Chapter 158 The World is so Small

Chapter 158 – The World is so Small

After Lin Ru watched the group of people leave, she looked towards Lin Lin with a frown, “Lin Lin, how did you offend my friends?”

“Your friends?” Lin Lin smiled mockingly. “Lil’ Ru, I think you became an idiot from living a normal person’s life, right? Just what kind of things do you get to know?”

“Idiot! Just wait till you regret it,” Lin Ru rolled her eyes, then walked towards the manor.

“Zichen, don’t get mad at Lin Lin. He grew up with everything handed to him on a silver platter, that’s why his personality is like that,” Wu Haoyu comforted softly.

Ye Zichen picked up the cold drink on the table, then shook his head with a laugh, “Aren’t you the same? Why don’t I see you like that? His personality is like that. There’s no need for you to explain that much for him, I’m in no mood to care about someone like him.”

“Hey, I’m different from him,” Wu Haoyu shook his head with a smile. “I’ll stop talking about him. I wanted to get you to help Old Man Lin do a check-up…”

“He doesn’t need my help… Didn’t he say that? Someone will do it, so stop worrying,” Ye Zichen patted Wu Haoyu on his shoulders.

At the same time, his phone rang.

Deng Cheng!

What did that gramps call him for?


Deng Cheng’s expression stiffened when he heard the way he was addressed through the phone, then he shook his head with a wry smile, “Lil’ Ye, do you have time?”

“That would depend on what you want from me. Then I’ll decide if I have time.”

“Why are you always so wary towards me?” Deng Cheng smiled wryly.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, “There’s no helping it. Gramps, I always feel like you’re too crafty, if I am not careful, I would have to count the money for you after you sell me.”

“I’ll be very sad if you’re like this.”

“Feel sad if you want.”

Ye Zichen was truly speechless towards Deng Cheng. He was already a gramps with a head full of white hair, yet he actually started to act soft and weak.

“What exactly do you want? Say it quickly, I’m very busy!”

“Okay. Didn’t I ask you to help take a look at one of my old friends? He just come back from the capital, let’s go over to take a look?”

“Sure, then come pick me up, I’m at…”

Ye Zichen told Deng Cheng the address, then hung up.

There’s no helping it, he did promise Deng Cheng this. He would be untrustworthy if he went back on his word.

“Zichen, since you’re still busy, then I’ll be going. Lin Ru just WeChatted me to come and find her…”

“Go, go, go. Say hi to Lin Ru for me.”

After Wu Haoyu left the cold drinks store, Ye Zichen stood under the umbrella outside the cold drinks store and looked up towards the sky.

About twenty minutes later, a black BMW stopped in front of him.

“Lil’ Ye,” Deng Cheng walked over with a kind smile.

Ye Zichen took a look at his car.



“Gramps, your car’s pretty good. You didn’t be a doctor for so long for nothing. Do you have a granddaughter or something, how about letting me be a live-in grandson-in-law? Then I would have to work less hard for the last half of my life.”

Ye Zichen merely wanted to tease the gramps. He never expected Deng Cheng to be happy instead of angry after hearing that, “I really do have a granddaughter. How about I introduce the two of you?”

Ye Zichen glanced at Deng Cheng’s happy face speechlessly.

The plot didn’t seem to be right!

Since he instantly lost, Ye Zichen didn’t reply, and merely opened the car door and sat inside with the Great Sage and Third Fatty Jin.

“This little fellow…” Deng Cheng pursed his lips and smiled. He’s someone that’s lived for a long time, how could he not tell that Ye Zichen was just teasing him?

But his reply just now was sincere!

Ye Zichen’s medical skills were something that he could recognize. Even he admits that he was slightly worse than Ye Zichen in terms of medical skills.

His family was a medical one, and his granddaughter did study medicine…

If he really could introduce them, it might be a good relationship.

Deng Cheng shook his head, while such a seed was planted in his heart. He begun to think that if he had the chance, he must let Ye Zichen and his granddaughter get to know each other.

“Big bro, this road is so familiar!”

Third Fatty Jin slightly frowned as he looked outside, while Liu Qing also nodded in agreement as she floated at the top of the car, “Yeah, we seemed to be here just earlier.”

Only then did Ye Zichen look outside. The moment he did that, his face instantly turned dark.


F*ck, they really came here before.

If there was no surprise, Gramps Deng Cheng should be driving them to the Lin family home.

“What is it?” Deng Cheng did not stop the car.

Ye Zichen let out a long sigh and said speechlessly, “Is the surname of the patient you want me to treat Lin?”

"How did you know?” Deng Cheng was stunned.

Hearing this reply, Ye Zichen laughed speechlessly.

It was truly a small world.

Ye Zichen pursed his lips with a strange smile, then put his hand behind his head and stopped talking.

There were no surprises. Deng Cheng did drive to the Lin famly home.

The car only stopped after entering the Lin family manor without stopping. The moment they parked, a bunch of people waited outside the car door to greet them.

Lin Hanben opened the car door for Elder Deng in person. It really wasn’t easy for someone of his identity and position to do that.

“Elder Deng!”

His face carried a warm smile. His wife, Zhao Shuangying, stood behind him…

As well as Lin Lin, who was beyond cocky earlier.

“Grandpa Deng.”

Lin Lin greeted Elder Deng respectfully, to which Deng Cheng nodded with a smile.

Deng Cheng looked subconsciously towards the car and wondered why Ye Zichen did not get out.

Yet, Lin Hanben made a please gesture at the same time, “Elder Deng, please.”

“Please what? The real person hasn’t come out yet. Aren’t you in too much of a hurry?” Elder Deng chuckled.

Only then did Lin Hanben notice that someone was in the backseat.

“Elder Deng…”

“The person checking on Old Lin this time isn’t me, it’s a master that I invited. Old Lin’s sickness can definitely be treated with him here.”

Lin Hanben revealed a surprised expression.

Elder Deng was extremely reputed in the medical realm, he was called the Six Great National Masters alongside the five in the capital.

Someone that he called a master would definitely be an extremely amazing person.

Cold sweat immediately flowed down Lin Hanben’s forehead when he thought back to his pride earlier. Their family’s old man was the pillar of the Lin family, if his gesture just now caused that master to be even slightly unhappy…

Lin Hanben nodded towards Elder Deng with a smile, then respectfully ran to the backdoor of the car and stood up straight.

Third Fatty Jin rubbed his hands. He loved these sorts of scenarios for him to show-off.

He wanted to see Lin Lin’s appearance of getting humiliated for a long time. If it wasn’t for Ye Zichen stopping him, he would have gotten out of the car ages ago.

“Boss, can we get out of the car yet?”

“Get out,” Ye Zichen nodded.

Third Fatty Jin instantly lifted his head, and walked down the car with a straight back and an untamed expression.


Lin Lin’s expression turned awful the moment he saw Third Fatty Jin.

Immediately after that, Lin Lin’s expression turned even worse when the Great Sage and Ye Zichen got out of the car as well.

“Hanben, let me introduce you. The master I was talking about is this young friend.”


Lin Lin’s expression turned ghastly pale.

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