Chapter 155 The Crazed Han Xiangzi

Chapter 155 – The Crazed Han Xiangzi

Ye Zichen licked his lips, then decided to accept all of the Eight Immortals’ friend requests.




The phones of the immortals within the Eight Immortals manor all rang together. They raised their eyebrows, put down their tasks at hand and took a glance.

“Hey, that great deity added me,” Lan Caihe put his basket to the side and laughed.

Lü Dongbin also threw his celestial sword into the void, “He added me too.”

“He added me as well.”

“He added me as well!”

The immortals within the Eight Immortals manor all sounded off. Not long later, everyone set their gazes on Han Xiangzi.

“Old Han, that…”

Han Xiangzi already released the hand that he used to grip his phone very tightly with before Lü Dongbin finished speaking.

It had been a very hard week for him to endure. He had to release all of his anger.

“Grandson, you dare to finally add grandpa.”

Ye Zichen looked at everyone’s intimacy level the moment he accepted all of their friend requests.

All friendly.


At that moment, Ye Zichen received Han Xiangzi’s message. He looked at it, then at the intimacy level.


I knew it!

Ye Zichen laughed coldly, it seemed like he already pissed Han Xiangzi off to no end, otherwise, he wouldn’t have said this sort of thing that was unsuited to his identity.

“What are you seeking grandpa for?”

Ye Zichen was definitely the type of person that was nice when others were, but nasty, when other people were nasty to him.

Since Han Xiangzi wanted to flame him, then just do it!

“Last time grandpa didn’t finish speaking with you, but you already left grandpa to the side. What’s that supposed to mean?”

“What else can it mean? I already said I'm busy, how would I find time for a small fry like you?”

Small fry!

Han Xiangzi, who was in the Eight Immortals Manor, nearly swallowed his phone whole in anger when he saw this message.

As one of the Eight Immortals, he was actually treated as a small fry.

“Look at that, look at this grandson’s words, he didn’t take us, the Eight Immortals, seriously at all!”

Han Xiangzi held up his phone for all his friends to see. However, everybody ignored his words and busied themselves without looking at him at all.

That was especially true for Iron Crutch Li. Ever since Han Xiangzi broke his phone, he got angry whenever he looked at Han Xiangzi.

“You guys are truly loyal.”

Han Xiangzi clenched his teeth as he raised his thumb towards his friends.

Since you guys aren’t helping me, then I’ll do it myself!

“Let’s be honest. You told Yue Lao to come and find Immortal Lady He, right?”

“Yeah, I told him to. So what?” Ye Zichen knew that Han Xiangzi definitely sought him out for that. However, in order to not worsen the situation, he added another message. “However, I didn’t tell Yue Lao to find Immortal Lady He for me to pursue her.”

When Han Xiangzi saw Ye Zichen’s first message, he respected him for being a man.

But the second message instantly caused him to explode.

Getting Yue Lao to contact Immortal Lady He. If that wasn’t to pursue her, then what was it for!?

He hated people that did one thing on the surface, and one thing in the dark.

“Don’t bullshit with me. What are you seeking Immortal Lady He out for if not to pursue her?”

“Great Deity Han, you can like Immortal Lady He all you want, but don’t make it seem like everyone in the Heavenly Court has to like her, okay?”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes speechlessly, while Monkey Bro, who was peeking on the side also laughed, “You want to pursue Immortal Lady He? That Han Xiangzi definitely wouldn’t let you go.”

“Who the heck wants to pursue her!” Ye Zichen replied, speechless. “Whatever! If they don’t get me, you at least should get me. I’m seeking out Immortal Lady He for that lotus root!”

“It’s no use explaining to me, Old Sun. You have to explain to Han Xiangzi.”

“Great Sage, then some help?”

The Great Sage scratched his face, then leaned back on the seat with a smile, “I, Old Sun, can’t help you.”


This monkey truly ignored everything like it didn’t concern him. The monkey didn’t think about how much Ye Zichen had spent for him after he came to Bingcheng.

Now that Ye Zichen had a use for him, he didn’t care.

Ye Zichen took a glance at Great Sage Sun, then returned his gaze to his WeChat.

“What do you mean by that? Immortal Lady He is the number one beauty in the Heavenly Court. There are tons of people that like her!”

“Number one beauty?” Ye Zichen twitched his mouth. “You gave that title to her, right? I really am curious, when you said that, where did you place Chang’e and the Seven Fairies? Do you believe that I’ll screenshot this and send it to the group? If I do that, the Canopy Marshal would be able to call the Four Northern Saints and beat you to death.”

“I said that Immortal Lady He is the most beautiful, so she is the most beautiful…”

“I feel like Immortal Lady He is only so-so.”

Ye Zichen had never seen what Immortal Lady He looked like, but he didn’t think that she could be that beautiful.

If Immortal Lady He was truly so beautiful, then the Heavenly Court wouldn’t always say Chang’e was beautiful and never mention about how beautiful Immortal Lady He is.

“Are you saying that Immortal Lady He is ugly?”

“You’re insane.”

It was clear that Han Xiangzi’s love for Immortal Lady He had reached a crazed level.

To be honest, Ye Zichen respected him quite a bit.

It really wasn’t hard to like someone for so long.

But even so, he couldn’t be so unreasonable.

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes, then deleted Han Xiangzi from his contact list. He didn’t want to chat with that crazed man anymore.

“You dare to scold me!”

Han Xiangzi replied angrily when he saw the message.

Friend verification…

Seeing that his message failed to send, Han Xiangzi stood up in anger, and threw the phone forcefully onto the ground with his right hand.

“He’s pissing me off!”

“He’s pissing me off!!”

“Wow, another one was destroyed.”

Cao Guojiu shook his head with a sigh when he saw the floor covered with remains of a phone that had been smashed into smithereens. A phone was a rare product in the Heavenly Court.

When Iron Crutch Li’s phone was broken, it took the eight of them to put enough money together to buy a new one.

Now another one was broken.

It seemed like there was no need for Han Xiangzi to use a phone anymore.

“Old Han, I feel like you’re too impulsive.”

Actually, Lan Caihe did read Han Xiangzi’s chat with Ye Zichen, and did see in person that Ye Zichen say that he didn’t want to pursue Immortal Lady He.

“I’m impulsive? That grandson said that Immortal Lady He is ugly!”

“He didn’t seem to have said that,” Lan Caihe sighed helplessly. “It’s all your guessing, it’s not right for you to keep assuming his thoughts.”

“Lan Caihe, are you still treating me as a bro!”

Han Xiangzi glared at him. Lan Caihe shrugged timidly and didn’t dare to say anymore.

His sworn brother, in front of him had gone crazy, there was nothing he could say.

Cao Guojiu saw all of Han Xiangzi’s actions clearly.

Then after a sigh, he took a glance towards Elder Zhang Guo, “Old Zhang, chat with that great deity.”

“About what!” Elder Zhang Guo caressed his beard. “We don’t know the attitude of that great deity towards us, the Eight Immortals. Going to find him just like that might make him unhappy.”

“That great deity wants the Nine Heart Lotus Root. Old Han, you thought too much.”

Lü Dongbin, who did not speak at all, suddenly spoke up, and put his phone in front of Han Xiangzi.

He immediately went to chat with Ye Zichen the moment Han Xiangzi broke his own phone.

“Nine Heart Lotus Root? Who wants the Nine Heart Lotus Root!?”

At that moment, Immortal Lady He walked in from the outside.

She couldn’t help but frown when she saw the smashed phone on the floor, “Han Xiangzi, what kind of crazy are you today!?”

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