Chapter 156 Treasure Land

Chapter 156 – Treasure Land

The Great Sage held a Wahaha in his hand as he looked around the supermarket. If he didn’t remember wrongly, the stuff that’s neatly arranged are cup noodles, spicy gluten…

“Bro, this is the secret location you were talking about?”

Ye Zichen took a glance at the Great Sage. To be honest, he did plan to let the Great Sage stay with Zhuge Kongming when he was in the car just now.

When Ye Zichen saw the Great Sage’s glowing eyes, he instantly changed his mind

If he allowed the Great Sage to stay there, the Great Sage would eat till he cried.

“More or less,” Ye Zichen nodded with a coy smile, then sought out Yue Lao after telling the Great Sage to go around the supermarket.

“This sovereign has come.”

“Sky Sovereign, where have you been these days?” Yue Lao replied instantly. “I’ve been out of stock for so many days.”

“Sorry, sorry. This sovereign was busy with other matters recently. What would you like to stock up on this time?”


Yue Lao directly sent over a long checklist. Ye Zichen took a glance, then went around the supermarket a few times in order to send Yue Lao all the goods.


Yue Lao also sent cultivation experience over.

Ye Zichen immediately raised his eyebrows the moment he got the two hundred thousand cultivation experience.

He was a step closer to the secret scripture.

“Celestial sovereign, let’s chat next time.”

“One moment.”

Ye Zichen quickly stopped him.

“I wonder what other business does celestial sovereign have?”

Within Yue Lao’s manor within the Heavenly Court, Yue Lao got a celestial child to carry his new stock away, while he frowned at the message.

“How is the situation with Old Lord Taishang? Did you help me ask yet?”

“Uhm, celestial sovereign, that geezer is really stubborn…”

Ye Zichen more or less guessed the situation when he saw the message. It seemed like Old Lord Taishang had a pretty huge grudge against him.

“Alright, just go and sell stuff.”

Ye Zichen sent Yue Lao away, then replied to Third Prince Nezha.

Nezha didn’t have anyone that wanted to buy stuff from Ye Zichen, he merely wanted to buy some snacks for himself.

Ye Zichen received ten thousand cultivation experience, then left the supermarket basement.

“Zichen-ge, don’t you need to stock up?”

The moment he walked out, Zhuge Kongming ran over excitedly with the supplier’s number.

“How did you know I need to stock up?”

Ye Zichen glanced at him vigilantly. Dealing with the Heavenly Court was his secret, this little fellow shouldn’t know.

“You can’t not stock up, look…”

Zhuge Kongming pointed in front of him. Ye Zichen looked over…


A large majority of the six shelves of snacks within the supermarket were already emptied. Ye Zichen saw a floor full of snack bags and drink bottles, as well as the Great Sage, who was enjoying his food on the floor.

“I knew it.”

Ye Zichen walked over with a wry smile.

The Great Sage looked up towards Ye Zichen, “Bro, this place of yours is truly a land of treasure.”

Treasure your ass!

The Great Sage had pretty much ate ten thousand yuan there.

“Great Sage…”


The Great Sage still held a spicy gluten in his mouth, and when he looked up, his eyes were filled with the glint of excitement. It was clear that he felt pretty good about Ye Zichen’s supermarket.

Ye Zichen shook his head while not knowing whether to laugh or cry, then he called Third Fatty Jin and Zhuge Kongming over to clean up the trash in the supermarket and laughed lightly, “Great Sage, do you have a plastic stomach? Why aren’t you stuffed after eating all that?”

“How could this little amount make me be stuffed!? In the Heavenly Court, I, Old Sun…”

Blah blah blah.

The Great Sage spoke about his heroic tale of causing havoc within the Immortality Peach Garden. Basically, if he truly ate to his fill, then all the snacks in the supermarket wasn’t even remotely enough for him.

“Good, very powerful.”

Although Ye Zichen felt pained about it, there was nothing he could do.

