Chapter 153 First Understanding of the Three Realms

Chapter 153 – First Understanding of the Three Realms

The fact that the fatty was fine earlier, and then just instantly attacked without any prior notice completely shocked Ye Zichen.

He leaped aside and dodged Third Fatty Jin’s attack, and sat down in a chair at the corner of the room.

“What are you doing!?” Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and shouted. Why did he attack me without saying anything? From the looks of things, he was pretty angry.

“What!?” Third Fatty Jin clenched his teeth and glared at Ye Zichen, when he thought of being unable to return to Great Emperor Qingming’s side. “If it wasn’t for you, if it wasn’t for you… Lord Fatty must kill you!”

“F*ck, although I don't want to fight you, don’t think I'm a weakling!”

“Then go ahead and try, Lord Fatty wants to see just what grandson is capable of!”

“You asked for it!”

Ye Zichen cracked his neck, then kicked out towards Third Fatty Jin.

Lord Fatty revealed a hint of disdain on his mouth when he saw the kick, and rushed over.

With his power as a False Earth Immortal, it was easy to deal with a small fry that had just barely brushed against the level of a False Spiritual Body!


Wait, that’s not right.

Why am I flying?


A huge noise rang out.

The scene in his mind he expected did not appear. Lord Fatty fell to the floor with an expression of confusion.

What’s going on?

No matter what, I am a False Earth Immortal, why couldn’t I beat a False Spiritual Body?

He clenched his fists, then closed his eyes to feel the spiritual power within his body.


His expression turned stark white.


It’s all gone!

He didn’t have any spiritual power left at all!

When he thought back on his esteemed master’s words, if there were no surprises, then Great Emperor Qingming should have sealed his immortal spiritual power!

Ye Zichen walked over with his hands in his pockets when he saw the fatty fall to the ground.

“Fatty, are you a rabid dog!?”

A murderous light flashed in Third Fatty Jin’s eyes when he saw Ye Zichen.

If it wasn’t for the brat in front of me, I would already be staying in the Qingming Hall, listening to the songs sung by my maidservants and enjoying my life.

That’s great now, I can’t return to the Qingming Hall and my spiritual powers are all gone.

“You still have the face to be so arrogant?,” Lord Fatty clenched his teeth and stood up from the ground. “I can’t return to the Qingming Hall now and my spiritual power has been sealed by Esteemed Master… I…”

“What do you want to do?” Ye Zichen glared at him.


His spiritual power was all gone, so at that moment, Third Fatty Jin was no different from a normal person.

He wasn’t stupid enough to try and fight head to head against Ye Zichen, don’t talk about unable to gain anything, wouldn’t he be at a loss if he had to lie on the ground and get beaten up?

What’s more, he was foreign to this place in the Modern World. He needed to rely on this brat to even survive.

Decision made!


Submitting leads to a bright future!

“Ye-dage, my Esteemed Master told me to stay in the Modern World and follow you. You are my big bro from now on.”

In terms of the ability to see which way the wind blows, if he, Lord Fatty, dared to claim second, then no one would dare to claim to be first.

This sudden change in Third Fatty Jin’s attitude completely shocked Ye Zichen.

“You called me big bro just now?”

“Yeah, from now on, you are my, Third Fatty Jin’s big bro. From now on, I, your little bro, will follow your lead, sacrifice myself for you on the battlefield, succeed for you, horse… [1]

“… Speak, continue speaking.”

“Big bro, little bro’s education is limited, I only know these few proverbs,” Third Fatty Jin lowered his head remorsefully with a coy smile.

“Alright, stop kissing my ass here. I don’t want to ask too much about what the hell Great Emperor Qingming is planning. From the looks of it, you’re rather pitiful. Since Great Emperor Qingming told you to follow me, then I naturally will allow you to stay. I’ll say one thing, following me will bring good fortune for you.”

“That’s for sure, little bro believes what big bro says!”

Third Fatty Jin had truly positioned himself as Ye Zichen’s subordinate, it was very hard to imagine that until just a few moments ago, he was addressing himself as Lord Fatty.

“Mm, sit, you can tell me just what do those Rogue Immortals do.”

“Rogue Immortals? That’s a long story.”

