Chapter 1521 - The War Prep Chat Group


Only Idealism invited Ocean Emperor, Seventh Dragonborn, Third Dragonborn, Jade Pool Palace Master, Ocean Emperor, Lady Providence, Lord of the Big Dipper, Fox Empress, Emperor Hades, and Su Yiyun to a group chat.


When Ye Zichen looked at his newly-established group, he felt a sudden surge of emotion. If his group so much as coughed in unison, the Upper Three Realms would tremble. More importantly, Ye Zichen had created this group, making him the chat leader.


“I invited the great emperors to a chat group, so if you have any news, you can share it there directly,” said Ye Zichen, glancing at Xuan Ji. Then, he sent the group’s very first message.


Only Idealism: Great Emperors, I’d like to first pay my respects.




Ye Zichen scratched his head, but he knew all of them were busy and might not have time to pay attention to their messages. As such, he just went ahead and sent another message.


Only Idealism: I wish you all peace and prosperity.


Hermit Emperor: Ha ha ha.


Ocean Emperor: @Only Idealism, Little Friend Ye?


Only Idealism: That’s me!


Ocean Emperor: It wasn’t easy to add you! It’s been hours, but the request only just went through.


Ye Zichen replied with an emoji of a sheepish grin.


Only Idealism: We were just duking it out with Xiao Ting, so I wasn’t paying attention to my messages. Please, everyone, don’t take offense.


Hermit Emperor: You were fighting the Lightning Emperor’s Estate? You’ve sure got guts, my young friend. It seems you returned triumphantly? 


Only Idealism: I wouldn’t go that far. The Holy Maiden of the Nine Li showed up out of the blue and brought the entire Xiao Family, or at least what was left of it, to the Demon Realm. That broke up the fighting.


Ocean Emperor: So, the old man really was consorting with demons.


Hermit Emperor: He’s been acting rather strange of late. He’s always hated other races more than anyone. To think he’d join forces with demons, and even the Nine Li! Back then, his oldest son was killed by a member of the Nine Li Clan. I truly don’t understand.


Only Idealism: Joining forces? He isn’t working with the Nine Li; he’s working for them. He’s become their dog.


Seventh Dragonborn: Their dog?


Seventh Dragonborn: Don’t joke around. Xiao Ting has always been ambitious. How could he possibly bow to another? 


Only Idealism: Respectful greetings, Great Emperor Bi’an @Seventh Dragonborn.


Seventh Dragonborn: Haha, I can’t accept such courtesy from the Emperor Star. You’d best save such respect for @Ocean Emperor. Isn’t he your father-in-law?


All of the great emperors had been present when Ye Zichen opened his celestial eye.


As such, all of them knew Ye Zichen’s relationship with Xue Honghong, and they liked teasing him about it whenever they got the chance.


Hermit Emperor: Hahaha.


Lady Providence: Hahaha.


Ocean Emperor: Cough. Ahem, @Only Idealism, what did you mean just now when you said Xiao Ting was now the Nine Li’s dog? 


Only Idealism: He’s under their control!


Seventh Dragonborn: …….


Only Idealism: He’s on phantom fruit powder.


Seventh Dragonborn: Phantom fruit still exists?


Ocean Emperor: ……


Hermit Emperor: ……


Ocean Emperor: @Hermit Emperor, didn’t you personally destroy all remaining phantom fruit? Why has it reappeared?


Hermit Emperor: Who knows? Perhaps they rediscovered how to grow it.


Seventh Dragonborn: It’s still possible to grow that stuff again?  

Hermit Emperor: Of course!


Jade Pool Palace Master: It’s so lively in here! Wait just a sec, I’ll invite my little sister too




Jade Pool Palace Master invited Little Princess to the chat.


Although the name looked rather strange, Ye Zichen didn’t even need to think; this was obviously Zhao Qianhe.


Little Princess: Xue Yang, you’re really something, you know that? You left me to clean up that mess just to chatter in here? (Angry emoji)


Ocean Emperor: Wasn’t it just a few remnants of already-defeated forces? (A whole row of speechless emotions)


Jade Pool Palace Master: Little Sister, are you leading the troops to clean up the demon invaders?


