Chapter 1592 - A Tenth Divine Mountain

“Ye-zi.” Yang Jian patted Ye Zichen on the shoulder. He could see how complicated Ye Zichen’s emotions were right now. 


Ye Zichen merely smiled and shook his head. Yes, he was racking his brains; he didn’t know what to do. But before he worried about any of that, he had to find a place to house these Outsider experts. After all, they all had heavy wounds. 


They couldn’t stay in the Yao-Sealing Pagoda forever; if you weren’t one of its yao servants, you could stay for a little while. But if you lingered, the pagoda would leave its imprint in your consciousness, making you into one of its servants. 


“Everyone, I am deeply distressed to hear of the First Era’s destruction, but you’ve come here carrying hope. Please, do not give into grief. Stay for a little while and tend to your wounds. I’ll go search for a new residence for you. You’ll be safe here in the Third Era. Together, we’ll be sure to avenge the First Era’s destruction!”


Housing for a million people wasn’t actually all that easy to find. The Divine Mountains were pretty much saturated already.


To house so many people at once, he’d have to make an entirely new city. That wasn’t the sort of thing you could do overnight. 


The task was enormous, but Ye Zichen couldn’t just leave them here, either.


Just as he was about to leave the Yao-Sealing Pagoda and contact the Ocean Emperor, the Outsiders called him back.


“Star Master Ye, no need to go to such trouble. Before we left, the Minister of the Left arranged a residence for us.”


“He made arrangements?” Ye Zichen was stunned for a moment. Then he asked in confusion, “What does that mean? Does that mean you won’t live in the Third Era?”  

“Of course we’re going to live here, but…” The Outsider expert’s eyes grew serious. “But before we left, the Master of the Stars collected a Divine Mountain for us!”




This was absolutely a day that would go down in history, a day that all three Upper Realms would never forget.


There had been nine Divine Mountains since the era first began, with no changes to the God Realm’s landscape in the interim. Yet, today, a tenth Divine Mountain appeared.


Its appearance made countless reclusive, long-hidden experts leave hiding. 


The masses gazed up at it, their eyes wide with unconcealable shock.


The God Emperor, the Ocean Emperor, the Jade Pool Palace Master…


A whole series of god race major powers gathered around the mountain, but they quickly split off into various cliques. They gathered together and watched the new Divine Mountain form, all the way until it had completely taken shape. 


All of these great emperors knew that this Divine Mountain’s master was…


Ye Zichen!


“God Emperor, we’ve already investigated. The master of this Divine Mountain is Ye Zichen.” The Divine Arbiter cupped her fist. Two people stood beside her, their auras vast and imposing. They were the heads of two clans Zhou Wu had cultivated.


When he heard the Divine Arbiter’s report, Zhou Wu’s already unpleasant expression became incomparably dark.


He narrowed his eyes and looked ahead. Seemingly by coincidence, the Ocean Emperor’s group was looking at him, too. 


Their eyes met, but only for an instinct. Neither side said anything to the other.


The God Emperor merely nodded firmly, waved his sleeves, and left. The two clan heads and the Divine Arbiter followed.


“Ye Zichen sure is something.” Zhao Qianhe laughed. “The God Realm’s history goes back one hundred and twenty million years, but the number of Divine Mountains has always been constant. Yet now… He somehow managed to create a tenth! Did you see Zhou Wu’s face just now? He was practically green!”


“There’s something wrong with his brain. What does a new Divine Mountain have to do with him?” Bi’an snorted. He had never liked Zhou Wu to begin with.


“Perhaps he sees it as a threat to his position!” said the Jade Pool Palace Master.


“Has his throne ever been secure?” Empress Su Qingyan curled her lips. “He’s always been under threat. Way I see it… The reason he’s upset is that Ye Zichen’s Divine Mountain is bigger than his. As the God Emperor, that’s a humiliation.”


“That’s possible!” Great Emperor Chao Feng nodded.


“A tenth Divine Mountain! I wouldn’t have dared imagine such a thing!” As the rest of the group slandered Zhou Wu, the Hermit Emperor sighed and shook his head. “What a sight!”



“Do you think it’s possible to create a new Divine Mountain?” 


Su Mei’er was hidden up in the clouds. When she gazed at this new mountain, which was indeed even bigger than the Central Divine Mountain, she broke into a grin.


She couldn’t help but recall Ye Zichen’s shocking words. At the time, even she felt the very idea was shocking. A new Divine Mountain…?


How could that be?


Even after all she’d been through with Ye Zichen and all she’d witnessed, she’d never thought there would really come the day the God Realm had a tenth Divine Mountain. 


She never would have thought it possible, but he’d really done it.


It didn’t matter where it came from or how he managed it. There really was a tenth Divine Mountain. 


It was located just north of the Northern Divine Mountain. It stood out and made the nine mountains look lopsided, but at the same time, it was impressive, like a crane among chickens.


“No wonder I took a fancy to him.” Su Mei’er covered her mouth and laughed. Her smile was dazzling; it was hard to imagine anything more beautiful. Her laughter even dispersed parts of the clouds, but alas…


There was no one around to admire her smile’s unparalleled beauty.


“My Lady.” All of a sudden, an elder appeared before Su Mei’er. “The Empress requests that you return.”


“We already have a new Goddess of Life and an inheritor of the Breath of Ice. What do I need to go back for?” Su Mei’er rolled her eyes. “Tell the Empress I’ll be busy in the near future, and that I’m not going back.”


She then laughed and looked down at the Divine Mountain, as if peering through the clouds and down at the person occupying her heart. A hint of tender affection appeared on her face.


The elder didn’t interrupt. A long time passed before Su Mei’er stretched, then smiled at him. “Is Zhou Wu still out snaring star bearers?”


“Yes. Although we’ve appeared and stopped him many times, many star bearers have nevertheless become his subordinates. At the end of the day, he’s still the God Emperor. Working under the God Emperor is highly enticing for many people. We are unknown, but if we seized them by force, perhaps…” The old man grimaced. 


“The God Emperor’s title sure is useful.” Su Mei’er smiled. “I’d just love to seize it from him and play with it.”


“If you want it, My Lord, I’ll obtain it and offer it to you, even if I die in the process.”


“I was just saying.” Su Mei’er hurriedly waved and laughed. “Even if you gave me his blasted throne, it’d go to waste; I have no real interest in it. As for the star bearers who rallied under his banner, all I can say is that they’re morons…. When death comes for them, they’ll realize how foolish they were.”


“It’s just as you say, My Lord!”


“Right, if you have a spare minute, please contact that worthless big brother of mine. The true gods will invade any minute now. Whatever you do, don’t let him die pointlessly in the chaos.”


“Then I’ll…”


“Wait, if you go, you’ll struggle to convince him.” Su Mei’er pursed her lips, then gazed reluctantly at the Divine Mountain below. “Sweetie, once I’ve settled everything, I’ll stick to your side like glue, never to part….”


She lightly waved her hands, then turned back around and said, “Let’s go! Let’s go see ol’ grumpyface!”  

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