He couldn’t get mad at the Great Sage. No matter what, the Great Sage had saved his life once, so whatever about him eating all that stock.

What’s more, he didn’t dare to say that sort of bullshit towards the Great Sage.

What if he got beaten up?

Ye Zichen rubbed his hurting temples, then raised his eyebrows and said towards Zhuge Kongming, “Stock up.”

When they stocked up the lacking goods on the shelves and in the basement, the little monkey’s eyes displayed both joy and shock when he saw that the shelves he pretty much finished get filled up.

After they sent the truck away, the Great Sage licked his lips and neared the shelves, “Stand still.”

Ye Zichen reached out and grabbed the Great Sage when he saw that the Great Sage was about to steal food once again, “Stop eating, if you continue eating, I can’t afford to support you.”


The Great Sage twitched his mouth, then wobbled a few more steps forward. Taking the chance that Ye Zichen wasn’t paying attention, he hooked his fingers at the snacks on the shelf.

A bunch of snacks directly flew towards him.


“Hehe, the person that can stop me, Old Sun, from stealing food has not been born yet!”

Then the Great Sage ran out of the supermarket with a bunch of snacks in his arms.

Ye Zichen sat down at the cashier’s counter helplessly.

F*ck, he really shouldn’t have brought the Great Sage here.

“Big bro, that lord really is the Great Sage?”

Third Fatty Jin indicated towards outside the supermarket with his mouth.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance, “What do you think…”

“Why did the Great Sage come over?”

“You’re asking me, but who am I supposed to ask?” Ye Zichen replied speechlessly. At that moment, he merely thought about how to send the Great Sage back to the heavens.

It wasn’t going to work to let the Great Sage wander around their world all the time!

Third Fatty Jin quickly shrank his neck when he felt the displeasure in Ye Zichen’s tone. However, he muttered to himself quickly, “What is he getting cocky for, if it wasn’t for Lord Fatty’s immortal spiritual powers being sealed…”


Ye Zichen’s phone rang. He took it out and looked at the caller ID.

Wu Haoyu.

That guy had never contacted him since the reunion. When Ye Zichen thought back to their promise, if there were no surprises, Wu Haoyu’s family’s old man must have returned.

“You truly only come ‘round when you have business. Say it, did your family’s old man return?”

“Brother Zichen’s prediction is truly like that of a god,” Wu Haoyu’s clear laughter sounded out from the phone. “The old man is indeed back. I wonder if Brother Zichen would have time to come take a look?”

“No problem, send me the address, I’ll go over later.”

After handing up the call, Ye Zichen received Wu Haoyu’s text.

Ye Zichen couldn’t help but be awestruck when he looked at the address.

The people that can live at the address he sent over were either government officials or extremely rich. It seemed like this Wu Haoyu wasn’t a normal person either.

Ye Zichen rotated his head a few times, stretching his neck in preparation for his upcoming ordeal, then put his phone into his pocket, before taking Third Fatty Jin to walk outside, beside the Great Sage.

“What? You want to steal the treasures back from me, Old Sun? Hehe… Don’t even think about it!”

Great Sage Sun protected the snacks with his spiritual power even more carefully than his own children.

Ye Zichen sighed helplessly, “I’m not taking it from you. We should be going.”

“I, Old Sun, isn’t going anywhere. This treasure land is pretty good, I, Old Sun, am going to stay here.”

Ye Zichen’s expression immediately turned gloomy.

If you stay here, then I’ll be f*cking broke within half a month.

“You have to listen to this sovereign on this sovereign’s turf. Great Sage, just come with me.”

With that, Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin grabbed each one of his arms, and dragged him into the car.

The Great Sage struggled initially, but not long later, a smirk appeared on his face.

“I, Old Sun, will just leave with you.”

The Great Sage followed Ye Zichen and Third Fatty Jin into the car, but right before he got in, a single monkey hair fell from his palm.

“Hehe, you want to force me, Old Sun, away? No way!”

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