise to the great emperors; it was a topic worthy of deeper discussion to everyone in all three Upper Realms.


Jade Pool Palace Master: Alliance Head Ye, no wonder my daughter seems to like you. You’ve sure got skills.


Seventh Dragonborn: Alliance Head Ye, no wonder you’re the one my beloved Little Seventeen is interested in. You’ve sure got skills. 


Fox Empress: Alliance Head Ye, no wonder our Little Yan pines over you day and night. You’ve sure got skills.


Ocean Emperor: Alliance Head Ye, no wonder my daughter pledged herself to you. You’ve sure got skills. 


Hermit Emperor: ….


Third Dragonborn: Is this an in-laws meeting?  

Lord of the Big Dipper: They’re all good girls. My Zichen sure is fortunate!


Erlang Shen: I’m really jealous, Ye-zi.


Monkey King: @Erlang Shen, just you wait. I took a screenshot, and I’m going to send it to the third princess. She’ll skin you alive!


Erlang Shen: @Monkey King, don’t!


Monkey King: Call me ‘Grandpa Sun’ and I might reconsider!


Erlang Shen: Blasted monkey, you’re cruising for a bruising!


Little Princess: Are you doing this again?  

After knowing them for a while, all of them had gotten used to seeing Yang Jian and the Great Sage go at it. The “meeting of Ye Zichen’s in-laws” continued a little longer, while Ye Rong reacted as if she’d just seen her future adorable daughter-in-laws; she sent a massive red packet. A pre-wedding gift of sorts.


After accepting it, the great emperors complimented her generosity. Then, the Hermit Emperor changed the subject.


Hermit Emperor: Our young friend Ye called us to the group chat, so why hasn’t he shown up?


Hermit Emperor: @Lord of the Big Dipper, do you know?


Lord of the Big Dipper: I don’t know either. 


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Wait a moment. I’ll call him over.


Pu Jingwan closed the group chat, then turned to look at Ye Zichen. He was seated at a table, as still as if he’d been carved out of stone.


“The great emperors are all there. They’re waiting for you.”


There was a mighty boom outside. When they looked over, they saw that the Great Sage and Yang Jian were fighting in the skies.




Quite some time passed before Ye Zichen responded. He picked up his phone, which he’d had on the table, but his gaze never left the piece of parchment he’d had placed in front of him.


It was just too shocking!

 Even now, Ye Zichen felt nothing but shock.


After Lang Qinghai left, the Great Sage gave the last two spatial rings to Ye Zichen.


After obtaining the entirety of the First Era’s resources, Ye Zichen was already so stunned, he could barely speak. But compared to the resources, he was more interested in the million rulers, as well as the secret behind why the First Era’s Master of the Stars was willing to stake everything on him. 


In the near future, they’d have to face off against the Enders. What they needed most was experts!  

Pills, divine artifacts, talismans and the like were still important, but they only served an auxiliary function. Without experts to hold down the fort, they were doomed. Even heaven-defying divine artifacts needed experts of sufficient cultivation to wield them. Otherwise, they couldn’t display their true power. 


That was why, instead of checking to see just how many resources were stashed in the pile of spatial rings, he chose to open the other two and see what secrets lay within. 


The space inside the rings in question wasn’t overly large. They were the lowest possible grade of divine artifacts at best.


There wasn’t much inside either. One of the two rings just had a single bottle of medicine and a piece of parchment, while the other had a rough sketch.


But it was precisely these three items that made Ye Zichen sit there in a daze for three hours.


He was certain that, should he reveal the items’ secrets publicly, the divine emperors would be just as shocked as he was now.


“Why are they fighting this time?” Ye Zichen glanced out the window. He had been focused on the items in question, so he had no idea what had triggered their latest spat. It was immediately obvious that they were fighting again.


But then, this was no time to fuss about their petty squabbles. Ye Zichen licked his lips, glanced at the parchment, then opened the group chat.


Only Idealism: I’m here!


Seventh Dragonborn: What are you doing? Don’t you realize we’re busy? You kept us waiting for so long! What do you say, guys?  

Jade Pool Palace Master: I’m not busy. Not busy at all.


Ocean Emperor: I’ve got a lot of free time over at the River Styx.


Third Dragonborn: Things are relaxed over at the Society of Saints, too.


Hermit Emperor: You all know what it’s like at the Hermits Palace. 




Great Emperor Bi’an practically coughed up blood. Just now, they’d discussed in private, and they’d decided to exert their authority over Ye Zichen and teach him a lesson.



But now it seemed he’d been betrayed!


Seventh Dragon: Wah, you guys!


Even through the screen, they could sense his exasperation. The other great emperors sent him an endless series of snickering emojis. Ye Zichen had no idea what had happened between them, but he had no energy to spare for gossip. 


He had to share the words written on that parchment as soon as possible.


Only Idealism: Please, everyone, stop for a moment. There’s something I need to tell you all.


Jade Pool Palace Master: Is it about the Tenth Divine Mountain? 


Hermit Emperor: You really are a miracle worker, my young friend.


Little Princess: But of course!


Ocean Emperor: Do you need us to supply management policies?


Only Idealism: Thank you for your concern, everyone, but I should be able to manage the mountain on my own, especially since it currently has relatively few inhabitants. It’s convenient to manage.


Only Idealism: If it’s convenient, all of you are welcome to move there. It’ll make it easier to coordinate with each other.


Emperor Hades: Ye-zi, don’t joke around like that all of a sudden. As if we could leave!


The others all chimed in their agreement. Ye Zichen had expected this. He merely smiled, but didn’t press the matter.


Besides, that wasn’t truly what he’d called them here to say. That was next.


Only Idealism: It’s fine if you don’t want to come. Please, wait just a moment. I have a picture to send you.


After sending this message, Ye Zichen took a photograph of the parchment, but he only photographed a portion of it. He left the rest out.


It wasn’t that he feared the great emperors would snoop; they were all allies, and all of them were in the same boat. He had nothing to hide from them. He was just concerned about the Stranger in their midst.


If he wasn’t mistaken, the Stranger was actually the Central Divine Mountain’s…


Who knew what she was planning? That’s why he didn’t dare gamble; he only revealed a portion of it for the great emperors to see.


But he was certain that, although the photo was incomplete, just seeing it would leave the great emperors tongue-tied.



He sent the message. 


The great emperors were scattered throughout the God and Yao Realms, but all of them saw it. The chat group instantly fell as silent as the dead. Then, all of a sudden, their conversation resumed, like a sudden high tide. Messages rolled past, one after another. 


Seventh Dragonborn: Is this for real? 


Fox Empress: Where did you get that? Is it real?  

Hermit Emperor: I’ve never seen such a thing.


Third Emperor: It’s shocking!


Little Princess: My heavens!


Emperor Hades: That’s too terrifying!


That’s right. This picture, incomplete as it was, made even the great emperors, peak experts, break out into uproar!

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