Chapter 1533 - The Limit


By the time Emperor Hades finished speaking, Su Yiyun’s expression was completely frozen in place. His jaw hung slack and his eyes bulged as he stared at the decrepit elder before him. 


Ask anyone in the world! Who wouldn’t want to become the next Emperor Hades?  

Emperor Hades. That was a title that could shake the countless clans of the Upper Three Realms. Others could only bow before Emperor Hades, and his name reverberated like thunder in the ears of the masses.


But now, Emperor Hades was telling Su Yiyun that he was the next to assume this glorious mantle!


Su Yiyun didn’t see what was so special about him, or how he’d bear the sheer weight of this position.




“Yiyun, I have high hopes for you. Don’t let me down.”




An almost skeletal finger gently tapped between Su Yiyun’s eyes, and a dazzling purple-blue light burst forth.


The waters of the entire River Styx seemed to boil. The purple-blue light of the palace spread, passing through the river and enveloping the entire sky.


The light expelled the countless denizens of the river and blocked them from entering. It even forced the Ocean Emperor, Xue Yang, back.


“The River Styx!”


The vicious beasts on the riverbank.


The citizens of the Divine Mountains.


All the cultivators of the God Realm’s Lower Lands.


The fleeing remnants of the Southern Kingdom’s forces.

 Anyone and everyone living in the Upper Three Realms saw the dazzling, radiant purple light spreading from the River Styx. 


Xuan Ji, Xue Yang, Ye Zichen, and the others naturally noticed it too.


“What’s happening to the River Styx?” All of them were wondering the same thing. Even the likes of Ocean Emperor Xue Yang was baffled. Only Xuan Ji lowered her head in silence, then placed her hands to her heart.


Ding! Ding! Ding!

 Everyone in Ye Zichen’s group simultaneously received a notification. They pulled out their phones, and saw that the War Prep Chat had practically exploded.


Jade Pool Palace Master: What’s going on at the River Styx? I can see it even here!  

Seventh Dragonborn: We can see it as well!


Third Dragonborn: Here too!


Fox Empress: It’s visible here in fox territory too. What’s going on?


Ocean Emperor: @Fox Empress, have you resolved the crisis in your territory?


Fox Empress: After the dragons and vermillion birds showed up, the demon’s initial invasion wasn't any threat at all.


Fox Empress: But even so, they arrived and retreated so suddenly.


Fox Empress: I was afraid that they’d set up an ambush, so I didn’t send anyone to pursue them. 


Hermit Emperor: It sounds like you’ve overcome your present difficulties for now. I’m glad.


Fox Empress: @Hermit Emperor, fortunately, you sent us your physicians. Otherwise, given how many demons invaded this time, we would undoubtedly have suffered heavy losses. 


Hermit Emperor: It was no trouble.


From the messages, it was clear to see that they weren’t the only ones who’d noticed what was happening at the River Styx. The glow was visible even up on the Divine Mountains and in the distant fox clan territories. Everyone had logged onto the chat group specifically to discuss this. 


 But what exactly was happening? Ye Zichen was confused too.


Lord of the Big Dipper: @Only Idealism, Zichen, you’re not hurt, are you?  

The other great emperors were worried about the River Styx, but Ye Rong was naturally more concerned about Ye Zichen. What did she care about the RIver Styx? Her only son’s safety came first!


Only Idealism: I’m fine.


Jade Pool Palace Master: @Only Idealism, what exactly is going on over there, that we can see it even from up here?  

Little Princess: @Erlang Shen @Monkey King @ Invincible Adorable Beauty, who can explain this?


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Me? I don’t know either!


Erlang Shen: Me neither!  

Monkey King: Me neither!  

Seventh Dragonborn: How is it possible that none of you know? Aren’t you right there? What’s going on with the Southern Kingdom’s forces? If not even you know…. What are we supposed to do?


Only Idealism: The Southern Kingdom has already retreated, but we really don’t know what’s happening here.


Only Idealism: Just now, Emperor Hades sent the King Jiao Hai and the Demon Emperor Kui Lin, then sunk into a low ebb. Just a little while later, the river lit up.


