Chapter 1557 - Still Alive..

“Senior.” At that moment, a hasty, frantic figure emerged from the darkness. The sound of his voice filled the skies. When he got closer, Ye Zichen realized that this new arrival was none other than Gu Li.


“Senior, what are you doing here?” As he spoke, Gu Li glanced at Ye Zichen. When he sensed that Ye Zichen had no major injuries, he looked away, his gaze solemn. He then faced the Outsider Gu Li with a mixture of worry and confusion.


“I ought to ask you that. Why did you come here?” asked the Outsider Gu Li.


“I….” When the Outsider Gu Li cast his spell, Gu Li and his armies weren’t among its targets. He’d only come back because he saw the skies darken over Fox Clan territory. He felt that something was amiss, so he went back to take a look.


The closer he got, the more certain he was that the Outsider Gu Li had been here.


The Outsider Gu Li had taught him this spell, too!


The Outsider Gu Li stared at Gu Li, who’d yet to say anything. He smiled and nodded, but didn’t pursue the matter. Instead, he looked away.


Gu Li’s heart clenched. He looked at this older version of himself and asked carefully, “Senior, you’re here to….”


“I’m here to take Ye Zichen’s life,” said the Outsider Gu Li without beating around the bush.


“Why are you going to kill him? He only just let us go. Please, for my sake, let him go just this once,” Gu Li pleaded earnestly.


“Gu Li….” Never, not even in his dreams, had Ye Zichen imagined that there would come a day that Gu Li would beg for his life. 


“A plea for mercy? For him?” The Outsider Gu Li sighed. “You’ve tried to kill him countless times already. Now, I want to kill him for you. Isn’t that exactly what you want? Why are you speaking up on his behalf? I…. I really don’t understand.”


This was only natural.


In the past, Gu Li was primarily concerned with how good it would feel to finally kill Ye Zichen. After all, they were bitter rivals. They each wanted to kill the other. 


But this time, Ye Zichen had let him and An Lu go, even though it meant making enemies of multiple powerful yao clans.


As a result, Gu Li’s perception of Ye Zichen had changed dramatically.


Gu Li had always thought of Ye Zichen as a self-righteous hypocrite, but now, it seemed his sentimental, righteous side was the real thing.


Also, Ye Zichen had spared their lives, so he owed Ye Zichen a favor.


Both logically and emotionally speaking, Gu Li couldn’t let the Outsider version of himself kill Ye Zichen.


“Senior, he and I are competitors. It’s because I have him as a rival that my life has become so rich. I want to keep duking it out with him; it’s actually quite fun. If you suddenly get rid of him, I might be happy in the moment, but afterward, my life will undoubtedly be lonely and bleak,” said Gu Li, cupping his fist at the Outsider. “Please, Senior, show mercy and spare his life. Even if he has to die in the future, it’d be best for me to do it myself.” 


“It seems you’ve taken a bit of a liking to each other?” the Outsider Gu Li laughed calmly. “But I’m not just here to clear the obstacles from your path.” 




“Do you know how An Lu dies?” 


The moment the words left the Outsider’s lips, Gu Li froze from head to toe. A long time passed before he could speak.


He already knew the First Era’s An Lu was dead, but the Outsider version of himself had never brought it up, and Gu Li had no way to ask.


He knew that, back in the First Era, An Lu had been important to that Gu Li too.


It was obvious!


It was precisely because he knew that the First Era’s An Lu had died that he was so cautious and concerned about this An Lu. It was why he went to such lengths to protect her; he was terrified some unexpected calamity would befall her.


For the Outsider Gu Li to say this now...


Gu Li subconsciously glanced at Ye Zichen. Could it be him?


“I didn’t want to tell you earlier, but now, I might as well.” The Outsider Gu Li looked at the current Gu Li, then pointed at Ye Zichen. “An Lu died because of him. I can’t explain the specific circumstances in which it happened, nor do I want to explain. Now, the choice is in your hands. Do I kill him, or do I let him go? Choose!”


With that, the Outsider Gu Li took out another bottle of divine nectar and began sipping it.


Gu Li’s pupils furiously constricted. He stared at Ye Zichen in silence for a long time. 


An Lu would die!


He didn’t want to think about it. He didn’t dare think about it.


To Gu Li, An Lu was everything; she was his life.


From the moment he first laid eyes on her, her eyes drew him in. He couldn’t resist that clarity in his heart; he fell for her, irrevocably and completely, as if he’d gone mad.  


He couldn’t lose her. If she died, there was no point in him living on; he might as well be dead too. He’d been utterly cautious and scrupulous, all for the purpose of keeping An Lu at his side….


But now!


The Outsider Gu Li was telling him that An Lu would soon die, and that it would be because of Ye Zichen.


“You….” Gu Li’s feelings were naturally rather complex. He looked at Ye Zichen for a long time, silent save for that single word, which he drew out far longer than usual.


In the past, this situation would have been easy to resolve. He’d just kill Ye Zichen, clearing the obstacles toward transcendence, and perhaps ensuring An Lu’s safety in the process. 


That choice would only benefit him, and it would come without the slightest cost. But now…


Could he really kill Ye Zichen?


Even if Gu Li could bring himself to do it, what would happen if An Lu found out? He couldn’t keep this from her; it would be like trying to trap a fire in a paper bag. The truth would get out sooner or later!


When that time came, An Lu would know that Ye Zichen had died, and that Gu Li had done it. How would she look at him then?


Gu Li didn’t care how others looked at him, with one exception. He couldn’t do anything to make An Lu dislike him.




“Have you made your choice?”


“Mmhm.” Gu Li nodded forcefully. “I choose to let him go. If An Lu really dies because of him, I’ll kill him myself.”


The Outsider Gu Li’s expression froze. He took in Gu Li’s vow, then shook his head. “We really are the same person, huh? But I’m sorry; I still think I’d best end him!”


With that, before either Gu Li or Ye Zichen could react, the Outsider Gu Li charged at Ye Zichen, aiming at his chest.




The instant he took action, a low voice emanated from overhead.


A light barrier formed before Ye Zichen, protecting him completely. Not even a half-step transcendent like the Outsider Gu Li could break it, or even damage it.


The Outsider Gu Li looked up at the sky. A single golden character had appeared, floating amidst the pitch-black darkness. It read, “Return!”  

“You’re still alive.” The Outsider Gu Li stared intently at the golden character in the sky. Shortly after, a figure shot through the sky.


When Ye Zichen saw them, he froze, stunned, only to see this new arrival bow deeply before the Outsider Gu Li. “The Master of the Stars requests you hurry back!

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