Chapter 1588 - Guests From Outside

The Outside?  

In the face of Yang Jian’s urgency, Ye Zichen’s heart shook. The Outsiders Yang Jian mentioned naturally referred to people of the First Era.

In the past, whenever Ye Zichen made contact with people of the First Era, it was in private and secrecy.


He’d accepted their resources through Zuo Mo and Xiao Yumei. The Outsiders had made it quite clear they didn’t want too many people to know of their connection. 


But now they were so openly looking for him in the Sea of Innocence.


“Are you sure these people are from the First Era?” For someone from the Outside to show up out of the blue naturally put Ye Zichen on edge.


Who could guarantee that this so-called Outsider wasn’t an imposter here with ill intentions? 


“They’re definitely from the First Era,” said Yang Jian with complete confidence. “I already confirmed their status. They’re currently waiting for you over the waters of the Sea of Innocence. Don’t worry; hurry up and go!”  

His urgent tone and expression made Ye Zichen frown. Yang Jian had lived among the Outsiders for quite some time, and Ye Zichen naturally trusted his judgment, but why was he in such a hurry…


Had something happened to the Outsiders?  


Once that thought occurred to him, Ye Zichen no longer hesitated. He put his phone back into his pocket, then turned to Yang Jian. “I’ll go out and take a look.”


The waters of the Sea of Innocence. Black figures hovered over the waters, as far as the eye could see. It seemed there were at least a million of them.


Ocean Emperor Xue Yang stood over a nearby city, his Ocean God Scepter in hand. Not long ago, he too had noticed a million powerful presences appear above his waters. He’d immediately set all other matters aside and led his elders over.


When they left the city limits, they saw a sky full with people, like a vast swarm of insects.


During this time, he’d asked about the arrivals status, as well as their intentions, but the man at their forefront, the man who seemed like their leader, didn’t respond in the slightest.


Although these people were trespassing in the Sea of Innocence’s territory, there were a lot of them, including numerous experts. 


Before understanding their intentions, the Ocean Emperor wouldn’t recklessly attack. Besides, he had relatively few people on hand. It would take time to summon the elites he’d dispatched to other parts of the God Realm.   


Furthermore, based on how these people looked, they weren’t here to invade the Sea of Innocence.

 Even if they had such intentions, they’d need time to nurse their wounds first!


That’s right!


Practically everyone in this million-strong army was gravely injured, their auras weak and listless. Their leader was busy passing out healing medicine.


To tell the truth, if not for their lofty cultivations, their wounds would have been fatal.


Whoosh! Whoosh! Whoosh! 


There was a sound like a rain of swords cutting through the air. The group hovering over the sea sensed the danger, then looked towards the city.


Countless experts surged out of Innocence City. These were the city’s elites, as well as experts from the Xue Family, both its main and side branches. 


“Ocean Emperor.” A few of the city’s elders and clan heads rushed over to Xue Yang, then solemnly took in the mysterious group gathered over the water. Their gazes instantly grew solemn. 


There were at least a million experts here. Furthermore, they were all at or near the ruler level, it’s just that they were so injured that their auras were weak and listless.


They were astonished despite themselves. Just what kind of faction could raise so many, such powerful experts? And what on earth had they been through, for a million rulers to sustain such injuries? 


“Clan Head, should we call more people over?” said a Xue Family main branch expert. “Even though they’re injured, the people we have on hand aren’t necessarily enough to come out ahead against them.”


“Don’t.” Ocean Emperor Xue Yang shook his head. “They don’t seem like they’re here to cause trouble.”


“Ocean Emperor! Don’t attack. They’re on our side!” At that moment, Ye Zichen, Yang Jian, the Great Sage, and Pu Jingwan emerged and flew up to join the others. 


The Xue Clansmen were relatively familiar with Ye Zichen, and the various elders and clan heads of Innocence City had all at least heard of him. The Ocean Emperor turned to look at him. “Are these people here looking for Alliance Head Ye?”


“Supreme Treasure!” At that moment, Fairy Zi Xia rushed out of the crowd and up to the Great Sage’s side. She was among those who’d emerged from the city. 


Ye Zichen glanced at them and smiled to himself. Then, his expression turned solemn. He walked over and nodded. “They’re most likely here to see me. Ocean Emperor, you can send your people back. They aren’t here to attack the Sea of Innocence.”


Xue Yang waved them away, and the factions who’d gathered here in such a rush went back from whence they came. 


Ye Zichen watched them leave, then turned to the experts gathered over the waters of the Sea of Innocence. 


“I’m Ye Zichen. Which of you is in charge here?”


“You’re Star… Alliance Head Ye?” The strongest of the gathered experts, the man with only one arm, looked at him, and his eyes lit up. He instinctively wanted to call out “Star Master”, but when he saw Ye Zichen frown, he recalled that this wasn’t the First Era, and he hurriedly changed course. This was the Third Era; Ye Zichen couldn’t reveal his status openly here yet. 


Fortunately, this person was perceptive. Even though this was the Ocean Emperor’s territory, there were so many eyes and ears present. If the man really called him “Star Master Ye,” no one could guarantee that news wouldn’t spread. 


Ye Zichen nodded at him, then noticed the blood still flowing from the man’s stump of an arm. He was beside the man in a flash, and he quickly sealed the blood vessels around the wound, then took some healing medicine from his spatial ring and offered it to him. 


“Thank you for your concern, Alliance Head Ye.” The one-armed expert grinned. “But my wounds are minor. Please first arrange a place for my brothers to rest; their wounds are far more severe than mine.” 


Only then did Ye Zichen notice, but not one of the million supremes and diviners was fully intact. Some were missing arms and legs, while others had been blinded…even more had gaping wounds in their chest and abdomen. 


Ye Zichen flipped his hand and summoned the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. It expanded until it towered, black and glittering, over the ocean. 


“Go inside! Jingwan, contact the Hermit Emperor. Have him send physicians right away! Ocean Emperor, please let me borrow the physicians in nearby cities. Send them all into the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.”


All of the Outsiders entered the pagoda, while Pu Jingwan and the Ocean Emperor went off to call for doctors. The Great Sage remained outside to keep watch, while Ye Zichen and Yang Jian followed the wounded into the pagoda. 


Inside, a million experts sat cross-legged atop a grassy plain. Ye Zichen stared at them, stunned.




The one-armed expert knelt upon the ground. 


“Star Master Ye, we finally found you.”


“Hurry and get up! What exactly happened to the First Era? Why are your wounds all so serious?” Ye Zichen furrowed his brow.


“The First Era is no more!” the one-armed expert wailed.



“The First Era is gone! Nothing remains, it…. It was destroyed!”

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