Chapter 1569 - The Green-Shirted Expert

Bai Haoyu had joined the Upheaval Alliance’s headquarters entirely due to his relationship with Yang Jian.


Ye Zichen naturally had absolute trust in Yang Jian. Yang Jian said Bai Haoyu was on their side, so Ye Zichen never so much as questioned it.


Later, when Ye Zichen led the bulk of his forces to the River Styx as reinforcements, Bai Haoyu wasn’t among their ranks. 


Unless something unexpected had happened, Bai Haoyu was still in the Upheaval Alliance’s headquarters.


Ye Zichen looked at Yang Jian. Between defending the River Styx and reinforcing the Fox Clan, they’d been scrambling constantly. There hadn’t been any time to understand Bai Haoyu’s situation.


“I don’t know the details either,” Yang Jian narrowed his eyes and transmitted. “He and I worked together back in the Lightning Emperor’s Estate, and he shared quite a bit of useful information with me. It was thanks to him that, even while I was undercover, I had time to send you direct messages. He’s the one who created the opportunity. When the Lightning Emperor decided to dispose of us, he spoke up for me, and when that didn’t work, he fought alongside me. The two of us killed our way out of the inner sect, side by side.”


Although Yang Jian just gave an overview, it was clear that the two of them…


Had gone through life and death battles together. Given that, it wasn’t unreasonable that following their escape, Yang Jian would say Bai Haoyu was on their side. 


“But I can’t be completely sure about him either. He gives me an opaque feeling. I’d advise you not to trust him completely. Hasn’t Xiao Yumei already returned to the base? I suggest telling her to keep an eye on him.”


“I’ve already told her,” said Pu Jingwan, waving her phone.


They were surprised; Pu Jingwan never seemed to take anything seriously, but she’d reached this conclusion even faster than them. Ye Zichen nodded at her, then turned to Bai Yulong. Yang Jian looked at him too, then snorted.


“Why worry about all this? I’ve known Bai Haoyu for quite some time, but I’ve never heard him mention his son. Besides, although Bai Haoyu’s cultivation is high, it’s not necessarily so high that we’re no match for him. In the face of absolute power, schemes are pointless.” With that, Yang Jian kicked Bai Yulong. “Behave yourself. If you keep barking, I’ll have my Howling Celestial Dog keep you company.”


Ye Zichen’s group then turned coldly away and headed toward the second layer. Bai Yulong’s fate was sealed. Or you could say, he had no future to speak of.


With Xue Beibei and the others here, his future couldn’t possibly be any better.


And when Xue Mo woke up, he was unlikely to escape death. Even if Xue Mo decided not to kill him, Ye Zichen and the Anti-Upheaval Student Society wouldn’t let him live any longer.


The second layer’s atmosphere was far more oppressive than that of the first. 


Those imprisoned here were all Divine General-level experts. The dungeon was pitch-black save for the torches lining the four walls. Within each light barrier cell were campfires that used divine power for fuel.


“It’s you again.” As soon as they reached the second layer, a chuckle broke the silence.


Ye Zichen turned towards the direction of the sound and saw that the speaker was none other than the yao in the green shirt, the same person he’d interacted with last time. 


This expert seemed to have a deep love of wine; last time Ye Zichen was here, he was drinking. He was drinking this time too. 


“Little guy, you’re no ordinary person. Last time you were here, you were just barely a diviner. Now, although you’ve still yet to formally become a ruler, I can tell by your aura that you’re a tad stronger than even ordinary rulers. That sure is strange!” 


The yao in the green shirt shook his head and took another swig of wine. When Ye Zichen heard that, he smiled amiably. “I’m still far inferior to you, Senior. I don’t dare brag, but I will say that I’ve seen more than my fair share of major powers, and you give off a similar feeling as the imperial-level experts I’ve met.”


Last time he was here, Ye Zichen’s impression of the man wasn’t as clear, but as his cultivation improved, so too did his judgment and ability to sense others’ presences. This green-shirted yao expert was absolutely not just some ordinary Divine General-level expert. 


Just looking at the size of his light barrier cell or his position within the dungeon proved he was extraordinary.


“Little guy, you sure know how to talk. How could I dare compare myself to those top experts? I’m just a little Yao Divine General, that’s all. I might be a little stronger than the others, but that’s just because my divine power is a bit more concentrated. I dare not even dream of contending with true top experts.” The yao expert laughed indifferently. “You’re here because you want to enter the third layer?”


“You’re wise indeed, Senior.” Ye Zichen cupped his fist.


“The first time you came here, I already guessed you’d go down there one day.” The yao in the green shirt chuckled. He didn’t seem like he was lying; he most likely really had guessed that Ye Zichen would go down to the third layer sooner or later.


Despite himself, Ye Zichen was surprised. Back when he first attempted to enter the third layer…


He’d displayed nothing but curiosity. 


It was only after thinking it over later that he’d decided he absolutely had to learn about the situation down in the third layer. 


And yet, this yao expert had only taken one look at him before determining his future plans.

 This level of foresight seemed downright mystical. 


The yao stretched lazily, then tilted his head and Ye Zichen and his friends. “Let me see… Last time you tried going down there, you had that yao race expert with you. The fellow down there rather detests us. Tch tch, it seems you’ve smartened up this time and know better than to take a yao with you. What, did you go ask the Ocean Emperor? Is he the one who told you not to bring a yao with you? Little fellow, I’m increasingly curious as to just who you are to convince the Ocean Emperor to tell you so much. You’re extraordinary indeed.” 


“You’re exaggerating, Senior.” Ye Zichen laughed and cupped his fist. “For you to determine so much, you’re clearly extraordinary too!”


“Hahaha…!” The green-shirted yao burst into laughter. “Even if I were far more extraordinary than I am, I’d still be nothing but another prisoner of the Ocean Emperor. I can’t wander freely like you. All I can do is drink alone in these petty confines and endure the fellow below’s attempts to torture me. Think about it; the Ocean Emperor is nasty indeed. Instead of punishing me personally, he’s using one prisoner to punish another.”


The green-shirted yao smiled bitterly. His cell was directly in front of the entrance to the third layer. As such, the imprisoned former Demon Emperor’s aura was constantly invading his cell.


But, from the look of things, the yao expert had been imprisoned here for quite some time already. If he’d resisted a former Realm Emperor’s aura for this long without his sea of consciousness crumbling, he had to be an imperial-level expert too. 


Even if he wasn’t an imperial lord, he ought to at least be an imperial king.


But that also meant that…


Last time they were here, bringing the Great Sage had infuriated the former Demon Emperor.     This time, the Great Sage was waiting outside. Perhaps, this time, they could go down and converse with him. It seemed possible, at least.


Just as Ye Zichen started fantasizing about getting the information he was after from the former Demon Emperor, or perhaps reaching some of his other goals, the green-shirted yao suddenly set his wine gourd onto the table. “Although I have no desire to ruin your good mood, I’d still advise you not to go down there.”


“Senior, you’re saying….”


At that moment, Ye Zichen felt a presence like a vicious, prehistoric beast wash over him. The yao expert shrugged and grimaced. “You can see it too, right? The man below is in a particularly bad mood today.”

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