Chapter 1581 - Discussion

“Heh….” Venerate Spirit Treasure couldn’t help but laugh sheepishly. Exploding from the inside once in his life was more than enough; the experience had engraved itself deep into his consciousness.


Even now, all these years later, just looking at Xuan-Yuan Xiang made him involuntarily recall that feeling of bursting apart at the seams.


When he attempted to devour the Xuan-Yuan Sword, the influx of power filled him to bursting.


Then, he blew apart into little chunks…


Suddenly, he couldn’t help but quiver. He shook his head as if to disperse the memories. Then, he rubbed his hands together, bowed, and smiled at Xuan-Yuan Xiang. “No problem! Big Sister Xiang, everything will be as you say!”  

“What I want isn’t what I say, but what he says!” Xuan-Yuan Xiang stretched out her arm and pointed at Ye Zichen.


Venerate Spirit Treasure hurriedly nodded. “Yes, of course, going forward, Alliance Head Ye is the heavens! Whatever he wants me to do, I’ll do. If he tells me to go east, I sure as heck won’t go west. If he tells me to kill a dog, I sure won’t come back with a chicken!”


“Whimper…. Woof, woof…..” the Howling Celestial Dog at Yang Jian’s feet suddenly felt deeply uncomfortable. It let out a few displeased barks. 


“Now you’re behaving yourself,” Yang Jian turned and addressed his dog. “If you run off again, well, do you see that guy? He’ll catch you and make you into soup! Let me tell you: I can’t beat him!”


Recently, the stupid dog had run off who-knows-where. He was Yang Jian’s spiritual beast, wasn’t he?


Ever since the dog’s cultivation increased, he’d started disappearing unpredictably for no apparent reason. He’d vanish for ten days or half a month, then come back covered in wounds. The sight of him made Yang Jian’s heart ache, but when he asked what had happened, the dog merely lowered its head and refused to answer.


But when Yang Jian treated his wounds, the stupid dog would just run off again, and when he came back, he’d have new injuries. 


The Howling Celestial Dog had recently returned to Yang Jian’s side, and just as before, he was wounded. Yang Jian had already borrowed quite a few divine-grade medicines to treat his wounds. 


“Woof, woof…” The Howling Celestial Dog wagged its tail and let out a few yips. 


Yang Jian’s gaze softened, and he squatted down and patted the dog on the head. Beneath that pitch-black fur were wounds so deep, you could see the bones. Just looking at them made Yang Jian’s heart ache. Although his words seemed to say “you deserved this,” he soon spat viciously, “Next time, take me with you. I’ll skin whoever’s been hurting you.”


“It seems you know your place.” Just as Yang Jian was feeling sorry for his dog, Xuan-Yuan Xiang nodded at Venerate Spirit Treasure in satisfaction.


This scene stirred up great waves in the hearts of the emperors present. The aura Venerate Spirit Treasure had just revealed was a bit stronger than that of even Zhou Wu or Kui Lin. It was hard to know whether he was stronger than the Eastern Monarch Taiyi, but he wasn’t far off.


If they recalled, it had been ten thousand years since the Eastern Monarch had revealed his strength.


But for a peak expert like a Realm Emperor, ten thousand years of accumulation was sure to have dramatically boosted his strength.


Venerate Spirit Treasure was on that level too, but when he faced Xuan-Yuan Xiang, he was meek and toadyish as could be. The great emperors knew he’d once burst at the seams after attempting to swallow the Xuan-Yuan Sword, but sheer intensity of his fear was hard for them to believe.


“Heh…” Venerate Spirit Treasure still nodded, bowed, and smiled appeasingly. 

 Xuan-Yuan Xiang took a few deep looks at him, then turned to Ye Zichen and said, “I won’t linger any longer. Lately, I’ve felt something strange going on with that godhead you gave me. I have to return to the sword to think it over for a while. Of course, if this dirty toad gives you trouble, call me anytime. I’ll be sure to let him relish the sensation of his body bursting apart once more.”


“I’ve troubled you, Big Sister Xiang.” 


She nodded, then returned to the Xuan-Yuan Sword. Venerate Spirit Treasure really did obediently stand behind Ye Zichen, and although his gaze was unfriendly when he looked at the great emperors, he didn’t dare cause trouble. 


After all this, the great emperors didn’t understand. Empress Su Qingyan frowned and said, “Star Bearer Ye, this… shouldn’t you explain this to us?”


All of them sensed that Ye Zichen and Venerate Spirit Treasure had an unusual relationship. The great emperors looked over, and saw Ye Zichen bow at the waist and cup his fists. “I humbly request that you calm your fury.”


“Xue Yang, you and Star Bearer Ye are in this together, aren’t you?” asked the Jade Pool Palace Master.


The Ocean Emperor said nothing, but Ye Zichen chuckled.


“Please, don’t misunderstand. The Ocean Emperor and I know the depths of your grudge with Venerate Spirit Treasure. That’s why we didn’t attempt to stop you earlier; we wanted to give you the chance to vent your fury.”


“Vent our fury? You were just trying to show us who’s boss,” snorted Bi’an. 


“Great Emperor Bi’an, your words are too heavy.” Ye Zichen grimaced. “We’re all members of the same alliance. How could I intentionally put you in a tight spot? If you want to sanction Venerate Spirit Treasure, the Ocean Emperor and I won’t beg for mercy on his behalf. It’s what he deserves, given his crimes. At most, we’d step in after he was imprisoned and plead for his life.”


“You’re really overthinking things. Just the few of them….” Venerate Spirit Treasure sneered.


In an instant, the great emperors’ expressions turned unsightly and vicious. All of them were lofty imperial lord-level experts. Their failure to overpower Venerate Spirit Treasure even after joining forces was already a grave humiliation. Now, he was verbally insulting them, leaving them with no dignity at all. 


“Shut up!” When he saw the great emperors’ rising fury, Ye Zichen glared and let out a low shat.


Being scolded like this naturally angered Venerate Spirit Treasure, but when he considered that Ye Zichen had Big Sister Xiang backing him, he dared not let his displeasure show on the surface.


“Agh.” Ye Zichen lowered his head and sighed, then turned to the great emperors. “Please, everyone, don’t lose your tempers. I know that you… Well, you saw it too, right? Even if you were angrier than you already are, there’s nothing you can do to him.”


“Just as I thought: you were trying to show us who’s boss!” snorted Bi’an.


“That’s absolutely not what I’m trying to say! But if you insist on seeing it that way, I won’t attempt to explain myself.” Ye Zichen sighed. 


“Star Bearer Ye, that’s awfully dull of you.” Great Emperor Chao Feng narrowed his eyes. 


“What are you people doing? We’re all part of the same alliance. Is there any need to lose our tempers over such trifles?” The Hermit Emperor chose that moment to step in and play mediator. “I’m sure you’re all well aware of Star Bearer Ye’s character. There’s no reason for him to intentionally humiliate you, is there? Besides, you ought to at least hear what he has to say before making your decision, right?”


“Let’s hear it, then,” said Bi’an.


The Hermit Emperor smiled at Ye Zichen, signalling for him to continue. He nodded, then faced the furious Great Emperor Bi’an and said, “Actually, what I wanted to say was, I’m considering letting Venerate Spirit Treasure join our ranks. Everyone, what do you-.....”


“There’s absolutely no way!” said Great Emperor Bi’an. “If he joins, I’ll leave!”

 As he spoke, he got up and prepared to leave, but several streaks of dazzling gold light stopped him in his tracks. “Great Emperor Bi’an, please, don’t be in such a hurry. Venerate Spirit Treasure has brought a show of his sincerity!”

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