“Then be concise!”

Ye Zichen rolled his eyes in annoyance. When Third Fatty Jin felt the displeasure in his big bro’s tone, he immediately nodded with a coy smile, “Okay, then I’ll be concise.”

Even though Sanpang compressed everything as much as he could, he still spent a bit more than an hour in order to explain all of Ye Zichen’s queries.

So, what was a Rogue Immortal?

Rogue Immortals were titles given to mortals that had gained immortal spiritual power through cultivation and became deities or immortals. They were more or less the same as the cultivators that novels spoke about.

The land that Ye Zichen resided in was called the Modern World by the Rogue Immortals!

There were rather few deities or immortals residing in the Modern World, only some Rogue Immortal families would leave a few immortals behind for a last resort!

All of the other Rogue Immortals would ascend to the Rogue Immortal’s region within the Immortal Realm to live.

Rogue Immortals were split into clear levels.

False Spiritual level, Spiritual level, False Earth Immortal, Earth Immortal, False Sky Immortal, Sky Immortal, True Immortal (Immortal King)…

Each level would be split into the early, mid, late, and complete stage.

Furthermore, the Heavenly Court, Underworld and Rogue Immortals were the three largest factions.

These three factions all had families that worshipped them in the Modern World…

When Ye Zichen thought of Great Emperor Qingming, Taibai Jinxing and those guys in the Underworld…

It seemed like he would have to be a triple agent.

The film of the century!

An agent, who’s a double agent, who’s an agent. Coming to your theatres soon.

As for everything else!

Just one thing!

It was useless!

Why did Ye Zichen think that? Ye Zichen was just a mere mortal, he didn’t have any of those secret scriptures that the Rogue Immortal families left behind for cultivation.

The Treasure Shop of the Heavenly Court didn’t seem to have those sort of books either.

What’s more, Third Fatty Jin said that he was at the False Spiritual level, which was the first level of a Rogue Immortal.

However, Ye Zichen didn’t know how he reached it at all. It seemed like he merely ate a Level Six Celestial Pill made by Old Lord Taishang.

More importantly…

He didn’t want to be any sort of Rogue Immortal, he just wanted to peacefully earn money and live a good life in this Modern World.

At most, he would just be more careful when he was being a spy, and gather more good stuff.

He’ll just leave when he’d gotten enough, he didn’t want to get into that mess.

“Big bro, big bro…”

Third Fatty Jin waved a few times in front of Ye Zichen’s face.

Ye Zichen came back to his senses and raised his eyebrows with a smile, ‘Not bad, you spoke in a pretty detailed manner.”

“Heh, naturally, these are all things little bro should do.”

Third Fatty Jin smiled like a grandson. Ye Zichen felt like he couldn’t treat the fatty badly, and took out his phone in preparation to get him a meeting gift from the Heavenly Court’s Treasure Shop.




Since Ye Zichen was completely shut down during the past week, he pretty much had had no contact with the outside world, and naturally did not go on WeChat as well.

The moment he logged on WeChat, the amount of messages nearly caused his phone to break due to all the vibrations.

He took a glance at the various messages.

Yue Lao, Erlang Shen, and Third Prince Nezha all sent him messages.

However, what caught his attention the most was Great Sage Sun’s message.

Monkey King: Bro, I, Old Sun, caught a yaoguai [1].

Monkey King: Bro, I, Old Sun, got screwed over by a bunch of foolish peasants.

Monkey King: Bro, I, Old Sun, was arrested by a bunch of people in blue uniforms.

Monkey King: Bro…

Ye Zichen’s heart thumped when he saw the news.

He had spent too much time thinking stuff that he actually forgot about the ticking time bomb known as the Great Sage.

From the looks of it, big trouble had occurred.

Ye Zichen quickly replied, but his message did not get a reply as if it was a rock that sank to the bottom of the ocean.


  1. All of the things he said before were proverbs that started with 马 (horse)
  2. A Chinese monster/demon that usually ascended from something else. E.g. what is normally called a kitsune is called a 狐妖 (fox-yao) Since there really aren’t any better terms to translate “yao” due to the way story goes in the future, I will just be using Yao directly

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