Chapter 1571 - A Hidden Big Shot

It was hard to imagine, but this yao in green, who’d only just been grinning wickedly, was now staring intently at Ye Zichen. He was practically salivating.


If you looked closely, he really was drooling a little, and his Adam's apple was bobbing up and down with every gulp.


Despite himself, the yao’s gaze sent shivers down Ye Zichen’s spine. Yang Jian felt rather strange too.


“A treasure?” Pu Jingwan rubbed her pretty jaw and looked Ye Zichen up and down, then took in the yao expert’s gaze. Her gaze flitted between them, then landed on a rather strange place. She suddenly shivered and rubbed her arms together. “Eh?”


Her face filled with disdain, and she took several steps back, but the yao didn’t seem to notice. When he looked at Ye Zichen, his face was filled with greed. He couldn’t help but lick his lips. “How about it? So long as you agree, I can help you.”  

“Hey, you’re not going to agree, are you? There’s no need for that. Would you really throw away the final remnants of your dignity over something like this?” Pu Jingwan knit her brows.


Ye Zichen naturally took in her disdainful gaze. He immediately realized what this dirty-minded girl must be thinking. 


When the yao in green asked for a “precious treasure”, he was definitely asking for a divine artifact, but in her fujoshi-esque mind….


What a fujoshi!


She wasn’t just jumping to conclusions; she’d practically jumped into a car and raced to conclusions! 


“Can you quit it, please? Big Sister Pu?” Ye Zichen didn’t even know what to say. He simply rolled his eyes. Yang Jian, meanwhile, didn’t quite understand what they were talking about.


“Yang Jian, you moron. Get over here and I’ll explain it to you.” 


Yang Jian obediently walked over and let her start brainwashing him.


During their conversation, Ye Zichen noticed Yang Jian glance at him from time to time, his eyes wide with shock and horror.


But the yao was in no mood to concern himself with Pu Jingwan’s tomfoolery. He was even getting rather agitated. “Will you do it? Tell me! Don’t just keep me hanging!”


The way Ye Zichen saw it, this yao in the green shirt was almost certainly an imperial lord-level expert, and a relatively powerful one at that, on par with Xue Yang and other great emperors of the various Divine Mountains. 


Why had Xue Yang locked an expert like this in here? Ye Zichen had no way of knowing.


But he was certain that given the man’s cultivation, his standards were sure to be lofty. There was no need to even consider offering him demigod artifacts. In fact, if he saw a demigod artifact lying around, he might not even bother picking it up. He might just kick it away like garbage, or an eyesore. 


Ordinary divine artifacts were unlikely to interest him either. Anything that interested him was likely to be on the divine artifact leaderboards. 


Although Ye Zichen had had more than his share of miraculous encounters, he only had a few ranke artifacts. Ye Zichen thought it over, then took a set of armor from his spatial ring.


This armor was ranked eighty-seventh on the defensive divine artifact leaderboards.


Since he already had his Swirling Flash Trait, he’d planned to save this armor for Yang Jian and the Great Sage, but when he offered it to them, they didn’t want it. Now, he had no particular use for it.


He might as well offer it to this expert. 


“Senior, what do you think of this set of armor?” He lifted it with both hands, but it was extremely light. Although it looked like heavy plate, it was as light as goose feathers. It was naturally made of rare divine materials, and it was crafted by a grandmaster refiner of the Supreme Hall. Otherwise, it couldn't possibly rank amongst the top hundred defensive divine artifacts.


The green-shirted yao sneered. He didn’t so much as look at the armor. “Not that one.”


He didn’t like it.


To tell the truth, although this armor wasn’t much use to imperial-level experts, it was still a ranked artifact. Even Xue Yang would have been happy to obtain it.


But this big shot didn’t even look at it.


“Perhaps, Senior, you have a taste for novelty?” Ye Zichen thought about it, then took out a brick. It was the one Gu Li had used back in the Yao Realm, and it caused dizziness. “Senior, what do you think of this one…”  

“Kid, you’re doing this on purpose, aren’t you?” To his surprise, the green-shirted yao directly lost his temper. “Did you really think I’d be interested in that ragged garbage?”




Before Ye Zichen could even respond, the yao waved his hand and tossed out hundreds of divine artifacts. Some were defensive, some were weapons, some were auxiliary. There was any type of treasure you could need.


They shone with all the colors of the rainbow, the sight dazzling to behold.


“Do you see that? They’re all on the leaderboards, and they’re all ranked far higher than that crap you just showed me.”




Ye Zichen couldn’t help but gulp. The sight of all these treasures drew even Pu Jingwan and Yang Jian’s attention.


All of them were ranked divine artifacts. Just how rich was this guy?  

It was pretty good for a ruler to have even just a few divine artifacts, and it was rare for even imperial-level experts to own ranked artifacts. Only the likes of Xue Yang could possess artifacts in the top hundred, and even then, only a few apiece. 


But this yao expert had just casually…. 


Tossed out around a hundred of them?




“Quit with all that ‘senior’ ‘senior’ nonsense. Do you want to make a deal, or not? What, do you think I have lots of free time to waste with you?” The yao rolled his eyes.


Ye Zichen had, in fact, been rather bewildered. He’d started speaking almost instinctively. 


Over a hundred ranked divine artifacts? What could he, Ye Zichen, possibly have that would interest such a big shot?


He couldn’t think of anything!


No, wait!


Could it be…?


“Heh, kid, you’ve realized what I want, yeah? Hurry up and take it out,” said the green-shirted expert.


It was true that Ye Zichen had thought of a certain treasure, but it was far too important to him. Even if it were the one the green-shirted yao was after, he couldn’t possibly just give it to him.


But in order to verify his guess, he still took it out.


It was a black treasure tower, its surface spotted with rust. It looked unexceptional, but it was this very unassuming tower that’s name shook the Upper Three Realms: the Yao-Sealing Pagoda.


“Senior, is this the one you’re after?”


“That treasure….” This time, he showed no sign of the disdain he’d had for those weapons and armor. Instead, he squinted and looked it over several times. “What exactly is it?”  

“It’s called the Yao-Sealing Pagoda. Isn’t it what you wanted?” asked Ye Zichen.


“The Yao-Sealing Pagoda? It sounds a bit familiar.” The green-shirted expert mulled it over. Then, his eyes widened, as if he’d received an overwhelming shock. He immediately retreated several meters back.


Ye Zichen, Yang Jian, and Pu Jingwan were baffled by this reaction.


“Senior?” Ye Zichen took several steps forward.


“Stay where you are! Don’t move”! The green-shirted expert stretched out his hand and shouted. “What a kid! I thought we seemed connected somehow. That’s the Yao-Sealing Pagoda Emperor Hades made to help Five Elements catch yao, isn’t it? Back in the day, the Five Elements Great Emperor treasured that thing; he wouldn’t give it to anyone! You even have a treasure like that!? What’s your connection to the Five Elements Great Emperor?”

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