Little Princess: Duh! Big Sis, you’ve got to stand up for me! Xue Yang ran off after only beating half of them!


Jade Pool Palace Master: @Ocean Emperor (Angry emoji)  

Ocean Emperor: I’m innocent, innocent I tell you!


Lady Providence: Okay, okay, let’s get to the point. How are things over on your end? Do you need reinforcements?


Ocean Emperor: I’m doing just fine. This might have just been a test of our defenses. This first round of invaders practically all died before even reaching Smokeless City.


Seventh Dragonborn: It’s about the same on my end. They were nothing but a bunch of small fries.


Jade Pool Palace Master: No one showed up on our end.


Hermit Emperor: No one showed up here either.


The great emperors all shared the situations back at their respective bases, but from their messages, it seemed that none of the Divine Mountains were in particularly dire straits.


Seventh Dragonborn: It seems that the few of us who’ve yet to speak…


Third Dragonborn: Practically everyone’s here!


Lady Providence: Tell us, what’s the situation on your end? Have lots of demons shown up? Do you need any reinforcements?


Third Dragonborn: Me? No need. If you want to worry about someone, why worry about me of all people? This is the Saints Palace, the home of the countless star bearers of the night sky. Even if the demons’ Beihan Clan showed up at our doorstep, they couldn’t take us down. 


Hermit Emperor: It seems the Empress and Emperor Hades’ factions were hit the hardest.


Jade Pool Palace Master: Not long ago, I was in touch with Su Qingyan. She said they were doing alright, all things considered, as the Four Sacred Beast Clans already sent troops to their ade. We don’t need to worry too much about her.


Seventh Dragonborn: @Fox Empress


Third Dragonborn: @Fox Empress


Only Idealism: Wait a sec, I’ve got a few more people to invite.




Only Idealism invited Monkey King, Erlang Shen, Ultimate Charmer, and Invincible Adorable Beauty to the chat.


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Waaah, so many important people! I suddenly feel awfully shy!


Invincible Adorable Beauty: Hehe, I’m afraid you don’t recognize my username, great emperors. This is Pu Jingwan.


Little Princess: That name…..


Monkey King: I, Ol’ Sun, have arrived!  Erlang Shen: Monkey, quit making a fuss.


Ye Zichen had invited them to truth for no other reason than because he couldn’t stand their wheedling and complaining. Xuan Ji had agreed to it, too, so he finally just went ahead and added them.


Suddenly, the Fox Empress sent a message to the chat.


Fox Empress: @Hermit Emperor, Please send aid


Only Idealism: @Fox Empress, respectful greetings, empress.


Fox Empress: …..


Fox Empress: I’m your Big Sister Liu’er


Fox Empress: @Hermit Emperor, the Fox Clan has taken heavy casualties. The empress asked me to contact you and request you send your physicians over to treat our wounded. 


Hermit Emperor: No problem.


Only Idealism: Big Sister Liu’er, do you need any help?


Fox Empress: We don’t need any military support at the moment; the dragons and vermillion birds will be here soon, and the situation will naturally improve. What we need now are healers. The empress told me to tell you not to let your forces leave the Divine Mountains. We caught one of the invaders alive, and we learned quite a bit from him.


Fox Empress: Including that they’re currently rallying their forces to attack the Divine Mountains. What happened earlier was just a probing assault to get a feel for the Divine Mountains’ defenses.


Seventh Dragonborn: No wonder they sent so few.


Ocean Emperor: There’s no need for the Sea of Innocence to worry. There’s no way the demons can take so much as half a step past our borders.


Jade Pool Palace Master: That goes for us as well. I’m more concerned about things on the Hermit Emperor’s end. Shouldn’t we send some troops to back him up? The Hermits Palace is all healers, precious resources in times of war.


Fox Empress: Ye Zichen, if you really have troops to spare, you’d best send them to the River Styx down in the Lower Lands, pronto!


Fox Empress: The situation is tense there; the yao of the Southern Kingdom have always been warlike, and their strength is the greatest of the four kingdoms.


Only Idealism: Alright!


As soon as he sent the message, Su Yiyun appeared within the group, and sent an @ to the entire group.


Su Yiyun: @All members, requesting reinforcements at the River Styx!

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