Chapter 159 Using Force?

Chapter 159 – Using Force?

Lin Hanben was still blanking out momentarily because he found out Ye Zichen was that miracle doctor, even with experience.

There was no helping it, this miracle doctor was truly too young.

“Mr. Ye.”

“Director Lin,” Ye Zichen nodded with a smile.

“Is Mr. Ye a western doctor?”

Someone that could become a master in Elder Deng’s eyes would definitely be a western doctor.

“Hanben, Lil’ Ye is a true and proper Chinese doctor.”

“Chinese doctor!”

Lin Hanben was shocked again. All of a sudden, he couldn’t even manage his facial expressions properly.

What kind of person who could become a title in the realm of Chinese medicine wasn’t a senior above fifty? Chinese medicine wasn’t like other medical studies, it wasn’t possible to do a great deal of things at a young age just through talent. People required years of experience in order to become a master.

So young…

Even if he was extremely talented, and had studied Chinese medicine since a young age…

“Mr. Ye is a Chinese doctor?”

Although Lin Hanben was clear that he was very impolite by asking that, he still couldn’t stop himself asking.

“Don’t underestimate Lil’ Ye, his Chinese medical skills are even slightly better than the few old guys in the capital. You should have heard about the Su family’s Su Qian’s situation, right? Lil’ Ye was the one who saved him.”

“What!?” Lin Hanben exclaimed.

Su Qian’s “death and revival” was something that was known even in the capital. Countless medical titans all wanted to meet the master that could bring someone back from the brink of death.

When that happened, he had also wanted to find out about that master’s information in order to cure their family’s old man…

He never would have thought…

“Mr. Ye, there was much offense just now,” Lin Hanben quickly bowed apologetically.

The face of Lin Lin, who stood on the side, became even more pale, while his body also started to tremble slightly.

He pissed off someone that he really shouldn’t have.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a light smile, then walked past Lin Hanben to Lin Lin’s side.

“Young Master Lin.”

“Young Master Ye!” Lin Lin lowered his head as much as possible, and did not dare to meet Ye Zichen’s gaze.

Lin Hanben was surprised, he didn’t think that Ye Zichen would ignore him and walk over to his son’s side.

From their conversation, they seemed to know each other.

“Young Master Ye knows my son?”

“Not really,” Ye Zichen pursed his lips and smiled with playfulness. “I, Ye Zichen, am just a small fry. I can’t possibly have any ties with the Lin family.”

Even an idiot could tell that the relationship between Ye Zichen and Lin Lin was sour.

“Mr. Ye…”

“Director Lin, no need to speak anymore,” Ye Zichen raised his hand to stop Lin Hanben from speaking. “I apologize for not being able to treat Old Man Lin.”

With that, he walked towards the exit with Third Fatty Jin and the Great Sage.

Along the way, Third Fatty Jin snorted towards Lin Lin’s position, “Snob!”

“Mr. Ye, please wait a moment,” Lin Hanbei quickly caught up. “If my son has offended Mr. Ye anywhere, then I apologize to you in his behalf. However, our family’s old man still requires Mr. Ye to…”

“It’s impossible,” Ye Zichen refused determinedly. “Please find someone else.”

“Mr. Ye,” Lin Hanben’s gaze immediately darkened. He clapped his hands, causing ten-odd black-suited bodyguards to surge in from around the manor. “Please, you must treat our family’s old man…”

A mocking smile surfaced on Ye Zichen’s face when he saw the bodyguards, “What does Director Lin mean by this?”

Then he looked towards Deng Cheng, who wore a troubled expression, “Gramps, this is the attitude of your friend’s children!”

The other side pissed him off at the very start, then they did not bother to think of a way to mend the issue, and actually wanted to use force instead!

Deng Cheng’s face was full of awkwardness. Lin Hanben stepped forward, “This has no relationship with Elder Deng, it is only the will of I, Lin. Mr. Ye, I have no other choice, please take a look of our fmaily’s old man, I’ll give you a satisfactory reply after that.”

“I’m very dissatisfied now,” Ye Zichen squinted his eyes and glanced at the bodyguards who surrounded them. “Let’s go.”

“Stop them!” Lin Hanben roared. Since the situation had already developed to this point, he must force Ye Zichen to stay, otherwise, their family’s old man would have no hope.

“Ridiculous,” Ye Zichen shook his head, then looked towards the Great Sage. “Great Sage, you drank so many bottles of my Wahaha, you should do some work, right?”

“Hehe, the hands of I, Old Sun, have been itching since ages ago.”

“Hit them softly, don’t kill them.”

“I, Old Sun, know.”

With that, Great Sage Sun, who wore a black vest, stepped forward, bared his teeth towards the bodyguards and smiled.

In an instant, several after-images surfaced around the Great Sage’s body as if they were his clones.

Dong dong dong.

A tidy sound sounded out. When the afterimages combined together…

The bodyguards blocking their way flew out backwards like cannonballs.

“Too weak, too weak!”

Lin Hanben’s face also turned a metallic green, these bodyguards were retired soldiers that he brought over from the capital.

All of them were experts that had been through life and death situations…


Lin Hanben called out loudly. Not long later, another group of black suit wearing men appeared in front of Ye Zichen once more.

Bang, bang, bang…

The Great Sage beat these people all down onto the ground once again, without using much effort.


“Director Lin, stop calling people over,” Ye Zichen turned around and smile. “Even if you call all of the bodyguards in your household over, it still wouldn’t be of any use. Numbers are useless in face of absolute power.”

Lin Hanben lowered his head. Even though he didn’t want to admit it, he still couldn’t help but to admit it…

His bodyguards could not match up to the fighter at Ye Zichen’s side.

The Great Sage laughed, then continuously surveyed their surroundings, as if he was waiting for the next contestants’ attacks.

Ye Zichen walked over and patted his shoulder, “Let’s go.”

“No one else?” The Great Sage frowned rather sadly. “Too weak, too weak, these people can’t even match up to Erlang Shen’s manor’s soldiers.”

Ye Zichen, who was walking in front, nearly fell over.

No shit, no matter what Erlang Shen’s manor’s soldiers are Heavenly soldiers.

Those were deities!

How could mortals even begin to match up to them?

With that, Ye Zichen and co. walked towards the outside of the manor. When they walked in front of the bodyguards, Third Fatty Jin stepped on them several times, “F*ck, you dared to bully my boss. If I, Lord Fatty, was still at my peak… Tsk.”

Third Fatty Jin spat on them, then walked out of the manor excitedly behind Ye Zichen.

“Mr. Ye… Mr. Ye…”

When Ye Zichen’s group left the Lin family manor without even looking back, Lin Hanben collapsed to the ground.


Elder Deng quickly helped him up.

Lin Hanben grabbed held of Deng Cheng’s sleeve, “Elder Deng, please help me say some good words in front of Mr. Ye.”

“It’ll be hard,” Elder Deng shook his head with a wry smile. “Your actions just now were the most foolish actions even possible. I do have an understanding of Lil’ Ye’s personality, forgive me for being unable to help you with this matter!”


Lin Hanben collapsed to the ground again.

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