Chapter 152 Third Fatty Jin

Ye Zichen remained in a soulless state.

He continued to go to his lessons, but he would not be able to concentrate during them. After class, he would also just go back to the dormitory and lie on the bed, while ignoring everyone.

During this period of time, he ignored Su Yan, Xia Keke and even the deities on WeChat.

He needed time to think, and absorb everything…

“It isn’t fine for Ye-zi to be like this every day. How about we take him to see a therapist? I think it should be some kind of mental illness.”

Kang Peng looked at Ye Zichen, who wasn’t moving on the bed, and raised his eyebrows.

Ye Zichen’s actions also worried everyone else in the room. The moment Kang Peng said that, he earned the support of everyone in the dorm.

“I think it’s a good idea. It’s too scary for Fifth Bro to be like this,” Zhu Yunbai said.

Meanwhile Zhang Rui pushed his glasses up a little, then nodded, “I think so too. If he really gets better, then let’s just take him to see one.”

“Then how should we bring Ye-zi there?” Bai Yu frowned on the side.


At that moment, a ball-like fatty suddenly appeared at the entrance to the room.

The fatty was about 1.7m tall, and wore a light grey shirt with Hawaiian beach shorts.

He dressed really weirdly, but his image made it really hard for people to think about retorting him.

Everyone at the entrance of the entrance of the dorm also turned around.


Kang Peng was a sports student, so he looked unusually muscular. The fatty took a step back as if in shock, and remained at a suitable distance, “I came to look for Ye Zichen, he’s in this dorm, right?”

“You came to find Ye-zi?”

Bai Yu checked the fatty out. He was classmates with Ye Zichen since a young age, he pretty much knew everyone Ye Zichen did.

He really did not recall knowing someone like this fatty.

“Yeah, I’m looking for Ye Zichen, he’s in this dorm, right?” the fatty nodded timidly.

Zhang Rui and Zhu Yunbai also checked him out.

Yet, at that very moment, the fatty’s gaze suddenly turned extremely sharp, and his harmless smile also disappeared.

“F*ck, I'm asking whether Ye Zichen is in the room, what are you glaring at? Have you never seen a man as handsome as Lord Fatty? Go stay on the side, Lord Fatty has urgent business with Ye Zichen.”

Although this Lord Fatty was rather chubby, he was also very agile.

Before Kang Peng and co. reacted, the guy had already entered the dorm.

He took out his phone and looked at the photo on it, then looked at Ye Zichen, who was blanking out on the bed.

“Brat, you’re Ye Zichen, right?”

No reaction.

“Lord Fatty is speaking to you, are you Ye Zichen!”

Still no reaction.

“This lord is sent over by Great Emperor Qingming to look for you!”


Ye Zichen, who was lying on the bed without moving, suddenly sat up and grabbed the fatty by the collar.

When Kang Peng and co., who just entered the room saw this…

“Bros, smash him.”

Ye Zichen’s brothers in the dorm all grabbed a chair or keyboard to start beating the fatty up.

Ye Zichen quickly lifted his hand!

“Don’t, I know this guy.”

With that, he glared at the fatty and let go.

“I've been waiting for you. Come, let’s go out and chat.”

The rather cocky fatty seemed to have been shocked by Ye Zichen’s aura.

He looked worriedly at Ye Zichen, then gained his timid look once again, before walking out behind Ye Zichen.

Within a restaurant near Polytechnic University.

Ye Zichen asked for a room and ordered a whole table of food, but neither of the person in the room took any action to eat anything.

“What does Great Emperor Qingming do?”

“Great Emperor Qingming is one of the three great Sky Sovereigns of the Rogue Immortals, he’s a Sky Immortal leveled expert.”

“Oh,” Ye Zichen didn’t even bat an eyelid.

God knows what a Sky Immortal leveled expert was. He had no clue.

“Oh!” Lord Fatty was clearly a huge fanatic of Great Emperor Qingming. He couldn’t help but slam the table and roar when he saw Ye Zichen’s plain reaction. “What the hell is with your attitude! An expert of Sky Immortal level can fight on the same level as the Great Sage and Erlang Shen of the Heavenly Court…”

“Why didn’t you say so earlier. Then he is rather amazing.”

Ye Zichen was only able to know how fierce was someone of the Sky Immortal level with a reference. That Great Emperor Qingming could actually be on par with his sworn brother, Erlang Shen, then that was pretty fierce.

“F*ck, why are you so stubborn!” cursed Lord Fatty.

Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows and shrugged, “Then what do you want. Must I say, wow he’s actually a Sky Immortal expert, too amazing. Idol! I want to give birth to your kids! Do you think that’s alright?”

“I…” Lord Fatty sat back speechlessly on the chair and grumbled. “Why did I meet such a troublesome kid.”

This was also his fault as well.

The fatty was called Third Fatty Third, he was the third disciple underneath Great Emperor Qingming. He had exceptional talent, but since he was too lazy normally, and didn’t cultivate, it caused him to be the disciple with the lowest cultivation level out of all of the Great Emperor’s disciples.

It was also because Great Emperor Qingming was completely disappointed with him that he was sent here.

“Tell me about Great Emperor Qingming, just who is he. Why did I suddenly hear him speak to me? Is it due to him that I can contact the people from the Heavenly Court and the Underworld?”

Ye Zichen’s licked his lips, he’d pretty much been tortured to death due to all his questions.

“You’re asking me, but how am I supposed to know?” Third Fatty Third rolled his eyes speechlessly.

Ye Zichen opened his eyes and laughed in annoyance, “Then what did you come find me for?”

“Esteemed Master asked me to pass along a word to you!” Third Fatty Third snorted in annoyance. “Esteemed Master is asking you to release Di Tian and let him return to the Di family. He said he didn’t want you to have too much contact with the Rogue Immortals this early.”

Di Tian?

Ye Zichen was stunned.

That brat was turned into a Transformer by the Great Sage.

“I don’t think I can do that.”

“Why can’t you do that?” Third Fatty Third raised his eyebrows. “Did you kill that Di Tian? Look at you… How could you match the Di Family when you haven’t even reached a False Spiritual Body level?”

“I got someone to turn him into a toy.”

Third Fatty Third was shocked a moment, then glared at Ye Zichen with his tiny eyes.

“Turned into a toy!”

“Yeah, turned into a Transformer. When you were looking for me, the Transformer beside my pillow was Di Tian.”


Third Fatty Third was completely speechless due to his anger. He reached his finger out and pointed at Ye Zichen, then dialed a number with his phone.

“Esteemed Master, Ye Zichen turned Di Tian into a toy.”

“Turned into a toy?” A playful laugh sounded out from the phone. “I understand, I’ll get someone to deal with the Di Family.”

“Then, Esteemed Master, can this disciple return?”

“Who said you can return?”

“Then I…

“Just stay in the modern world to be Ye Zichen’s assistant. The moment he can open the tunnel between the modern world and our realm, you can return. However, you can’t keep urging him on… Understood!?”

“This disciple understands.”

“Alright, then we’ll contact each other less from now on.”


The call ended, while Third Fatty Third glared at Ye Zichen with a depressed expression.

“Grandson, Lord Fatty is going to murder you.”

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