Seventh Dragonborn: The Demon Emperor?  

Third Dragonborn: A low ebb?  

Jade Pool Palace Master: Two against one? 


All of them focused on different things. Ye Zichen didn’t know who to respond to first.


Jade Pool Palace Master: @Ocean Emperor, What exactly did you go to the River Styx for, anyway? Emperor Hades can beat them, one against two, even without you!


Ocean Emperor: Actually, I helped a little too. (Bitter smile emojis)


Jade Pool Palace Master: A little? How so? Hurry up and discuss this with Emperor Hades. You’ve just got an avatar back on the Northern Divine Mountain. Do you really feel safe that way?  

Ocean Emperor: I already agreed to this. What’s there to discuss?  

Little Princess: @Ocean Emperor, haven’t you been at Emperor Hades’ palace this whole time? You don’t know what’s happening either?


Ocean Emperor: I’m in the same boat as the Emperor Star. I don’t know anything at all.


Jade Pool Palace Master: What good are you, then? (Angry emoji)


Ocean Emperor: (Sheepish grin) 


Seventh Dragonborn: Hey, divorcees! This is no place for spats! @Only Idealism, was the Demon Emperor at the River Styx?  

Only Idealism: He was!


Seventh Dragonborn: Did Emperor Hades really single-handedly ward Kui Lin and Jiao Hai off?


Ocean Emperor: I was there too!


Only Idealism: The Ocean Emperor chipped in too, but it’s true that Kui Lin and Jiao Hai only fled after clashing with Emperor Hades.


Seventh Dragonborn: Emperor Hades really is an eternal pillar of the Upper Three Realms.


Bi’an sighed with deep emotion. He, too, was a top expert just beneath the three Realm Emperors, but if he were to face Jiao Hai and Kui Lin simultaneously? Never mind sending them packing, just holding his own would be a challenge. 


If Emperor Hades had pulled it off, his strength was unfathomable indeed.


Seventh Dragonborn: If he beat them, why did he just let them leave?


Jade Pool Palace Master: Low ebb!  

Seventh Dragonborn: Oh! I forgot. (embarrassed grin emoji)


Third Dragonborn: Why is he in yet another low ebb? Aren’t they happening a bit too often?


Jade Pool Palace Master: Now that you mention it, you’re right!


Ocean Emperor: He really has had a lot of low ebbs of late.


Fox Empress: Think it over carefully. Doesn’t this light seem a bit familiar?


Ocean Emperor: Familiar?


The other great emperors sent similar questions. They didn’t know what Great Emperor Chao Feng was talking about, until suddenly...


Seventh Dragonborn: I remember. This has happened once before. Afterward, the former Emperor Hades disappeared, and no one’s seen him since.


Jade Pool Palace Master: Huh, you’re right.


Third Dragonborn: Indeed, that’s what happened.


Ocean Emperor: Are you saying that Emperor Hades will disappear all of a sudden, just like his predecessor?


Ocean Emperor: @Lady Providence, @ Hermit Emperor, these two haven’t said anything about the situation at the river at all. Way I see it, they probably know something.


Third Dragonborn: @Lady Providence, @ Hermit Emperor


Hermit Emperor: This old man doesn’t know. If you want to know more, ask @Lady Providence. She’s the one privy to heavenly mysteries, not me.


Lord of the Big Dipper: @ Lady Providence


Ye Zichen and the others all glanced at Xuan Ji. They were all in the same place, so they had a direct view of her face. To their surprise, her expression was incomparably solemn, and she was visibly conflicted.


Monkey King: She really does have some insider info! Her expression’s all twisted and hideous!  

Erlang Shen: You moron! That’s called “being conflicted.”


Monkey King: You talk too much nonsense.


Hermit Emperor: @Lady Providence, Just go ahead and tell everyone. There’s no need to hide it.


Lord of the Big Dipper: ????


As everyone urged her on without pause, Xuan Ji finally sent a message.


Lady Providence: Emperor Hades…. Has reached his final limit!

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