Chapter 157 The Lin Family

Ye Zichen took a taxi over to the meeting spot.

“Great Sage Sun, don’t speak recklessly later. Just stay there obediently.”

Ye Zichen said slightly worriedly towards Great Sage Sun.

He really was afraid that Great Sage Sun would go like “I, Old Sun” and “kill Yao”…

He really couldn’t deal with that!

“Hey, I, Old Sun, understand. I, Old Sun, will just not speak.”

Great Sage Sun shook his hand as if he didn’t care. Then, Ye Zichen repeatedly reminded him not to speak carelessly again, then walked towards the manor in front of them.

“What did you come here for?”

The moment they walked up to the gate, a man, wearing a security uniform and holding a walkie talkie, walked over.

“Wu Haoyu told me to come.”

“Wu Haoyu?” The security guard frowned. “There isn’t anyone called Wu Haoyu here. Hurry up and go to where you’re supposed to be.”

“Wow, a guard’s so arrogant now?”

Ye Zichen tilted his head, and looked at the guard with a face full of mockery.

“Grandson, hurry up and f*ck off…” The guard pointed the walkie talkie in Ye Zichen’s face. “The Lin family home isn’t a place for you to cause trouble!”

Lin family!

Ye Zichen smiled. Wu Haoyu had told him that his family’s old man, causing him to think that it was the old man of the Wu family.

From the looks of it, the brat treated Lin Ru as his family already.

Ye Zichen didn’t think that despite him looking so honest, he was rather witty.

Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile. When the guard in front of him waved his hand to tell him to leave with an impatient expression, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows, “You don’t know Wu Haoyu, but you should know Lin Ru, right?”

The guard’s expression tensed when Lin Ru was mentioned.

How could he not know Lin Ru? That was the young mistress of them, the Lin family!

“It seems like you know her. I know Lin Ru. Let me in.”

“You?” The guard revealed a mocking smile. “Taking a taxi to our Lin family, and wearing just street-side clothes that are not even worth two thousand yuan. You said that you know our Young Mistress?”

“Are you going to let…”

Great Sage felt a bit impatient as he scratched his face and glared at the guard.

Since Great Sage turned into the fighter at Di Tian’s mansion, he was definitely quite a bit buffer than the security guard in front of them.

The security guard took a step back subconsciously, and glared at them sinisterly.

“Group A, Group B, someone is causing trouble at the front gate. Requesting backup.”

“You truly are snobbish,” Ye Zichen sighed, then licked his lips with a smile. “I had wanted to negotiate properly with you, but you are unwilling…”

“Little brat, this lord is saying this now, if you don’t want to suffer, then hurry up and f*ck off!”

The security guard clearly had a temper, and he also felt like he had a reason to act like that.

Those people came to the Lin family home without a car, and dressed pitifully cheaply. Someone of this level definitely could not know a Lin family member.

Just what kind of family was the Lin family?

It was a huge family that had contacts in the business world, the political world and even the military.

The people that came to this mansion were either rich or powerful, someone like Ye Zichen…

Could not possibly have gotten into contact with the Lin family!


Ye Zichen’s phone rang.

“Brother Zichen, you’re still not here?”

Wu Haoyu clearly sounded anxious on the phone.

Ye Zichen glanced at the guard in front of him playfully, “I got stopped by the guard.”

“What!? I’m coming out to get you now.”

Not long later, two figures walked out from the manor.

One of the figures walked rather hurriedly, while the other clearly seemed rather casual.


Wu Haoyu quickly ran over, then took a glance at the guard, who was on the side.

“You really are blind, daring to stop anyone.”

“Hehe, Haoyu, why are you so angry?”

At that moment, playful laughter sounded out.

Ye Zichen looked up, and saw a soft-faced teenager walk out from the manor.

“Second Young Master.”

The security guard quickly bowed in respect. The teenager nodded in response, “Go on, it’s none of your business here now.”

“Yes, sir!”

The guard respectfully left from the side.

After that, Wu Haoyu squinted his eyes, “Lin Lin, what’s this supposed to mean? That guard was disrespectful to my friend, and even stopped him from entering, you’re just letting him off like that?”

“Was our security guard wrong?” Lin Lin smiled mockingly. He took a few more glances at Ye Zichen, after which the disdain in his eyes became even more apparent. “Wu Haoyu, do you think anyone can come into the Lin family home? Even our family’s servants dresses better than this brat.”

Then he smiled in disdain, “Also, don’t say ‘your friend’ over and over again. If it wasn’t because my lil’ sis is determined to date you, do you think your Wu family’s tiny bit of money can get into contact with us, the Lin family?”

Anger surfaced on Wu Haoyu’s honest face. He glared straight at Lin Lin and suppressed his anger, “Ye Zichen is a qigong master. I asked him to come here to treat Old Man Lin.”

“Qigong master?” Lin Lin smiled mockingly, then looked at Ye Zichen. “Him? Qigong master? Can you not crack a joke! We, the Lin family, understands your good will, but someone is able to cure the old man. We came back to Bingcheng this time to get the old man treated. Your friend can just go to the side!”

“Lin…” Wu Haoyu wanted to continue to argue, but Ye Zichen grabbed his shoulders.

Then, Ye Zichen shook his head and looked towards Lin Lin, who was standing on the side cockily, “Very good, very powerful.”

“What? From the looks of it, you’re very annoyed?” Lin Lin laughed with disdain.

Ye Zichen nodded, “Of course I’m annoyed for being looked down upon.”

“Then keep being annoyed. I love seeing people eat shit,” Lin Lin’s words were completely blunt, and it could be said that there was no more need to go around corners.

“Grandson, how the f*ck are you talking to my boss? Do you believe that I’ll slap you into the wall with a slap, so that you can’t be pulled out?” Third Fatty Jin glared at him angrily.

Meanwhile, the Great Sage also stepped forward fiercely and bared his teeth, “Hey, little fellow, I…”

Ye Zichen pulled Great Sage back. Meanwhile, Lin Lin raised his eyebrows and said with disdain, “You didn’t even hire a good fighter. I, I, I, I, what? And you, fatty, say that one more time…”

“So what if I, Lord Fatty, f*cking says it one more time? I…”

“Stop talking,” Ye Zichen said softly, causing Third Fatty Jin to instantly purse his lips and take a step back.

If it wasn’t a peaceful society, Ye ZIchen would definitely slap this grandson a few times.

The guy was truly lucky to have his family. Otherwise, he would have been beaten to death with his personality.

At this moment, a small buggy stopped.

Lin Ru jumped out from the car and ran straight to Wu Haoyu’s side.

“Haoyu, are you looking for me? Oh? Su Yan’s boyfriend, Ye Zichen, why are you here? C’mon, don’t stand here, go in and play!”

Lin Ru had a very deep impression of Ye Zichen.

“Never mind,” Ye Zichen shook his head with a smile, then glanced over at Lin Lin. “A small fry like me shouldn’t recklessly enter the gates of your Lin family. Good bye!”

With that, Wu Haoyu also shrugged off Lin Ru’s hand with a smile, “I’m leaving too.”

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