Chapter 1561 - A Sign of a Return to Prosperity for the Yao Race

Yang Jian couldn’t help but wonder out loud. He looked utterly astonished.


If that wasn’t the case, this was just too strange. The Hermits Palace vice leader’s medical skills were unquestionable; that was why he'd reached his current position. If he said they were cured, naturally, the others believed them.


Wounds too severe for even his medical skills had healed all due to a sudden, inexplicable burst of unconsciousness?


When they woke up, Su Qingyan and the other wounded were fully healed.


The fact that they’d all fallen asleep was shocking enough. None of them had been injured or taken away. But that Su Qingyan and the others were fully healed was downright unbelievable.


The only explanation they could think of was that the person who’d put them to sleep had healed them, too. 


As for why he’d put them to sleep first? Perhaps this mighty expert didn’t want to publicly reveal his face. Perhaps he’d really come here just to heal them. Then, once they were fully healed, he left, and he released them from their slumber.


“Strange; my old illness is gone too!” As the crowd was overcome with shock, the Ocean Emperor examined himself and found that an old illness, one which had bothered him for ten thousand years, had vanished without a trace.


The others checked their conditions, then realized….


“Me too.”

 “All my wounds have healed as well.”  

“Mine too.”

 Regardless of whether they were peerless, imperial-level experts or the most ordinary soldiers of the allied forces or iron-hearted warriors, regardless of whether their wounds were serious or not, everyone had fully recovered upon waking up. Furthermore, they felt as if their divine power had been cleansed; it had become purer.”


“The Sacred Ancestor appeared!” No one knew who it was, but one among the yao bowed and cried out. More and more yao followed suit, all of them piously kowtowing.


The yao imperial-level experts nodded their respect too.


“The Sacred Ancestor?” The god race experts didn’t imitate them. Yang Jian watched the yao kneeling in utter befuddlement.


“The Sacred Ancestor appeared!” A deafening chorus of yao voices blotted out every other sound.


This was yao territory, and they’d suffered heavy losses, a major blow to their collective vitality. Then, they all suddenly fell asleep, and when they woke up, they were fully healed.


The only explanation they could think of was the Sacred Ancestors of the Yao Race.


Especially the foxes. The foxes’ Sacred Ancestor hadn’t just invented the Breath of Ice; they were also a medical sage.


Upon undergoing tribulation all those years ago, the Fox Ancestor received the godhead of the God of Life.


The fox experts bowed and worshipped on the ground. Even Xuan Ji bent low at the waist. She, too, was a fox, albeit only a side branch member. She might not be a nine-tailed fox, but she too respected the Fox Ancestor.


At that moment…




A divine power fluctuation spread out with Su Yan at its center.


She suddenly started emanating blue green light, and her dark hair turned a faint green. She hovered in the air, and a dazzling, radiant, turquoise gemstone gradually descended from the heavens.


“A godhead!” There was no shortage of top experts here. They naturally recognized the falling gemstone for what it was: a godhead.


“She’s condensing a godhead!”


As they cried out, a turquoise gemstone landed on Su Yan’s forehead, right between her eyes. The instant it landed, it merged, and her green glow intensified, becoming even more dazzling. A two-meter scepter descended from the heavens like a shooting car, yet another turquoise gemstone at its tip.


It radiated brilliant light, and when the light reached them, everyone felt their life force flourishing.


“A god-given artifact!” 


After condensing a godhead, one would receive a god-given artifact, but that was on the precondition that you fully fused with your godhead. That meant there was usually a long delay between attaining divinity and receiving your god-given artifact. 


But less than a hundred breaths of time had passed since Su Yan condensed her godhead, but here she was, already receiving her god-given artifact. Could she have already fused completely with her godhead? 




“Isn’t that the Fox Ancestor’s Godhead of Life? That fox girl condensed the godhead of the Goddess of Life!”


The Dragon Clan’s Dragon Emperor shouted with undisguised delight. The Flame Emperor of the Vermillion Bird Clan was stunned too, while Wei Chen and Tu Kuan froze.


The Goddess of Life!  

The God of Life was a master god!


Although the god race called themselves gods, they weren’t really. They were just humans. Still, among the various races, they were the closest to meeting the definition of a god, which was why they called themselves that.


True gods needed to condense a godhead. This wasn’t limited to humans, the so-called god race. Yao and demons could do it too.


Only when you had a godhead were you truly a god. However, newly-ascended gods were almost always lesser gods. There were higher level gods, too, though. Becoming one was directly related to how you formed your godhead, and how much god energy it contained. 


The Four Directions Palace’s Bi’an, for instance, had condensed a higher-level godhead.


His Hidden Dragon Sword, the artifact he’d received afterward, was enough to intimidate even the three Realm Emperors. 


That was what it meant to be a high-ranked god. Those with godheads could suppress those without, but they could also suppress those with lower-level godheads.


But master gods were even loftier than high-rank gods. 


Those who became gods wound up as lower, mid, or high-ranked gods. Anyone who achieved divinity could join their ranks. But master gods were different. There were a limited number of them. 


Once that number was maxed out, once all master god positions had their inheritors, it didn’t matter how shockingly talented you were. The best you could hope for was becoming a high-ranked god. 


Throughout the Upper Three Realms, the only known master god was the Wish God. The former Fox Empress, the Goddess of Life, had been a master god too, but she fell during the Great War of Demons and Gods. Ever since, her seat had been vacant.


But now...


Su Yan had condensed the Godhead of Life, and the god-given artifact she’d received was the Scepter of Life.


“That girl condensed a master god godhead, while Queen Su Liu’er has shocking attainments in the Breath of Ice. I hear they’re sisters. The two of them together are fully equivalent to the Fox Ancestor.” The Dragon Emperor was so excited, his arms quivered.


You couldn’t blame him for this; this scene was simply too shocking, too moving.


When had the yao race been the most prosperous? It was back when the Fox Ancestor and the Four Sacred Ancestors were in power.


Now, in the current Fox Clan, Su Yan and Su Liu’er were already approaching her level. A trace of her was upon them.


As for the dragons…


The Dragon Emperor subconsciously glanced at the still sleeping Xia Keke. She was the child the Dragon God had brought here, saying with absolute confidence that her future accomplishments would only exceed his. It was fair to say she could become a new Dragon Ancestor. 

 The Vermillion Birds, White Tigers, and the Xuanwu…


The White Tigers’ reagent, Wei Chen, had monstrous talent, the likes of which the White Tiger Clan hadn’t seen in a million years. He was like a new White Tiger Sacred Ancestor.


Similarly shocking geniuses hadn’t appeared in the Vermillion Bird or Xuanwu Clans, at least, not on the surface.


But they’d already shown signs of rising back to prominence five thousand years ago. They were on their way up. Maybe those clans, too….


Was the yao race really going to rise to prosperity again? Would they flourish as they did in their former peak now, just as the era was coming to its close? 

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